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Chasing the Sun [SQ]

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Bryson frowned. The woman was clearly playing some sort of game with him and as much as Bryson liked games right now was definitely not the time. The Desiertian held his hands out as the woman looked up at him. "You're forgiven, now leave." the young boy snapped. He was more annoyed than anything right now, yet the woman was persistent. "I can't. We both have our duties. Mine is to make you aware of who you are, and yours is to figure out the rest from there." Bryson didn't move. He remained silent, waiting for the woman to make herself disappear into the winds.

"You don't trust me. Fine. I know that you and your sister were taken from your parents when you were four. I know that you were enslaved in Stella, and I know that Stellan bounty hunters are after you. I do not expect you to trust me but know that I am not out to get you. Please... allow me to show you." She insisted as she slowly stood to her feet. Slowly the woman stretched her arms, causing her palms to face upward and glow a bright purple color. Bryson winced. He wasn't surprised that she knew of his past considering most Bounty Hunters from Stella would probably know that, but there was something about her that Bryson couldn't easily shake off. She was familiar. For the first time since she arrived, Bryson decided to ease up.

It was probably foolish for him to let his guard down, but now he was curious. The boy dropped his hands. "Please, sit with me." she said as she dropped in a pretzel position onto the ground. "My name is Daisia, Bryson." For a moment Bryson didn't budge, but after a few seconds he slowly began walking over, snatching his gun from the ground and gripping it tightly in his hand. Then he sat in front of her. Daisia moved her hands towards him, gesturing for him to hold them and so he did. Suddenly he could feel his body coursing with energy as if his mana was increasing, boiling up in vis veins.



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Before the boy could pull away- even if he wanted to- he was transported to somewhere else. When he opened his eyes he no longer appeared to be in Baska. All around him was sand and sky. The wind seemed to be blowing but the Desiertan could not feel it. He could not smell anything, nor could he hear the shuffling of the sand as it scattered in the breeze. The suns light shone brightly, and slowly it began descending. Bryson's eyes widened. This was truly a sight to behold. Daisia had sent him to the motherland, but he knew sending anyone this far was impossible- especially in the span of a few seconds. The hunter looked around, then down at his hands trying to understand how this was at all possible. " A dreaming spell? No...Astral projection?" he asked nobody.

The suns light dimmed as it descended before Bryson. The brown boys sun colored eyes shifted back onto it and for a moment he was quite literally starstruck- overwhelmed really. The amount of energy he could feel resonating from his astral form seemed to be reaching out towards the sun. Almost instinctively, young Bryson reached out towards the it as he dragged his feet forward. However, with each step he took it seemed like the sun was moving away. So, he picked up his speed. It began with a jog. Something told him that he needed to grab it, almost as if it was literally telling him to do so and the further away it became the louder the "voice" was. Next thing he knew, he was sprinting towards the orb of fiery light.



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On both sides of him two white spirit-like entities appeared from beneath the sand, also chasing after the sun. They were less interested in him, but something told him that they didn't want Bryson to get it. The hunter's eyes widened in surprised as the spirits arose, then they fell as he was determined to capture the sun. The spirits zoomed silently until he swatted the one on his left away, punching his hand straight through it. It disappeared for a moment. The other one came in contact with his body, bumping him over. The two spirits and him continued to bump and push him. Bryson closed his eyes and when he opened them a wave of light was released from his body and suddenly when he turned, they had disappeared. Finally the sun had stopped moving.

There was only one thing left to do. Bryson walked up to it, realizing that it was no longer moving away. Slowly he placed his hand into its fire, not feeling anything as he was consumed entirely in its light. Then...the world went white. Bryson opened his eyes and there he was, back in Baska. The mage did not fret. In fact, he was completely calm. The sun he had seen and touched had granted him knowledge and wisdom that he didn't think he would ever know. Suddenly he knew exactly who he was and where he came from. He knew that he was the descendant of the Pharaohs, he knew that his family was hunted and murdered, and he knew that he knew...his real name. Aside from the bit of knowledge he had acquired, he could feel his body surging with new power.

"Are you okay?" Daisia asked. The Desiertan gazed into her eyes and smiled warmly. The hunter felt like...a brand new him. His entire body was swarming with an ethereal energy that he couldn't explain, but he had awakened. Daisia smiled. "I feel amazing." The reborn(?) Savannan stood up and clenched his fists. His gaze shifted onto the sun and he thanked Ra for whatever was given. "The gods really do favor you." Daisia said excitedly. Her hands clasped over her mouth as if she was in shock. The boy stretched his neck before bending over and reaching his toes.

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