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Magnolia to North Fiore

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Magnolia to North Fiore Empty Wed Sep 08, 2021 1:44 pm

Zexion began his day like every other, he was always on the move. Recently he had always been moving around to check out the different atmospheres the other areas of the world had to bring him. He got out of bed and whistled loudly. Suddenly his Tempest Wolf came quickly. He jumped onto the back of the wolf and made himself super comfy. They were off, Him and his trust ride were making their way through the city streets. Eventually they had reached the gate of Magnolia. Zexion was laying on the back of his Wolf and quickly glanced back at Magnolia.

He had a lot of fun there, He had met and made another friend during a mission to stop bandits. Zexion was quite happy with how the last few days turned out and was giddy to head back to where he needed to be. Zexion and the Wolf kept going on and on for quite some time until they hit the North.


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