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Testing Testing [SQ]

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Bryson sat on the outskirts of Baska city, gazing upon the sun as he inhaled arguably the freshest air in all of the west. In a matter of weeks he had become a stronger person and had become an apprentice. Though becoming an apprentice wasn't exciting considering he wasn't really a Rune Knight to rank up. He was here for one reason; Odin. His father, the man that had taken him in when nobody else would. The Lich had been feared by many, hated by most but Bryson had grown to love him. Anything he needed was secured in a matter of moments no matter what it was. Bryson didn't ask for much anyway, but Odin always pulled through...always. The Desiertan sighed as he reflected on his twelve years of living. He had been enslaved, found his way to Fiore and now he was a Knight. He was moving up in the world and he had to be prepared for what was to come.

The wind blew lightly, brushing his cheeks as he fell to his back. His arms spread out around him as he gently petted the grass. Above him the birds raced back and forth as if they were playing a game of tag. Man, how he would have killed to be able to do what they could do...fly. It must have been so peaceful up there, he thought. The clouds being the only thing close to them and the sun beaming directly on their back. Bryson was obsessed with the stars, the sun, the moon and everything else he couldn't see. In fact, he felt a special connection to astronomical objects as if he was one. It was almost weird how he craved to be in the sky. In the distance he could hear the cows and pigs in the farmlands. Right now he was at peace.



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Tears began to dwell in his eyes as he lay there alone. The realization of how old he was crept in. His life was hard and he missed his sister right about now. A part of him felt guilty for not thinking about her or searching for her everyday, like he had given up. Although he would never give up searching for his twin, maybe giving up was healthy. The idea that he was searching for a ghost all this time had been resting in the back of his mind for weeks. He couldn't protect her if he wasn't strong, and he couldn't search for her if he didn't have the resources. And then there was his mother and father, both faces he could not remember- though the sound of their voices, their scent was still instilled in his mind.

They were dead, so looking for them was useless. Quickly the young hunter sat back up and sighed, shaking the thoughts off of his mind before they pushed him into a sea of depression. Would he ever stop feeling so lonely? He thought to himself. Lil B closed his eyes and allowed the suns warmth to cover his body, like a blanket on a cold winter night. Suddenly, the apprentice heard the crunching of twigs behind him. The boy turned, his golden eyes staring blankly at a woman in a white cloak who began moving towards him. Her lips curved to form a warm smile. For a second he felt like he knew this woman from somewhere, like he had met her before but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.



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Bryson opened his mouth to talk to the woman. He was about to greet her until she used her voice first. "There you are." she said gently. Still, that warm smile on her face. Bryson closed his mouth before quickly jumping to his feet. So she knew him. That could mean she was here to kill him, or worse; take him back to Stella where the young boy would answer for his crimes. He thought that the bounty hunters were done  hunting him since they had a war to deal with back in their country, but obviously he had thought wrong. Before Bryson could even get a word out, the woman lifted her hand and shot out a beam of darkness energy. Taken aback by surprise, but not caught completely off guard, the Hunter leaped to the left about two meters.

"You're a bounty hunter." Bryson said with a frown. Normally he would have made a run for it, but he was home now. Plus, he had gotten stronger, acquired a few items and was capable of holding his own. Without a moment of hesitation he drew his gun and aimed, shooting out a bullet of light towards the woman. "A bounty hunter? No no no." She said as she moved lifted her hand. The bullet hit her palm but instead of injuring her, it was deflected into the woods behind her. "If you're not a bounty hunter then who the fuck are you?" Bryson asked. The woman chuckled, saying nothing but instead darting at inhumane speeds.



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She didn't seem interested in stopping. As she halted from her dash she simply smacked Bryson, causing him to fly back through the air until landing on his back. Dammit, he thought as his gun fell out of his hand. The Desiertan clenched his jaw and attempted to grab his weapon but the woman darted forward again and kicked it away. Bryson used his arm to pull his body while on the ground so that he could slide on his swing his feet, aiming to knock her on her back. However upon impact the woman didn't waver. Instead she stood with smile, lifted her other leg before swinging it down. Bryson quickly rolled away.Her strength was enough to crack the grassy ground beneath her. The boys eyes widened as he quickly moved to his feet.

The problem here was that he didn't have his weapon and he didn't really know how to fight. Granted he knew how to use his body to move and his hands to punch, he usually just did what came natural. Even if he decided to run right now he would ultimately make it nowhere. The woman slowly walked forward. A bead of sweat began to form on Brysons forehead. He was panicking but he hid it well. Suddenly he put his hands out in front of him before shouting. "Leave me alone!" Suddenly a blue-ish white color began to form around his hands, much to his surprise and the woman stopped in her tracks.

The womans eyes widened at first, and then she sighed. "Alright, alright. You won. I'm simply here to talk." She said putting her hands up. But Bryson wouldn't take any chances. "Then why are you trying to kill me!?" he growled. The hunter completely ignored the fact that he he had just seen his hands glow. "I promise, my love, if I wanted you dead you'd already be dead. I needed to make sure it was really you... the descendant-" "Stop." Bryson demanded. The woman hushed. Slowly she bent down until she was on her knee, then bowed her head. "w-what are you doing?" Bryson asked, hands still forward but no longer glowing. "Please, forgive me. I assure you that I am not here to harm you. I am only here to help."

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