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Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ]

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#1Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 3:47 pm

Jove Augustus
It was time for the final event, the only thing that Jove had yet to do in this excursion. Truth be told, it was the thing he wanted the least to do with. See, the dinosaur hunt was one that was obviously the most dangerous. The people there were hunting carnivores specifically. They risked not only a loss and severe injury, but also being consumed. It was something that could strike fear into somebody in multiple ways, and it made the fact that Jove was dreading this bull run all the more surprising. After all, he had just recently killed a dinosaur that could have easily ended his own life. Why was this the thing that struck discomfort into his heart?

Well, to get to that, one had to go back into Jove's childhood. He was a fortunate lad, and this is not some story of how he was left with an angry bull. Rather, while watching the entertainment lacrima at home, one of the things he watched was bullfighting. As a child, watching this form of animal abused paraded as a celebratory event, he witnessed something truly gruesome. A man who was impaled by a bulls horn, through the underside of his jaw.

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#2Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 3:50 pm

Jove Augustus
The image of that event haunted him. The fact that the individual did not die immediately made it a million times worse. As a child he was only slightly less mild mannered than he was now. Yet when playing witness to the gruesome event on television, he was scarred without a doubt. As he stood at the starting line with everyone, he felt himself growing more and more anxious. It was as though a pit had formed in his stomach, warning him that this decision was a poor one. He agreed with the anxiety. He felt like a complete idiot for standing here.

Yet this was the decision he had made. Better to run from the bulls than to fight him, he thought. He had looked at a map of the track beforehand, and saw that the event was going to be a tiered start. First, at the sound of the gun, the people would be released. As they began running, the bulls then would be released from a side pen, and a few would be released further along the track. This meant that they would not just be chased from behind, but also from the front.

This was truly terrifying.

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#3Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 3:54 pm

Jove Augustus
As he stood there, drowning in his own worry, he heard it. The gunshot that signaled the beginning of the event. As everyone began running, Jove joined in. He did not start at his max speed, which honestly would probably have been the smart thing to do. He could have easily sprinted the whole track, getting to the end in but a few minutes, but he felt like that had an equal chance to backfire. After all, there was always the possibility that the bulls would be smarter than he assumed, or simply more agile. Better, perhaps, to save onto the energy that one might need unexpectedly.

As the group made it a few meters from the starting line, a second gunshot rang out. His eyes widened as he heard the echoes of gates being opened, and the sound of hooves on cobblestone. Looking back, he immediately spotted the crowd of death cows charging at them. His eyes widened behind his sunglasses, and as he looked ahead, Jove sped up his pace. He was not going to become his childhood trauma. He was a Rune Knight, an S rank mage, and the literal host of the Sin of Pride Lucifer. He would not be killed here, or today.

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#4Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:06 pm

Jove Augustus
As Jove ran, he heard a shrill scream. Turning around, he saw that a woman had somehow tripped and fallen. Glancing up to see a bull actively charging at her, the rune knight cursed and dashed towards her. Good thing I took my time, he thought callously, realizing that it was his own well being at risk here. Truth be told, Jove had a sense of complaining about things that he actually did not mind doing. It was never as though he actually hated the idea of putting in work, or was against the concept of helping people. In reality, his actions worked in contrast.

He was often one of the hardest workers within the rune knights, believing that if someone had to do work that they should do it properly. He was always willing to help those who needed him, regardless of if they asked for it. He did both of these things naturally, because it just seemed like the right thing to do. This was because, while Jove was indeed lazy, he was a genuinely decent person. And so despite his internal complaints and his inner monologue berating him for this decision, he dove without a thought and wrapped his arms around the woman. Rolling as he landed, he moved her out of the way right as the bull shot by, its horns plowing through the empty space which was once her body.

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#5Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:11 pm

Jove Augustus
Standing up and lifting the woman to her feet, he looked her in the eyes. "Are you okay?" Nodding frantically, the woman immediately broke from his grip and sprinted away. The narrow space that was made for them to run was set up with solid walls, spanning a bit higher than the average adult males head. This served as the area which the citizens who were not participating would watch, and also had plenty of people who were willing to grab onto those who gave up on running and help them to safety. Jove glanced at the bull and cursed himself for what he was about to do next.

Calling the bulls attention and stomping his foot hard, enough to cause quite the sound considering his strength, the bulls full attention was on him. It charged at him full force, and in that moment Jove had a moment in which he realized he needed to come to terms with this situation.

This was a bull. A literal cow with a thirst for blood, and nothing else. What he saw as a child had not control over him now. He could break free of those chains, so long as he was willing to willfully do so. If he could take a dinosaur, he could take a bull.

If he could deal with Lucifer, he could take a bull.

Taking a step forward, Jove leaped and front flipped. This was not to show off, but rather the momentum would carry his body and allow him to easily move himself around the bulls form, landing behind it as it charged to where he had been. Landing and immediately hitting his stride, he would make his way down the path again. He would make it to the end of it killed him.

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#6Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:17 pm

Jove Augustus
Making his way down the winding path, the bulls had pretty much dispersed. There were certainly enough to fill the entire track, but it wasn't as though the place was a sea of steak. There were plenty of stretches in which there was but a single bull, or maybe a distant duo, and they would be so busy with a tight grouping of people that others could skirt right by. As he ran, Jove began to feel a sense of self accomplishment. It was a mild one, but still an internal pat on his own back for getting over his childhood trauma.

Dodging a few more bulls with combinations of jukes, sprints, and jumps, he was now beyond the halfway point. The bulls had hit a few people, but luckily there was no permanent damage. As long as people did not become a sitting duck like the woman who had fallen, most were capable of moving themselves to a place that was not the point of the bull horn. So long as people were not impaled, the worst that would happen would be that they were sent flying. He actually saw a few of them, though when this happened people from the audience quickly made their way in to help. If anything, that made Jove feel better about the whole thing. Not for himself; as stated, he had already overcome that issues. Rather, he was happy that he would not have to worry about the common individual within the race.

WC: 1403

#7Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 3:48 am

Jove Augustus
Jove had almost reached the end now. He dodged among the bulls, regardless of if they came from front or back. He made sure not to bump into individuals who were running alongside of him, and while he certainly had felt better once he realized that the citizens who were observers had come to help, he still wanted to keep an eye out. It was not that he cared particularly for Stella as a country, but the citizens were still just normal people. If they had been born in Fiore, he'd have been assigned to protect them. Why should he stop caring about their lives simply because they happened to be born in different borders?

More important was the fact that he was capable of it. He did not exactly believe that there was a singular evil in this world. That said, he certainly believed there was something cruel or wrong about those who were capable choosing to do nothing. As they neared the end, he began to hear it from the sidelines. There were cheers from the citizens, cheering on all those who now neared the end of this race. The people had ran with the bulls and made it to the end.

Jove's lips turned upwards into a smile. Right now, through their cheers, none of them cared about who was from where. They of course knew that some of the people here who were running were from Fiore. There was likely a chance that they could even recognize some of them. However, none of that seemed to matter. The cheers rained down on the ones who ran with the bulls, and as they crossed the finish line, it began the cleanup from the run. There were people who would have to group the bulls back up and take them to their pens. After all, while the animals were not normally violent in nature, this event would certainly have gotten their adrenaline pumping. It was just safer for everyone if they were taken back to their homes to rest safely after such an intense celebration such as this one.

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#8Jove Augustus 

Run with the Bulls [Sugma EQ] Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 3:53 am

Jove Augustus
Jove had looped around and decided to watch the people who had come to gather up the bulls. The bulls themselves seemed tired and frantic, obviously having calmed down from much of their initial rage and now simply being confused and scared. A frown formed upon Jove's lips. It was not a deep frown, it would never catch someone's eye as being explicit or noticeable, but it was clear to anyone analyzing him that something had crossed his mind. He thought back to the show he watched as a child. He remembered the bullfights, and while this was certainly no where near as cruel to the animals or the individuals, it still felt so archaic. It felt like it was a disservice to both humans and bulls. He wondered when, or if, it would ever stop.

At that time, someone approached him. He turned to face the upcoming figure and saw the face of the woman whom he had saved during the run. She locked eyes with him and smiled warmly, thanking him for his help. Her husband stepped forward, another contestant whom Jove had noticed, as well as her two kids who had watched from the sideline. They all thanked him and talked about Stella and the runs. It was a pleasant experience, one that Jove would likely remember for the rest of his stay here. Once they all said their thanks and had a short conversation, they walked away. Jove looked back to the now empty track. The thoughts entered his mind once more, but only briefly, before he made his way from the run with the bulls.


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