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The Dragons are Back?! [Dragon Event - Low Tier][Yori]

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The Dragons are Back?! [Dragon Event - Low Tier][Yori] Empty Thu Sep 09, 2021 4:49 pm


Myras, the Lower District; home to the poorer class within the city. Khalfani was stationed here but only for a brief time. In fact, the seated Knight had been authorized to over see the Lower District. That command only could only mean that their superiors were looking to promote them. It was crazy to think about how quick the young Desiertan had moved up in the ranks. The Knights were either desperate, or saw truly did see them as someone worthy. While the paycheck raise was enough to satisfy the young lord, they couldn't act like they weren't nervous about it. Ranking up to Lieutenant meant more responsibilities and more responsibilities meant that there would be more eyes watching. That was never a good thing, especially considering the fact that the knight had only joined to act as a double agent for their father. Either way, rising up in the ranks could not be helped. The ones in charge would do whatever they wanted, and declining would probably only raise suspicion or pique their curiosity. Khal moved their hair out of their face as they strolled through the town. There were people everywhere. Some were selling foods like bread and cabbage, while others were beggars on the street. Mothers and fathers hurried their children along, and some parentless kids ran wild through the streets.

The lesson here was that classism in Fiore was still alive and well, no matter how much they liked to pretend it wasn't a thing. Khal winced at the thought, pulling their hood over their head and wrapping their cloak around themself. Underneath, they wore their armor, carrying their helmet in their arms as they made their way to check in at the base. It was late now. Around nine o'clock PM. The sun was fully down, and all that remained was the lights from inside some of the broken down homes to provide some form of light for the streets. Khalfani glanced around the district, making sure that there wasn't any criminal activity. Even if there was, things like stealing from a cart, they would overlook. Punishing someone for surviving was unethical- at least to them.


A loud and obnoxious roar came from behind the knight. Quickly, they turned to the sky behind them and could see a beast in the air flapping its wings as it circled the district. The roar alone was enough for the citizens of Myras to began descending into chaos. "What the hell?" Khal's eyes widened as the beast descended. It stopped about 20 meters away from where they were standing before breaking small homes, and tearing into civilians. "A fuckin' dragon?!" they said as they quickly placed their helmet on. This is not what they signed up for, but now was not the time to complain.

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The Dragons are Back?! [Dragon Event - Low Tier][Yori] Empty Thu Sep 09, 2021 11:43 pm

Kuwahara Yori

Yori couldn't help but feel nostalgia as he feasted his eyes on the mountain before him. Strangely enough, it reminded him of the times that he climbed such mountains along with the other children back at home. But man, was this thing ginormous. The closer he made his way to the city, the more surreal it all felt. "Amazing." he said as he stopped in front of the bridge connecting the city to the surrounding terrain. Even from here, the citizens were nothing more than specks from his view.

As he walked the bridge, passerby's gave him the stink eye - almost as if to say, "You're not welcome here." And although offended, Yori knew that this response was only natural. He was, after all, nothing more than a foreigner traveling unknown lands. "Jeez...tough crowd. I bet this bulky ass armor isn't helping either." he thought to himself. Ultimately, he made his way to the end of the bridge with his head held down to draw attention away from himself.

The situation of the city looked all too familiar to Yori as he made his way in. It instantly reminded him of the shogun and his men and how they would abuse their authority to get their way. While he walked the streets, Yori couldn't help but feel the sheer amount of pain and suffering this city had endured. The state of things was that dire. By the time the sun had set, at least six hungry children had approached him.

Only an hour had passed, and yet, Yori felt as if he had been here for an eternity. He felt connected to this place in more ways than one. Even the name, Myras, was fitting - like the ancient city Myra. Something about this city felt magical.

Sounds of roars and growling could be heard from a house up ahead...

"Ain't no way in hell that's a-" The sheer force of the wind emitting from the dragon beating its wings smacked Yori against the face. The insides of men and children alike adorned its surroundings. Sudden flashes of the past started to fill Yori's head until, eventually, he started to see spots of red. Without hesitation, he firmly gripped his spear and charged at the dragon. "Die, you fucking vermin!"

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