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Shopping Crisis [Quest]

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Hiding in plain sight seemed to be the best camouflage here in Magnolia. This was the second shop she had been hired to protect that had illegal contraband hidden in it. The owner of the flower shop hadn’t mentioned that detail, though; it was the people looking to rob him that did. Somehow they had found out about Nadine’s involvement, and they had tried to coerce her to walk away from the job before she could return at night. After breaking a leg, twisting an arm, and fracturing a skull, all on the same unfortunate gangster no less, the thugs thought better of their initial plan.

Instead they had offered Nadine money to let them search the place. They were unwilling to reach Nadine’s desired sum, but a deal was worked out nonetheless. The demi-human would allow the gangsters to search the shop for five minutes before she did anything about it. Fast forwarding into night, and the two sides met inside the flower shop.

“Your five minutes starts now,” declared the woman flatly as she closed the door behind the men. “The lights stay off. I don’t want anyone passing nearby to figure out something’s going on in here.”

“How the hell are we supposed to see? It’s five minutes, so back off! The rest of you, get searching!” The supposed leader barked out as his three underlings went about looking through the shop. Pushing past Nadine the man reached for the light switch behind her. “You already got paid-”

“And you already know what happens if you piss me off,” countered Nadine as she reached a hand out to grab the man’s wrist firmly, “so make do, or the deal’s off.” Unlike the thugs who had to flounder in the dark with flashlights Nadine’s eyes were well adapted to the dark. Staring the man down directly in his eyes as she squeezed his arm the woman smirked at the pained expression he made. Believing she had made her point clear she shoved the man backwards.

“Clock’s ticking.”

Calamity Hungers

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Mon Sep 06, 2021 2:11 am

Nadine kept to her word, waiting by the front door with her arms folded across her chest. She just stood by and counted in her head as the men practically ransacked the shop. They still hadn’t told her what it was they were after, but she didn’t really care all the same. Both the shop owner and these degenerates had already paid her. If they couldn’t find what they were after that wasn’t something she would lose sleep over.

One of the lackeys shouted as he found a trapdoor beneath a rug. It had a lock flush with the floor, but a crowbar made short work of that flimsy attempt at security. The man in charge flashed Nadine a glare as his underlings hurried down, clearly anxious about the time remaining.

Staring calmly back at the man the demi-human smiled, revealing her sharp teeth.

From below one of the men cried out that he had found something. A lockbox of some kind was raised up from the basement. The boss took it excitedly and tried to pry it open with his hands as his friends climbed back up.

“Crowbar, where’s the crowbar?!” he shouted.

Recognition flashed on the face of the last man climbing up the ladder, and he hurried back down to go get it. As that happened Nadine silently walked towards the group. Time was up.

Calamity Hungers

Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Mon Sep 06, 2021 2:12 am

Turning her side to the closest thug Nadine swung her tail to knock out his legs as she drove an elbow into the back of his head. She wasn’t sure if her initial blow or the hard fall to the floor knocked the man out, but he didn’t get back up. The remaining gangsters seemed to panic at the realization of what was happening, and they tried to back away as Nadine came forward. As she passed the hole leading to the basement the man climbing back up the ladder with the crowbar caught her attention.

By the time he figured out what was going on Nadine dropped the heel of her boot on his forehead, whiplashing the man’s head backwards. The crowbar clattered on the basement floor as its owner fell next to it in a heap.

“Shit, do something, dammit!” shouted the boss as he pushed his last minion forward into Nadine.

The outburst quickly attracted the demi-human’s eyes, and her hands moved to grab the man’s shirt as he crashed into her. She raised the man up into the air before making eye contact with the ringleader trying to sneak past her. Nadine held his gaze silently, making it clear that she could stop him if she wanted to.

“Boss, wait!” cried the man struggling in Nadine’s grasp. He was silenced after being thrown into a wall. The lead criminal didn’t bother waiting after that display of strength, and bolted out the front entrance with the lockbox tucked under his arm.

Nadine shook her head and dusted her hands off. Another successful job.

Calamity Hungers

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