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Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 5:52 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The rotund monk, Poropo Poproporp, was not satisfied with the jobs he was getting - the money he was trying to save up was not enough to find a proper home. The streets were long gone for the monk, but staying at an inn without knowing when he would be kicked out was stressful and just not conducive to a happy life. Poropo lamented to himself, "Oh Iron Deity, bless me with a home to live the rest of my short life...I am also lonely..."

Poropo was having a fun time knowing more people from the jobs he was doing, but the relationship was just not the same - Poropo had come to Fiore in hopes of joining the prestigious guild, Blue Pegasus, but they did not accept him. Whether Blue Pegasus was full or they did not want Poropo did not matter - Poropo was left without a guild.

However, waddling down the street, the monk looked up at a magnificent building - the Fairy Tail guild hall. Poropo had heard about Fairy Tail, but Blue Pegasus had held all of the monk's focus - Blue Pegasus members were known to be the most beautiful and therefore the most "pure", believed Poropo.

Having arrived in Magnolia, Poropo started hearing how diverse and accepting Fairy Tail was compared to other guilds in Fiore. Poropo sighed and continued to lament, "...I better not try - if I am again not accepted then I am fated to be without a guild for the rest of my short life."

#2Judith Karlinius 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 6:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
The situation in Fairy Tail would be much different, How different it was well taken careful at least from the outside it was, It's flowers beds were take care of daily, Always full of life. It almost seemed like the guild was almost dead quiet, But in reality the numbers were minimal.

Some of the people talking around the newly arrived monk were talking about how it was awesome that returning to Fairy Tail they had small woman who would serve them drinks and food.

Even pondering with said person was there currently at the guild. It would foreshadow that in fact, Fairy Tail's numbers where small but that had some one who seemed to keep them around.

These people would be heading towards the path of Fairy Tail, Then well the sound of the closing door by one of the buildings, Poropo heard the sound of a delighted woman humming a musical tune to herself.

Poropo would not meet Judith, Because never the one to leave a soul left so unhappy. With the monk like figure seeming expressing such an unhappy feeling. The man's aloud plight, sparked the wonder of Judith and she stopped humming her happy song and walked over to who was speaking such words.

So Judith would do as she normally did in these times. Greeting this emotionally troubled soul."Greetings fair stranger, I am about to head to work ,But I can not help but see you are troubled."It was mostly the guild part that caught Judith's attention, But it was not right sole worry for the moment.

An offer Judith would make most people upon their down."Do you mind if I talk to you about your troubles? Maybe I can be of help."Judith did have honest and peaceful intentions.

However scoring another member for Fairy Tail was always good, Even if she was use to them coming and going, If you did not try you gained nothing.

The woman was small, Compared to most other people some would call her tiny, With her lavender eyes and long lavender hair. It worked nicely with her pure white dress with sleeves up to her fore arms. She waited quietly to see what the man would say, While holding a basket of things she was carrying.

The basket having various loafs of bread, A few of bottles, some fruit, some meats and could be more then just the first glance."I am Judith of the guild Fairy Tail, My guild master calls me the Mother of Fairies. It is wonderful to meet you." Judith was keeping the engagement up to see if it would make me feel a bit better, For now everything seemed casual.

#3Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 7:29 pm

Poropo Poproporp
While in a sorry state, Poropo was visited by a pure soul by the name of Judith. Poropo looked at her with weary eyes, but his clouded eyes were starting to clear just a little - talking to someone about his trouble, especially a Fairy Tail guild member known as the Mother of Fairies, would likely help tremendously. Poropo clasped both his hands in prayer, "Hello, Judith. May the Iron Deity bless you." The monk then held his hands next to his face and slapped himself clear of dark thoughts!

"Ouch! Well, thank you for your kindness, Mother of Fairies...if you are willing to listen...could I join Fairy Tail? I am lonely and hear this guild is accepting - if you are the Mother of Fairies then you might be able to put in a good word for me...please." Poropo clasped his hands again and bowed in hopes he could appease Judith. However, the desperate monk could tell from the young woman's pure kindness she would be more than willing to help Poropo join Fairy Tail. The monk's hopes were climbing to the forefront so if Poropo was rejected this time, with everything taken into consideration - Poropo would might stop being an adventuring monk and turn back to being a Sinese farmer again.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:43 am

Judith Karlinius
It was just how normally Judith met other people, Even listening to his request, The tiny mother just did as always did, Give this man the warmest and friendliest smile to him, Much like everyone else. He wanted a good word? Well it seemed he would have the best word for it."Well, considering I over see various things in the guild, Given my length of member with in it."Judith was not building tension or anything, More explaining how it might work when was over seeing a few things."I do tend to sometimes deal with guild newcomers."

At least Judith was not giving this new person false hope."Since I have no worry about you upon this meeting, I am sure I can put more than a good word for you."Did Judith want to have fun with this and just play it out and say it was just a word, Most likely not she was not the teasing type of lady.

"So how about you come start the guild joining process?"Judith asked taking a few steps forward seeing if he would follow, After all Judith would mention to him."Come into Fairy Tail, see if it is fitting for what you are looking for, If need be I will make you something to eat and serve you something to drink."It was her job with in Fairy Tail, Cooking food for their members, Serving drinks and cleaning. Fairy Tail's in house cleaning and feeding service.

But for now Poropo had to choose to come along with Judith and join Fairy Tail"Then after I ensure that, We can continue the process needed to join the guild."Well Judith's plan was most likely just see how he liked the guild, Felt comfortable in it and just give him the guild tattoo.

#5Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Sat Sep 04, 2021 8:01 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The offer for a drink while becoming familiar with the guild, Fairy Tail, was impossible to refuse - the monk was more than elated to be one step closer to being accepted into a seemingly prestigious guild! Poropo did not hesitate and tightly clasped his hands in prayer and joy while bowing over and over.

"Thank you, Mother of Fairies. Thank you so so so SO much for inviting me inside the hallowed halls of Fairy Tail. You will not regret being a gratious host - I swear by the Iron Deity you will be blessed by my good manners." Poropo's thankfulness felt inexhaustible to the repeatedly bowing monk. The jubilant Poropo was starting to feel lightheaded as he let Judith lead him into the beautiful halls of Fairy Tail.

Poropo stopped bow to catch his breath and have a better look inside the interior of the guild he was getting closer to joining. There were many wonderful people staring at the new monk, so the monk decided to try and increase his odds of success by bow and blessing wvery single one of them

"Thank yiu, may the Iron Deity bless you. Ah yes, you, too - may the Iron Deity bless you. Also you, may the Iron Deity bless you." This would continue until he became short of breath and had to sit down. Poropo remembered he was offered food and drink while waiting to initiated, "Um, Judith - I will greciously accept the generous offer of food and drink...may the Iron Deity bless you." Poropo bowed, again, and prayed for his own fortune, too.

#6Judith Karlinius 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Mon Sep 06, 2021 5:35 am

Judith Karlinius
If anything he was grateful for what was happening, So it was now this man's introduction to the housing of Fairy Tail. Opening the door to some of the various other guild members around, It showed what kind of place it was, since so far most people had not seem to pay Judith much attention, At least Poropo seemed to be making himself known, But stopping at the kitchen she would place her basket by it."This is my my work area."Judith would mention, Behind the counter there seemed to be what you expect form some one who mentioned the kind of job Judith mentioned she had.

Various spices, supplies and ingredients for cooking, various juices and bottles for drinks, knives and kitchen utensils. Judith work station was neat and clean. Placing down the basket she had by the open door way. She will return to do that in a moment.

She just would mention to everyone in the guild hall, while they seemed to be waiting tables in the lounge of the guild."I have a guild matter to deal with, drinks and food will have to wait for a few minutes."Poropo would take a bit more needed time since well, It was important to get the tattoo.

So since he was getting his blessings and greetings done, It seemed to leave Judith with a peaceful and happy smile. So now the one of the few needed things would be done."regulation does state you need a tattoo of the guild, So I will need to know: Where you wish it to be and what colour you would like it to be?"Since they were walking back where Judith would normally work. Judith was walking past to the area that seemed more about paper work, A board of guild ads all of the normal office like things that were often done.

Since she was handling this, Judith got all of the paperwork, which was not much and the object needed for the guild tattoo. Looking it over and cleaning the dust off of it."I have not been here for a while...I need to come here and clean more."Judith mentioned in the minor moment of distraction.

Quietly writing out needed information."Kazimir out guild master is a wonderful leader, I do wish he was here to greet you and do this himself."But it seemed Judith was also as capable of managing this guild herself considering she had so far."Either way, Have you chosen what colour and where you wish your tattoo will be?"

#7Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Wed Sep 08, 2021 9:45 am

Poropo Poproporp
The monk was feeling out of place within the guild hall of Fairy Tail just by being here. The nervous monk was sweating profusely at the thought of being considered one of these fine individuals - the thought of rejections causing the monk to sweat even more. The diversity among the members was refreshing and felt more natural than Blue Pegasus, at least at first glance - Poropo was seeing those who were either resting or not taking a job. However, Poropo was becoming more convinced he was being guided by the Iron Deity to a good guild.

Judith told Poropo food and drink would come later - the more important matter would be initiation. Poropo looked at Judith with wide eyes, surprised he was being asked where his guild tattoo was supposed to go - the astonished monk did not think he was just joining outright, "um...my forehead...in a silvery blue color...yes." Without giving himself time to process the request made by Judith, Poropo simply blurted out a gut answer which was more prepared for Blue Pegasus. Thankfully, the monk would likely be satisfied by the color considering the silver hue was reminiscent of the Iron Deity's form. The location of the tattoo was always going to be on Poropo's forehead as a show of his guild - hopefully Poropo could withstand the pain of receiving a tattoo on his head, because he was not going to change his mind.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Wed Sep 08, 2021 11:01 am

Judith Karlinius
With everything was being simple she would set up the guild tattoo for him just while waiting. Judith would have some standard comments to go over."If you agree to join Fairy Tail. Just be sure to know, You are free to do as you wish normally. For your goals are just as important as any Fairy Tail member's goal to achieve."Judith seemed to have wrote these out herself for they were far more wordy then anything Kazimir might have come up with.

It would be a pretty quick thing to get done, Because Judith was also going to make sure the rest of the member in the guild got the food they came here for and drinks they wanted. But she was a hard worker."We ask do not reveal information about other members they will put them as risk, We also ask you do not harm any of your fellow guild member as well, Friendly rivalry is okay."It was thing that she had a feeling would not be anything to worry about with Poropo, Just went through with him because she had to be sure everyone was told.

Checking over the thing that would give the tattoo to Poropo. it was ready to give the tattoo. Just in Judith's nature."If you disagree with the few things listed above, I do suggest you reconsider joining...Not that I think it personally is for you."Judith said with a happy content smile on her face with her own words right that."Or have any questions before approval, Please ask them now."Judith wanted to be sure to make anything clear to him before they went on.

"If not please walk close enough to the table close enough to where i am standing, So I may give you the emblem tattoo of Fairy Tail."With that Judith seemed to wait, for whatever happen next. she was hoping was not rushing Poropo through this too quickly.

#9Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Fri Sep 10, 2021 4:27 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Judith was kindly explaining the relatively loose rules of the Fairy Tail guild - the rules were mostly standard compared to Blue Pegasus, but the way Judith explained them made the rules seem like a strong suggestion. Granted, perhaps Judith saw something in Poropo, prompting her explanation to be relaxing and nurturing instead of hard and unbending.

"Yes, I agree to those rules...especially concerning the violence - as a monk of the Iron Deity I should solve problems peacefully." Poropo proudly waddled up to the table set up by Judith - the arrangement did not seem normal for tattooing, but Poropo did not have any tattooing experience to know better. The mere thought of getting tattooed by "The Mother of Fairies" felt oddly blissful, as if the Iron Deity set Poropo along this path purposefully - rejection from Blue Pegasus was beginning to feel fateful instead of awful.

Before presenting his forehead to be tattooed, Poropo pondered, "Do I have any questions? I am determined to be a part of Fairy Tail - I have no concerns right now and if I do then they will be addressed with time, hah hah hah!" Poropo made himself laugh with his relaxed attitude and then presented his forehead to Judith, "if you are ready to have me, then I am ready to have Fairy Tail."

#10Judith Karlinius 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Sat Sep 11, 2021 5:08 am

Judith Karlinius
It all seemed to come together pretty quickly."Well if that is the case everything seems to be in order."Judith then placed the object that gave the guild members the tattoo, It was a simple Magic Stamp Tool, like the ones people use for letters and packages for shipping, just one that left the Fairy Tail guild tattoo on members, it was the object used across all guilds for their tattoos. Judith's touch was light enough to make sure the tattoo was applied and not hurt or harm the person getting it.

Then she smiled and said."You have passed, Welcome to Fairy Tail Poropo."Even if in the end no matter what Judith was already most likely going to say yes to him joining anyway. Just easier if you did it more formally."I had no doubt of your resolve or views either, Just me doing my normal run though of what is needed, So Kazimir has the paper work when he returns."No doubt when he did Kazimir would be delighted with the new member.

Then placing the magic stamp tool on the table and paperwork. Then Judith would ask."Would would you like something to drink or eat my dear friend?"Judith asked, since it was her job, But then again it was still with her happy and delight nature."Or is there anything else you might need a assistance with?"She was helpful in a lot of ways, But Judith still new sometimes it might not be in her realm depending on what it was.

Nonetheless Poropo was now a member of Fairy Tail, Judith was heading back to the work station she had set up, A kitchen set up with storage of various ingredients, vegetables and drinks.

Or was she, Judith would walk over to the closest table that was by her station, Jump up on it and just in her own typical way."Morning Everyone! Today we have a new member to welcome to the family!" Judith sounded happy and excited with this."If he needs help, Do be sure to do so, He is family here just as the rest of you are, Welcome to Fairy Tail, Poropo!"There was some cheering and clapping for the members that where here, Then Judith hopped off of the table and into her station, A small step stool was behind the bar front, because it was too high for Judith to be able to take orders given how small she was.

Then reaching over past pictures she had set around the ordering windows. It showed the values of family Judith had it was pictures of her children, All of four them. Her and her husband, Another woman and her two children. All of them was images of Judith's life and joy. Reaching over to a sign had closed displayed forward, Judith turned it over to open.

#11Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Sun Sep 12, 2021 6:27 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The tattooing process seemed to be magical rather than physical - the tattoo of Fairy Tail did not hurt to receive either due to the magic or Judith's gentle touch. The curious monk wondered if all other guilds in Fiore used the same process - Blue Pegasus seemed like a similar establishment to Fairy Tail, albeit less inviting. Poropo wondered what being a member of Fairy Tail would be like in the distant future - a future where the desperate monk did not enter Blue Pegasus.

Poropo clasped his hands in prayer and bowed to Judith after receiving his tattoo, "Thank you so much for your kindness, Judith, Mother of Fairies. May the Iron Deity bless Fairy Tail for as long as I breath...and then some more, hah hah hah!" Poropo changed his serious mood with a hearty chuckle - staying serious felt wrong after being accepted to graciously. As for the food and drink offering, Poropo looked down at his stomach for a response - the monk did not hear a rumble nor a growl, oddly enough.

The satisfied monk took his quiet stomach as a sign he must make himself hungry by taking jobs in the name of Fairy Tail! Poropo began waddling away from Judith as he said, "actually, I will begin doing my share as a proud member of Fairy Tail - thank you again, Judith!" Poropo waddled off as he waved to the kind woman who had accepted him into Fairy Tail before she was swarmed with hungry and thirsty Fairy Tail guild mates.


#12Judith Karlinius 

Poropo Preparing for Guilding [Private] Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:01 am

Judith Karlinius
It was the spirit Judith seemed to enjoy seeing with everyone it was that spirit that kept the small fire of fairy tail alive, spite it being rather small of late. Everyone who was still around had a magical wonder that could keep it going."You are very much welcome Poropo."Judith would say as he would continue and go on his way, He in his own way did fit into the guild, Even if right away he might not seem it. Then again Judith felt like anyone who walked into Fairy Tail to join it, Had their place as long as they followed the small rules they had in place.

With him leaving, Judith would go about her normal work day. Only mentioning to her patrons that."I will be closing a bit early today,I do have an important thing to take care of today."What it exactly was she would not mention. It was fairly personal after all, But it was better to mention."Until then do not worry, I will let everyone know when final call is."Judith at least still had everything planned for how many years she had been going about this job, She always had things planned out like the good worker she was.

So when that time came and Judith had made the last call, She gathered the things she brought and carried them off home, To go do what she was intending to do, That she had taken off early. It was a fairly more emotional thing for her, Whatever it was, maybe be yet to come for people to learn.


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