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Poropo Handsome Pageant [ESG]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Handsome Pageant [ESG] Empty Fri Sep 10, 2021 9:03 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Having just left Bosco in shame, Poropo felt he needed to pick himself up again - the curious monk heard of a guild from Fiore called Empyrean Divine hosting a large event within Stella. The event included hunting, beach activities, but most importantly involved fashion! Poropo did not feel pretty in the slightest - he knew his physical weaknesses - but the downtrodden monk felt a good fashion show might boost his confidence through sheer force!

Walking throughout the country of Stella, Poropo searched for an eccentric seamstress by the name of Medmar the Magnificent - the monk wanted help putting together a set of clothing for the fashion show but a normal tailor or seamstress would just do as Poropo asked, "so I need you to interpret this letter for me - surprise me, go above and beyond, and I will reward you handsomely." Poropo handed Medmar, a skittish old woman, a fancy letter sent to the monk by the host of the event.

The rickety, old woman snatched the letter from the anticipating monk's hand and read the contents - the event is called the Handsome Pageant and the three themes for clothing will be Beach Attire, Bad Boy, and Sweet! After reading the letter, the seamstress looked up at the hopeful monk and said, "Hmph!"

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Poropo Poproporp
"So you will help me! Thank you so much, Medmar the Magnificent! I will be at your beck and call until the Handsome Pageant is complete - may the Iron Deity bless this event!" Poropo clasped his hands and prayed for a blessed Handsome Pageant. In the few days leading up to the Handsome Pageant, Poropo was beginning to worry about the progress of the clothing - Seamstress Medmar had not asked the heavy-set monk to try on any clothing or test for measurements. Poropo heard she was a brilliant yet eccentric seamstress but to understand measurements from glancing at a person made the monk feel naked.

"Hmph!" grunted the old woman Medmar, finally presenting Poropo with a stack of boxes within which lay three outfits - Poropo peaked inside and felt a tinge of pure fashion emanate from the obscured clothing. The monk felt proud of his choice and went to pay seamstress Medmar for her genius. However, Medmar the Magnificent was nowhere to be seen - she seemed to have slipped way while the monk was inspecting the boxed clothing. All Poropo could surmise from his brief interaction with the kooky seamstress was a love for her craft - despite feeling bad for not paying, Poropo could tell the seamstress had the time of her life interpreting the Handsome Pageant themes.

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Poropo Poproporp
Having obtained the clothing he needs, the gleeful monk began making his way to the location of the Handsome Pageant! Unfortunately, Poropo was right to worry about how long Medmar was taking with making the three sets of attire - the Handsome Pageant was starting tomorrow while the monk was still waddling his way to the city! "Oh no...dear Iron Deity, bless my feet with swiftness," prayed the scuttling Poropo - the monk may have been invited but still needed to register his presence or they might count him as non-participatory!

"Huff...puff...I can make it...I can...huff...perhaps...not...but I need to keep trying...puff..." The winded Monk had only been speed scuttling for an hour, but his body was too heavy for his frail lungs to keep up. Despite having recently obtained magical earrings to raise his constitution, Poropo was still unable to go fast in his plate armor. The Iron Deity had blessed the devote monk with intelligence through his magic, strength through his armor, and constitution through his earrings, but the benevolent god had yet to bless Poropo with speed and endurance. "Just a...couple more...hours until I am counted...absent...I...need to...hurry...huff puff," wheezed the ever tiring monk.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo collapsed in front of the registration desk - they were beginning to clean up just as the monk was able to sign himself up last minute. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error later in the event, Poropo's name would be called but he would be absent from the announcer's script - a small oversight which could make the monk's entrance more dramatic for the audience. The important matters were taken care of - Poropo had his attired and successfully registered for the Handsome Pageant! The monk slowly got up from his prone position and hobbled his way to sleep and mentally prepare for whatever questions may be asked the next day.

The night of the Handsome Pageant had arrived and Poropo was ready backstage with his first outfit! After the other contestants were called out for the Beach Attire portion of the competition, Poropo knew his time had come despite the announcer not knowing the monk was in attendance! Walking onto the stage, the rotund monk revealed his high fashion, Beach Attire - a shiny, shrimp suit! The suit was made of a polished plastic which squeaked with every scuttle of Poropo's practically bound feet - the suit forced his feet together in order to look the part of the shrimp.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo Handsome Pageant [ESG] E8MpcKy

Poropo scuttled to the front of the stage and presented himself in his shinning glory! The monk felt proud of his choice of seamstress, Medmar the Magnificent - she delivered a fine interpretation of "Beach Attire" for the monk to show the judges. Speaking of judges, the visually stunning monk could not see their faces and therefore could not see their reactions - the three judges remained silent until they were prompted to ask a question. Judge One spoke up without a hint of shock, "What makes you different from the other men competing today?"

A fine question which Poropo could easily answer while wearing his shrimp suit, "I am not handsome, therefore I have chosen the finest seamstress, Medmar the Magnificent, to put together three eccentric and visually shocking outfits for this beautiful Handsome Pageant. Most might think I am silly, but if being handsome means being proud - then I am proud of wearing this shrimp suit!" Poropo was too distracted by the blinding lights to understand the reaction from the audience, much less the judges, who all remained stone cold. Poropo was dismissed as the next round was announced to be themed "Bad Boy" - despite the lackluster reception to the shrimp suit, this next outfit was sure to garner some attention, thought Poropo.

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Poropo Poproporp
Like before, Poropo was last to be presented for the "Bad Boy" theme - a blessing considering the shrimp suit was extremely difficult to get out of. The next set of clothing was equally blessed for being the easiest to wear, probably for being the most normal of the three outfits constructed by Medmar. Poropo mumbled to himself backstage about the answer to the first question, "Is being handsome a prideful matter? Perhaps I was too caught up in the moment - that shrimp suit and those lights made me sweat profusely...I need to pray."

Poropo clasped his hands and began praying to the Iron Deity, "Oh Iron Deity, please bless my answers with elegance and...goodness, yes." The monk did not know exactly what to ask of the Iron Deity, but praying helped calm Poropo's nerves - the reactionless audience and judges frightened the anxious monk.

However, with the clerical error fixed, the announcer called for Poropo to enter the stage with his "Bad Boy" attire! With much more freedom to move compared to the shrimp suit, the Bad Boy clothing consisted of black-leather pants, a black-cotton long-sleeve shirt, dark-blue-leather straps on the monk's arms and legs, two metal braces, a metal belt with the initials I.D. for "Iron Deity", and a visually stunning, white-leather jacket.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo Handsome Pageant [ESG] 7WbSKGL

In a similar way to the shrimp suit, the "Wealthy Duelist" outfit - as dubbed by Poropo - garnered reactions which the monk could not interpret confidently. The bright lights shining on Poropo hid the judges and audience from the anxious monk's vision, but the anxiety was push to the back to make way for the bad-boy attitude required! The monk looked as prideful as before, confidence ooze from his visage thanks to the blazing white jacket - Medmar the Magnificent's skills continued to amaze Poropo while he waddled across the stage.

The announcer eventually prompted to judges to ask their second question. Judge Two spoke up with an unbroken voice, "If you had the worlds attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?" What this question was meant to test was beyond Poropo's knowledge, but he tried his best as he did before.

"I would want the world to know of the Iron Deity - a god who teaches purity above all else! Be kind to one another and the Iron Deity will bless you as he has me!" Poropo proudly stated the truth - if the world would listen to the devote monk for just a few seconds, nothing but praise for the Iron Deity would spew from Poropo's plump lips.

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Poropo Poproporp
After answering, Poropo left the stage and awaited the final round - the "Sweet" themed round. The reactions around the Wealthy Duelist outfit and the Shrimp Suit were not what Poropo was anticipating, but having survived two rounds without being booed off stage felt good enough to the nervous monk. The confidence the monk had started with was slowly fading - what replaced the confidence was sweat from the heat of the blinding stage lights. The anxiety Poropo was feeling could not be prayed away - the only solution was to push through and persevere!

Poropo opened Sweet themed box and saw Medmar the Magnificent's final outfit for the anxious monk - a Lolipop Suit! However, the outfit was not as simple as making the round monk look like a giant lolipop - Poropo would be wearing lolipops as sleeves and pants, too! The sticks of the lolipops protruded greatly from Poropo's arms and legs, as if weapons of sweet destruction. The colors of the suit were vibrant - vibrant enough to cheer up the nervous monk as he slipped into the suit made of shiny foam. Poropo decided to pray once more, "Oh Iron Deity, please bless me with the strength to walk on stage, answer the question honestly, and not slip on my own sweat."

#9Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo Handsome Pageant [ESG] GJctUNp

Waddling onto the stage with great ease thanks to the squishy foam surrounding his limbs, Poropo felt the heat of the stage lights one more time - the sweat glistened upon the monk's barely-exposed skin, most trapped underneath the high-fashion Lolipop Suit. The monk could hardly withstand standing on this stage much longer, especially when the audience reaction was so difficult to read - the judges were the same as before, reactionless underneath the shadows cast by the stage lights. The announcer prompted the judges for the final question of the Handsome Pageant.

Judge Three spoke with clear words, "Where is a place that you call home, but do not sleep in?" This question baffled Poropo in more ways than one - the reason for the question was lost on the confused monk while the answer nearly escaped him, too. Poropo has slept on roads, streets, within inns, taverns, and dumpsters, but mostly slept within the halls of Fairy Tail. There was no place Poropo had not slept so the best answer the monk could give came out hesitantly.

"Um...I have slept everywhere I can imagine...I believe I call the world my home for I live and sleep in the world as much as anyone else. The world is a good place to sleep, yes." The straight-forward answer was met with odd reactions from the audience as Poropo waddled backstage to wait for the results of the Handsome Pageant.

#10Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Having answer all the questions after showing off all of Medmar the Magnificent's outfits, the relieved monk prayed to the Iron Deity, "Thank you for allowing me to survive my torrent of sweat - I did not slip across the stage, not once...and thank you for giving me the confidence to be on stage the whole night." The monk was waiting with great interest and nervousness for the final results.

However, the monk did not care if he won - the experience was worth having, if not for the outfits then for a letting the Stella audience know of the Iron Deity. The judges seemed too robotic to care about the Iron Deity, but at least they seemed to listen to the devote monk - the questions were strange, but they seemed well thought out. Poropo could not glean any sort of specific intention with the questions asked this evening, but the monk, in hindsight, was happy to have answered them as honestly as he could have.

Poropo and the rest of the contestants were called back onto the stage in order to hear the results of the Handsome Pageant, but the excited monk was just happy to be a part of this wonderful event. The monk smiled in his normal robes made of fine silk as the sweat continued to pour from his exposed, reddened skin - the stage lights were still bright as ever.

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