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Magnolia City - Shopping Crisis [S Rank W Tempris]

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Magnolia City - Shopping Crisis [S Rank W Tempris]  Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 11:14 pm

The sun shined through Zexions curtains, he was now in Magnolia, the City of Dreams. Zexion was always wishing he was able to come to the City of one of the great guilds Fairy Tail. He loved the way the city was, but there was quite a bit of darkness behind the city. It was Zexion's first time, so he decided to go out early and find an area where he could accept quests. Maybe he would even be able to go shopping beforehand. Zexion started his morning like any other, he began to make his bed and fix his morning breakfast. Today was the eggs and toast kind of day, he always celebrated the morning with a balanced breakfast. Loving the taste of his well-done food, he felt a rush in his heart. It was the adrenaline of being able to be inside of a new city, New people, New friends. He could not keep his excitement on lockdown any longer. After fixing his entire hotel room, he swung his signature coat over his body, and off he went. Through thick and thin, he exited the hotel and made his way through the streets. He went to check the job postings that were in the center of the town. None of the job postings gave Zexion a jolt of excitement so he decided to take a day off. He had recently just got out of prison, he was a free man. He noticed through the corner of his eye a shop.

The shop was called, "Magicians Taste". He looked at the shop and decided to give it a chance. Nothing indicated the kind of store it was going to be but he digressed. He entered the make-shift shop and noticed it was a weapons shop. Zexion was puzzled by the name, but he laughed it off and went out over to the edge of the table where a grand total of thirty items laid. They all had impressive touches to them that made them unique. The shop owner quickly eyed Zexion and approached him with a generic response, "You see anything you like boy?" Zexion wondered why he was inside of the shop, to begin with. Zexion nodded quietly at the man and continued to browse the store. Instantly, the door swung open with a fierce might and a run-down group of misfits and bandits rushed in. There were only a few people in the store, including a little girl whom Zexion caught glances of many times.

The bandits approached the front of the front desk and demanded, "You got our money boy?" The shopkeeper turned pale and said in a scared voice then a fierce voice, "No I refuse, all you do is bully me and my workers, You scare off my customers. GET OUT!"

Of course, the man who seemed like the leader of the group slammed his fist on the table, "YOU HAVE UNTIL TONIGHT YOU SEE?" Before storming off and slamming the door. A few of the bandits slammed their weapons towards the weapons that laid beautifully on the storefront and damaged them. The door was closed, it was just Zexion, The owner, and the little girl who was left. Zexion approached the man and asked, "What happened?!? Who were those guys?"

The man began to tear up, "They come to my shop and harass me and my workers asking for payment, They always come and abuse me and my store. I'm sick of it. I wish they would just disappear. They need to feel the same fear they instill in me."

Zexion smiled and quickly handed the man some saltwater toffee, "I may not look like it, But I'm a famous wizard" Zexion winked as the man took the candy and began to unwrap and eat it. "OH yeah? What if I pay you? Would you be able to take care of those fiends tonight?" Zexion bellowed and crossed his arms, "Of course! Pay me after I teach those bullies a lesson. Don't you agree little girl?" Zexion said towards the young girl that was witnessing all that had happened. "We should definitely help this man!"

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Tempris was sitting in her room in prayer. She was still upset about the previous assignment where she was forced to be kidnapped. The guild associate attempted to apologize to the girl but a dagger like blades, which were on fire, greeted the associate every time she came near the girl's room. People began warning the associate about how dangerous the girl was. The only reason she was in the guild was because of some special connection or deal. They did not know the actual truth. It was not a bad thing though. The people here let her do her own thing for the most part, so she tolerated their glares and cold behaviors. Even if she had to work alone, she did so knowing that she would still be able to look up at the sky and forget the past for just a moment. Things that happened in the present, that was a different story.

The associate was more persistent today however. Despite the glares of Tempris, she finally decided to bare it and push through the anger that filled the room. Tempris would turn away from the associate, seeing that her attempts to keep her away, the rumors about her being this monster did not keep the person away. It was very brave of them, but at the same time, it was not like Tempris was going to be able to actually hurt them. She valued having a place to stay more than getting a brief sense of reprieve from retribution.

"You can't stay mad at me forever... I said I was sorry. I... we did not think you needed any help. You are like totally the scariest person in the guild." The associate attempted to plead but Tempris kept her back to the associate and continue to pout while facing her open window. The associate gave a sigh and then placed a envelope on a desk. "A new job has opened up for you... It doesn't involve being kidnapped. Its a little more open too. If you are interested then head to Magnolia. If you don't feel up to it, we will continue to give you more time."

The door was closed gently with the last sounds being a quiet apologize before a soft click. Tempris tilted her head to see if the associate was actually gone. Then she stood up and picked up the job. The girl knew she needed money so so decided to just take the job. Magnolia was not that far away right?

Following the instructions, she ended up at a small store. At the same time a group of terrible people walked in and started demanding money for protection or something stupid. Tempris did not care at first, but as she read the paper again, she realized that this was the job. Apparently the client was suppose to be a shop owner who was being hounded by bandits. What joy this was. A assignment where she could let off some steam and anger, only there was one problem. Another person was here to do the same thing, an annoying guy.

"Little... I'm not little. I just haven't finish growing. For your safety I pray you can remember that."

Protecting this place from an bandit attack should be easy though. The only problem she could see was that it was going to be boring while they waited. That was unless the man annoyed her too much. So she pulled up a chair and gave the man another warning. "Listen, I don't know who you are mister but I do know it will be best to stay out of my way... Unless you really would like to saved. I am still getting use to a new spell I developed recently and I don't want to get in trouble because some wanna be hero wanted to play Icarus." The girl let out a giggle before dragging her chair out the build. If the man did not say anything to her, she would just sit under the shade just outside the light and wait for those bandits to come for their free ticket to Illumin.


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Magnolia City - Shopping Crisis [S Rank W Tempris]  Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Zexion had listened intently to Tempris's words, He felt a shiver go down his spine. This woman had the air of someone who was strong, No.... She was strong. Zexion nodded his head as he never got the kind of reply he had got from Tempris. Zexion looked over to the store owner who also had the same kind of feeling etch down into his soul, This lady meant business. Zexion had time to kill before he would have to act out the job he had just received, The man who was behind the desk had told Zexion that he did indeed have the money, But he refused to pay for these heathens to barge in and demand anything from him. Of course, Zexion understood what the man was saying and complied. "Don't worry lad, I won't let you kids do this alone, I'll be here fighting along side you." , The store owner laughed, "I ain't no push over and I expect you and that Young Lady to understand this as well."

Zexion smiled at the man, it seemed that this fated meeting between the three would turn out to be something eventful that Zexion could look back and have a good laugh about. He went outside the store and saw Tempris sitting underneath the the light post that was outside. Zexion decided that his comments were a little bit on the rude side and just any kind of apology would not be enough. Zexion then had a bright idea, "HEY! I KNOW" , He said loudly where many people caught his attention. He then quickly left the nearby shop area and went to a local restaurant. The Restaurant he went to served an array of dishes, He obviously did not know what Tempris would want, But he digressed.

He decided to grab a few full meals, consisting of chicken, rice and some veggies along with some bottles of water for two and went back to the shop area. He spotted Tempris and walked up to her with a couple of bags and said, "Hey I am terribly sorry for my rude remarks for earlier, So I wanted to make it up too you since you'll be helping the shop owner out with me. I grabbed some dinner and decided we might as well feast for a bit before this fight even begins." , Zexion let out a big smile and left the bag in front of Tempris and walked Three meters away from the her before digging in.

"OOOOHHHHH MAN, THIS IS THE STUFF, IT HITS THE SPOT", Zexion said after taking the first bite, His face lit up and went red as if he had died and went straight to heaven. "Ho ho ho, You don't have to eat it now, but I just wanted to give you a gesture of friendship. My names Zexion Daygo by the way, I'm a guildless mage who tries to help people out as much as he can. Nakamas are hard to come by and I was hoping we could become friends too"

Of course after some time Zexion had finished eating and cleaned up his area and threw the trash out in a nearby outdoor trash bin and came back. He sat nearby the door and waited, They had a few hours before the fight would truly begin so he decided to close his eyes and wait. He knew that when the bandits showed back up it would be a loud ruckus that would easily wake up the young mage. He smiled in his sleep as he began to rest.

A few hours have passed and a giant yelling and screaming could be coming from the distance. Zexion woke up and kipped himself up to his feet. He put both his hands together and stretch them out as much as he could. He needed to stretch and wake up, he then took his bottle and chugged it after his warm up. Upon finishing his drink, the warriors with evil intentions were now here. They had brought a lot of people than before, it seemed like there were at least Two hundred bandits whom were armed and ready to fight. Zexion looked over at Tempris and then back at the many men and smiled.

Lightning began to swirl around Zexion and then he spoke boldly, "It seems that my prey has come to the front of the Dragons den aye?"

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With so much free time, Tempris needed to pick something to do. So she decided to dedicate it to prayer. Closing her mind from these sinful lands and reflecting on the ways she was going to save it was great therapy for her psyche. She did not have to think about her cold past. She did not have remember her failures in Bosco. She did not have be reminded of being kidnapped. There were no guild associate or informant to make her angry. There were no heretical Vampires with putrid 3rd eyes. There were no stupid bosses or selfish sinners to put her down. All that existed was the idea of warmth and quiet. She could envision a new world that was burned away of sin and watch the seeds of purity grow and breed new air into a clean world. She could see a bright light bath the land covered in endless grass with pure souls surfing the light breeze across the sea of plains. It was beautify, the result Illumin had sent her. It was the vision, a perfect place where she can complete the last baptism of fire. It would be here that she could rid herself of the last bit of sin in the world. Any sin that managed to cling onto her and taint the possibility of a new world. While she was not sure what Illumin would say, she would hope that her lord, her savior, her reason for living would visit and reside on the land so that the souls under his care could experience a pure world under his brilliances.

Only, dark clouds were on the horizon. A darkness that painted the ground with heretical frost and imagery of sin. This imagery was something dreadful. It was every bit of things she seen and know. Her experiences and horrors which she tried her best to hid inside of a frozen chest in her mind. It was open, freed from her lack of focus. She let go to experience the glory in her mind and now it was time for the past to take over. She began trembling, the cold air nipping at her. First it was being chain up, unable to move do to what she can only assume to be medicine. Then she could see herself behind a glass window being auction off. Only for the scene to cut away. Here she was standing in Bosco being overran by demons of the stupid beastmaster. Only the supporters behind her were being taken down and strung up with the last person being Brunhild. She swung her sword but it would just go through the sinners. She was then grabbed and forced down by icy hands and forced to watch as Brunhild was strung up. Then came her tea party with Gunter. His 3rd eye opened and then more eyes sprouted off the man and spread across his body before jumping to hers. Finally she saw the church building. Something was forcing her closer to the building and she was paralyzed. As soon as she reached the doors, they opened and then the girl opened her eyes.

It took everything inside of her not to scream, but she felt herself drenched in sweat. Her heart threaten to break out of her chest. A voice pulled her attention, giving her a brief relief from her nightmare. She was almost thankful but how could she be thankful to a random sinner. "Being ignorant is not a crime when labeled on a willing student. Still, he forgives all, thus so will I. Thank you." She looked at the food. She was not hungry, but it was more rude to not allow one to repent. Even if it was unnecessary. Tempris took the food. "I am Tempris of Empyrean Divine. I was told... I should be more nicer to those seek to better themselves or others. So... Sorry... For being... you know..." She turned away, not wanting to finish. "I was not at my best, but I recommend you don't do anything to but me back down."

The man seek friendship. This was not something Tempris could provide. Not to a random sinner. She was still hurting from the lost of Fala. "I... can't provide such service... I have too much to learn about... how to... do for myself. I can only help others see the light, not walk with them to through the darkness. Maybe if you remain after this test, fate may show prove me wrong again." She kept her back to the man. She then removed her veil so that her golden locks could breath and rid themselves of the sweat from her mental terror. Then she took a small bit of the man's 'gift.' "Thank the lord for another meal. I pray it will not be my last. There is too much to be done for this world to stop tonight."

After a few hours, the bandit swarm appeared before them. It was too many to realistically cut down with her sword alone. She would need help from her magic. "Mr. Zexion. I fear I am not fast enough to fight them all and deal with their leader. I trust, if I make an opening, the flames will guide protect you as you push forward." Tempris pulled out her sword which became engulf in flames. "Have faith Icarus. Have faith for a brighter future. Tempris rushed forward. "And PURGE ALL SIN." A magic circle engulfed the crowd with the tip of it reaching under Zexion. Should Zexion remain in the circle, he would feel a gentle warmth embraced the man and cover his body in Holy flames. These flames would protect him from injury while the bandits caught in the circle would be lit a blaze. Tempris herself would experience the same feeling of love from her. There were no screaming, from those who were reduced from ash. Those bandits that remain standing would met a new fate. As Tempris's sword would impale them and give them the relief they deserved as lost souls. She acted to pull people towards her and anyone who went for her ally, would find a limb or two severed by holy flame. When the man disappeared behind the flames which seared the sin in the land, She let loose her true nature. A sadistic smile creep across her face.
"Oh no, It seems you all missed out on my biggest baptism of fire. Allow me to personally help your soul reach our lord and savior..." She rushed forward cleaving a woman in two and laughing, "Free of your sinful chains and cages."

Laughter filled the chaos as the girl weaved between the enemies cleaving them in wide swings and devastating strikes. Ash painted her clothes grey and darken her face. She never been so privileged to help so many people. The lives were so free. This was the best thing they could do for their souls. A couple strikes threaten to injury the girl but the flames warded off any dangerous blow. There was no need to be scared. Faith was going to guide her blade. No matter how many times she was hit. No matter how many small cuts made it through the chinks form from the dying flames. There was so much damage, so much salvation. Soon enough, Their numbers would shrink and the only those who fled the flames in retreat were left standing. Tempris stood firm till there was no more people advancing. Then she turned around and put her sword back on her back.

Behind her was the client. "Let us pray that Icarus has done his part. Then your business would be safe. If the man was successful, he would return and they both could talk with the client and receive their payment. It was a good day but the girl had places to go.

"Thank you for the help. Fate prove you to be more needed than I anticipated. I wish you will on your travels sir." Then she walked off.

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Magnolia City - Shopping Crisis [S Rank W Tempris]  Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Zexion was embedded with the holy flames, He felt a surge of energy and protection surround him. He watched as many of the bandits were taken out, Zexion was right to say that Tempris was at a level that he assumed she would be at. Zexion smiled as he saw the all out slaughter of the men who were there to attack the shop. He saw every single one of the bandits being defeated. Of course a lot of the stragglers ran into the store and grabbed a few items and ran. Zexion was still inside of the circle as he could not leave it. The men had ran off, But the shop owner looked at Zexion after Tempris had left.

"Don't worry about what was stolen, We need to defeat the leader. He's the one whose going to bring about the greatest battle"

Zexion looked out as the flames of the holy flame disappated and entered his very soul. He looked around and the bandit leader looked at awe. Then his face was filled with anger, the man then began to glow a bright light. "TAKE OVER: LIONS DEN" , He yelled as he began to transform in front of the shop owner and Zexion. He then took the form of a humanoid creature with characteristics of a Lion. He had a mane, he grew in size and he let out a intense pressure that Zexion knew this was going to be the battle that decides it all. The Beast rushed at Zexion in intense speed, Zexion without time to react put his hands out in a  X shape and took the hit. He was propelled back into the streets, Hitting the ground various times which left a crater in the ground. Dust collected and went around the entire area of the streets of Magnolia. The dust settled and Zexion kipped himself up. Lightning and holy fire surrounded Zexion as he looked at the man intently. "Lightning Dragons Claw" , Zexion spoke firmly and a yellow magic circle surrounded his hand. He then embedded himself with the power of lightning thus giving the ability to keep up with the Beast of the man who stood before him. Zexion rushed at the beast and the beast rushed at Zexion. Their claws had collided and a giant crater began to form around the two. It became an intense power struggle, But Zexion had the upper hand. In the middle of the struggle a yellow magic circle appeared before Zexions face as he let out a devastating roar of the lightning dragon. A Ray of intense lightning shot out and hit the Beast in the middle of his chest. He was sent back a few kilometers as he collided with the ground. The man swung his hand around, and looked with a beast of a rage and ran at Zexion.

Zexion then embedded his feet with the power of lightning then he disappeared into a bolt of lightning and appeared behind the beast. He threw a round house kick which the beast had blocked with his hand, Yet the pressure sent the man flying into the air. Again Zexion appeared once more behind the beast of a man while in mid air and began to charge lightning inside his clenched fist.

"FIST OF THE LIGHTNING DRAGON", Zexion bellowed as he struck the man clean in the face hurtling into a nearby store. The damage was immense but Zexion knew the man had much more up his sleeve. The beast roared loudly, Zexion then was hit by the wind of the roar as he opened his eyes the beast was no where to be seen. The Beast was in the air, But Zexion without knowing the whereabouts of the beast was hit unsuspectedly from the back of his head by the mans Sledge hammer of a fist. Zexion was slammed into the ground, He laid on the ground motionless, during this time the damage on the street was too immense. The cables in the streets from the destroyed lights laid and whipped around like crazy. Zexion opened his eyes and saw the lightning pouring out from one of the whips and he was struck by it. Lightning began to envelope Zexion, The beast began to laugh. He too was exhausted, But Zexion was not about to give up. He began to absorb the electricity that was coming from the cables and he had rejuvenated himself. Zexion still laid there, as if he was hurt and the beast kicked the cable and grabbed Zexion from his head and lifted him up until they were face to face. Zexion was still playing possum until finally he awoken and shot lightning right into the beasts eyes.

Zexion was dropped, the beast was screaming in immense pain, "SHIT SHIT SHIT", He screamed. "I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING". Zexion slowly arose, and lightning then quickly embedded his very being. He was at the peak of his powers, His eyes began to shine in a radiant light as he tilted his head back.

"ROAR OF THE LIGHTNING DRAGON" , Zexion yelled as he released a giant roar and torrent of electricity that shot out and hit the beast. The Beam continued to hit the Warrior as he could do nothing nor could he see nothing that was happening around him. Zexion scoffed as the dust, smoke and clouds from the last attack were slowly disappearing. The Beast laid there motionless in the ground, Zexion raised his hand up in victory. He had done it, The shop keeper was in awe, He then dropped to his knees in tears. "God Bless", He spoke softly as Zexion walked over to the store owner.

"I told you, We weren't ones to mess with." , He smiled as he collapsed to the ground. Eventually after a few hours Zexion awoke in the shop. The shop keeper looked at Zexion and told him that of course some of the weapons were stolen, But it was fine because the biggest problem was solved. The Rune Knights in the area came and arrested all the bandits and the leader of the bandits. Zexion was given his payment and he stood from the table he laid and went to a nearby restaurant. He feasted as much as he could until it was time for him to head back home.




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