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Fun on the Beach [Summer Party]

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#1Jove Augustus 

Fun on the Beach [Summer Party] Empty Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:39 pm

Jove Augustus
Jove made his way to the beach, wearing the same swimming wear that he showed off during the handsome pageant. He looked around the area, watching the other ball goers make their way to the water. He himself had stopped midway down the beach, and as he looked down at his sandals filled with sand, he glanced at the watch on his wrist. To many who had come here, this event was like a massive vacation. For Jove, however, he couldn't feel like he was relaxing when when he was ordered to go there. Still, he would do his best to unwind.

Apparently, several members of the Rune Knights would be coming to meet him here. He made his way to some of the spare lounge chairs that were set up for open use, and after making sure that they were all adequately clean, he positioned himself on one of the end chairs. Kicking up his legs and reclining the seat as far back as it could, he made himself comfortable. His eyes would close, and as the sun beat down on his skin, the warmth lulled him to the precipice of sleep. He would lay there, in this relaxed state, until another approached.

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Sho appeared on the scene ready and prepared to have fun. The swimming wear he was wearing was brand new. A blue short-sleeved shirt that was unbuttoned revealing his muscular chest. Sunglasses instead of his black veil, black swim trunks, with white sandals. He had an inner tube to float on the water with a towel slung over his shoulder. He approached the area, walking through the scorching sand before spotting a bunch of lounge chairs with someone already sitting. Sho approached the lounge chair where the individual sitting on the end, was reclining back in the chair. “Mind if I sit here?” Sho didn’t wait for an answer he placed his towel on the chair and innertube by the chair. He was located on the opposite end of the gentleman reclining back.

Sho figured he would introduce himself first. “I am Sho Shimura. Tis a pleasure to meet ya” His pendant hung around his neck freely so the man could see it. Sho wouldn’t know but this was Jove Augustus, a lieutenant in the Rune Knights. Sho figured he would sit down and recline in his chair following the man’s lead. “I could really go for some booze, and maybe something to eat right about now.”

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The festival was beginning to wind down when Seika made his way to the beach for some much needed sun time. It was actually rather ironic that in his entire life as a Sun Avatar he had actually spent rather little time bathing in his deities incandescent rays. It wasn't because he was adverse to the sun, actually he enjoyed it's brilliant rays. But rather, as an Avatar he was just far too busy spreading the word of Sol to any who would listen to his words. It was rather tiring work and with all of the work he had to do with the Rune Knights, he was taxed even further beyond what he would consider normal considering all of the work he had to do, and all of the work he had yet to do. He was even being considered for a promotion to Captain-Commander soon, and even in talks about taking up the second Kingsguard position soon after that.

Of course none of that mattered as he actually stepped onto the beach, the warm winds caressing his glistening ebony skin. His eyes were shrouded behind a rather tame band of white, the symbol of Sol etched in gaudy gold gracing the front of it. A smile worked its way across his face as he stepped forward, somehow dodging all of those around him as he found a location near the other two to sit without announcing his presence too much.

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#4Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Jove glanced up at the new arrival. He looked oddly familiar; Perhaps he had known him in another life? Yet this familiarity did not make itself known through a sense of nostalgia or welcoming, but rather a mild sense of annoyance. Jove was quick to decide that he was likely being overdramatic, and rather than treat this stranger rudely, Jove ignored the feeling all together. "Nice to meet you. The name is Jove Augustus." The word had gotten out by now of Erebus' capture by the Rune Knights, and of the fact that a lone knight was the one to bring in the calamity of a man.

However, due to the sheer difference in status, it seemed that was all anyone knew of it. Those who read the report, or combed deeply through the public statement, may have become familiar with Jove's name. However, at this point, he was still a relative nobody. It had truly been a David verse Goliath situation, considering just reputations alone.

A third person came up and took one of the empty chairs in the line, however unlike Sho, this new arrival chose to remain quiet. Jove quickly decided against forcing conversation with him. That wasn't exactly his style. "You should be able to just wave at the bartender and they'll come take your order."

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Sitting down Sho would push his sunglasses up onto his forehead, revealing his eyes for the first time in a long time. His baby blue eyes seemed to glisten as the sunlight reached them. A sense of familiarity washed over Sho as if he had met Jove before but this was surely their first time meeting. “Jove Augustus, Jove, Jove. I swear I have heard that name before its on the tip of my tongue but I swear I can’t figure it out.” Sho was repeating his name over and over. As if it was a mantra to be chanted to some deity, in fact, it finally clicked in Sho’s head. “Jove Augustus, the man who brought down a calamity level threat. Ahhh.” Sho started to geek out a bit because this man was a celebrity at the moment as his bringing down Erebus was rather fresh in the minds of the Rune Knights. He stood up, suddenly walked over, and reached out his hand to formally greet Jove. “As I stated before I am Sho Shimura, Sorry I didn’t notice who you were in the first place! I am nothing but a page in the Rune Knights, this is a pleasure Lieutenant.”

It wasn’t long before another had popped up onto the scene. Not much for words Captain Seika reclined in a chair close to Sho. “Well if it isn’t the Captain himself.” Sho didn’t say a name, just his rank which any rune knight in earshot would have paid attention to then. Then Jove made a second comment about waving the bartender down. Standing up and after shaking Jove’s hand presumably Sho would wave down a bartender that was walking around with a platter and in a bikini. The female bartender tucked the empty platter under her arm and brought out a note pad that was tucked away in her bra. “What can I get for ya suga?”

“Chicken, and your finest ale three large cups one for me and the other two for my friends here.” She nodded and took Sho’s order. “Back to you Jove you are the talk of the town in the barracks. Everyone knows about you but ya gotta fill me in on details. Was he strong? How did ya do it? Was it easy?” Sho found himself geeking out he sat down in the chair right next to Jove to get the full rundown of his takedown. He wasn't trying to ignore Seika but Sho would be just as jazzed about it if he did it too.



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The company was nice as Seika relaxed comfortably in the provided beach chair, the high Sun carried with it a toasty warmth that eased his tensions and warmed his blood something fierce. He could hear Sho off to his right exclaiming about one of the other Knights who were there, someone named Jove, who had taken out that ridiculous threat Erebus recently. It was actually rather impressive if Seika were honest with himself, especially since reports stated that Jove had managed the arrest all on his own. Being a bit nosy about the conversation, Seika wouldn't lie if he wasn't partially interested in hearing about the exploits of a fellow Knight on the job. The tale surely was going to be a lively one if anything else.

While he laid there listening in, he heard Sho call over a waitress to order them all a drink, deciding to speak up finally he'd direct his words towards the waitress, "I'd also like a bowl of mixed fruit if you don't mind. Oh and please make sure they're chilled." He couldn't see an affirmation of his order so he would just assume that the young lady got it before she left them.


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#7Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
As Sho stated Jove's name out loud, and referenced the recent report of his arresting Erebus, Jove's face lost any expression of emotion. His lips tightened into a straight line, his eyes looked out into the distance, and his back straightened ever so slightly. "Ah. Yes, that's me." Assuming Sho was one who could adeptly read body languages, he'd be able to notice that the attention made Jove mildly uncomfortable. However, he'd never be able to guess the reason with just that.

It wasn't that Jove couldn't accept praise or attention from his peers. He was not one who would get uncomfortable by people asking about what occurred either. However, this was outside of normal working hours. He was off work right now, and this topic was most certainly work related.

Still, as Seika was introduced as a captain, Jove raised a hand. "Hello." It was short and concise, and immediately after his greeting, Sho was back to asking question. Jove glanced at him and weighed the pros and cons of ignoring the questions. He quickly realized it was probably easiest to just answer and entertain the topic, and so he responded. "I think he has the potential to be strong with some proper work. It was relatively quick; I just landed a few quick punches." It was offhand, but anyone who knew the information associated with Erebus would know otherwise. The fact that he was able to speak of it so casually, and could have executed it so simply, was just testament to Jove's abilities.

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The waitress wrote down Sho and Seika’s order and proceeded to get them. Hopefully, she wasn’t going to be too long getting the order. Sho was geeking out a bit over Jove but Jove’s demeanor said otherwise. Sho quickly apologized, “Sorry I got a bit beside myself didn’t mean to come off like that.” Sho realized that that was purely work-related and they were at a beach. Maybe Jove didn’t want to go into detail because he was relaxing and trying not to think about work. Jove spoke to Seika as well before giving his small explanation of the situation. It wasn’t much but it would serve to quell Sho’s excitement. “Wow, modest I bet it was something to behold really regardless it's a pleasure to meet ya.” Sho would turn to go back to his chair where he would recline back in the chair and wait for the food and drinks to arrive.

“I can’t wait till I get strong like you guys and take down some big bad myself,” Sho said while relaxing in his chair. He couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous at the idea that the higher-ups were out here having all that fun. Meanwhile, he was stuck doing grunt work but work was work. Sho knew his time would come to deal with some big bad himself. All he knew was he had to be prepared for anything and anyone that came his way.



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Seika would listen intently at the byplay for the two, not responding to Jove's 'Hello' simply because he could sort of hear in the man's voice that he already didn't want to talk while out on vacation. Now whether it was because Sho was bringing up issues that the man didn't want to talk about out in the open of the public, or because he was naturally a more close mouthed individual. Seika wasn't that curious to find out if it were either as the man's responses prompted him to tune out the conversation. Clearly his compatriot wanted his space and privacy, so he would acquiesce to his wishes. Fully relaxing into his chair, he felt the light of Sol cook him gently, the warm rays massing his skin softly as the sound of water lulled him closer to a sense of sleep. He idly wondered if the waitress would wake him up upon returning with his food.

The more he thought about it, this part of the trip was nice. It actually felt like a vacation for once, no surprise visits, no crazy animals, no competitions, just mindless relaxation on a warm sunny beach. This was the life.


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#10Jove Augustus 

Fun on the Beach [Summer Party] Empty Fri Sep 24, 2021 8:02 am

Jove Augustus
As the newer recruit spoke, Jove simply allowed him to do so. He was never the type who was going to shame someone for being excited. If the conversation went on too long, or pressed to hard, he'd excuse himself for sure. But why crush someone else's enthusiasm? Sho spoke of wishing he could get stronger at a faster pace, and Seika merely sat himself down and remained silent, the blond knight could not help but squint and bring his hand up to his eyebrows. Shielding his eyes from the sun for just a moment, he looked over to the two.

It seemed Sho had remembered to bring sunglasses. The irony was that Jove usually wore tinted spectacles in his daily attire, yet now when he needed them the most, they vanished. It wasn't that he had a disdain for the sun, but rather it could be a bit oppressive for the unprepared.

"So what do you both think of Stella so far?" Perhaps his inquiry would come as a bit of a shock, but it wasn't as though he was opposed to conversation. Rather, he was simply one who preferred to respect the team in which everything was given. Had the new recruits curiosity been pointed at something other than the bounty, Jove would have likely participated much more. However, the fact was that there had been several members of the Knights who could not help but force conversation about it. For them it was a big deal, and for that he understood. Still, there was such a thing as overkill. Not that he blamed Sho, of course; the knight could not possibly know that other members of the knights were so obsessive over such feats themselves. At least Sho's excitement seemed to be somewhat self directed.

"It's a shame that the event will be coming to an end in the coming days." He meant it, for the most part. Sure he was ready to go back home, but there was still a part of him that enjoyed the time away from work.

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The waitress came back with their order: three mugs of ale, a large chicken leg and child fruit. She placed it down on the table that sat in front of the three. Sho handed the lady some jewels and some extra for a tip. She nodded and made her way off into the distance. Seika wasn’t saying much here so Sho continued to interact with Jove while he grabbed his mug and chicken leg. In one hand he had the chicken leg and the other a mug of ale he drank from the mug while Jove asked a question. Sho stopped drinking for a moment to answer the man’s question. “I think it's been pretty awesome! Drinks, food and entertainment everywhere ya go. What more could one ask for on a vacation.” Sho then took a large bite out of his chicken leg to pair with the ale. He chewed his food thoroughly before swallowing to avoid choking. He proceeded to wash down the chicken with the ale.

Then Jove spoke up again, it in fact was a shame that the festivities were coming to an end. Sho enjoyed his time here with his superiors. “Ya, it is a shame I had a lot of fun with Captain here and Ser Uchida. We threw back a lot of drinks and had a lot to eat. These guys are beasts holding their liquor.” Sho took another bite while looking over at Seika waiting for some kind of response from him. Hopefully, he didn’t intend to sit there quietly the whole time.


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