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Flier Fury [Quest: Alex]

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#1Alex Overby 

Flier Fury [Quest: Alex] Empty Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:49 pm

Alex Overby
To help his new guild out, he was sent to Magnolia to help build the name of Infinity Wolves and make some money to help raise money for the guild’s operation. Alex was a quiet person and only took jobs that didn’t require much talking. He would really prefer to be inside the library right now having his nose into a new book. His parents were very persistent in him taking these jobs. Though, he didn’t want to catch Lee’s bad side. He had passed out almost his entire stacks of flyers while walking on the streets. The first stop to pass out fliers was South Gate Park. Thanks to his background being a former Rune Knight, that allowed him to gain access with where everything was. Magnolia was one of the places that he and his best friend, Jackson, were stationed at together years ago. The thought of his friend was a distant memory. Alex quietly passed out fliers to the people passing for Bella’s bathhouse. After several minutes, he hung another flier on the bulletin board nearby.

Next was the Fairy Tail guildhall, he knew from what LeeAnn had told him that the guild was in shambles as far as members go. They were in dire need of members as the guildmaster was Kazimir Seiyru, a wizard saint and former lover of Lee. He found an active bulletin board with a variety of flyers posted on it. He grabbed a thumbtack and stuck one of the flyers on there. He gave a look from side to side before taking off for the last stop being Olly’s Bakery. The smell of fresh bread was very soothing to the demi-human. He really enjoyed anything like fresh baked goods as it reminded him of simpler times. Olly's Bakery was more than just a bakery to him, it was heaven in a shop form. The demi-human pinned one of the flyers to the bulletin board outsides of the shop. He then pushed himself inside with a small bell ringing which caused him to slightly jump out of is skin.

"How may I help you, son?"

"I would like some freshly baked bread, your finest" he spoke, quietly. The baker gave a jolly nod and went into the displays near his feet. He grabbed a fresh loaf with his gloved hand and placed it into a to-go box for him. "That would be twelve jewel" he spoke. Rummaging through his pockets, he pulled out twelve jewel plus tip for the baker's troubles. "Thank you, have a good day" he said. All the flyers were passed out with only the fresh bread in his hands. He made his way back to the bathhouse. Bella saw him coming and was standing outside waiting for him to come. "You passed out all the flyers hm?"

He gave a firm nod. She pulled out his reward and handed it to him. The money was going to the guild. He placed it into his pocket. "Thank you, miss" he spoke. Bella squeezed his face a little, having a firm hand on his chiseled features. "Are you sure you're not from Blue Pegasus? How about a herbal bath for your troubles as well, would help with your magic" she smiled. Without a doubt, he leaped on the opportunity. A free bath! Why not?


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