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Poropo Villain Performance [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Villain Performance [Quest] Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 9:42 am

Poropo Poproporp
Those in charge of dressing Poropo were having a hard time putting the rotund monk into his villainous costume - he was simply too large while his fragile constitution did not help. Poropo was getting injured before the play even began rehearsing! The tortured monk had to stay still and stop complaining or making pained noises if he was to be costumed multiple times over the course of a couple days.

"Please, not to- TIGHT!?" However, the monk just could not stop talking and making the dressers feel anxious about their normal job. Thankfully, Manager Yua knew Poropo had what the endurance to perform when the time came so she walked up to the statuesque monk and reminded him of his duties.

"You must endure, Poropo. I will not have you leaving us so soon after you did such a great job the other night - I know you can fulfill this role with great success." The kindness displayed by Manger Yua was too much for Poropo to disagree - he would have to such in his gut and try his hardest to endure the pain of wearing a wig, among other things.

"Yes, I will do my best not to whine. If I am to be a proper villain then I must endure greater pain later anyway."

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Poropo Poproporp
Having rehearsed for the day, without the leading actor, Poropo could finally exit his costume. A great relief washed over the sweating monk as he could feel his fat and folds let loose from underneath the tight bandages and wig. The removal of makeup and mask were fine, but not nearly as awful to wear as the tight kimono, the hard scandals, and the horrendous wig - Poropo knew he was supposed to play the part of a villain but a villain should be allowed to dress with style.

"I could tell you were uncomfortable the whole time, monk. You need to get your act together or the show will be a disaster...how about you keep on the costume and get used to it before the opening play tomorrow?" The leading actor, also the designer of the play next to Manager Yua, made an awful suggestion - wear the costume for a whole day more! Poropo felt insulted, especially when Tomura Matsukaze, the leading actor, did not participate in the rehearsal himself!

The flustered monk walked up to Tomura and attempted to speak his mind, but Tomura was too fast and left for other business. The monk could barely understand the request made of him, but there was always the chance Poropo could get used to the costume before the main performance, "Maybe his suggestion is not all to terrible..."

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Poropo Poproporp
The flustered monk took the suggestion from Tomura to heart after some internal pondering - perhaps Poropo could get used to the hideous, uncomfortable costume before the main performance, a full day from away. However, upon leaving the theater with the costume, Poropo began realizing the task set before him - he would have to spend a whole day in public dressed as a theater villain.

To be fair, Poropo always looked a little like a theater character - a goofy monk with bright, yellow and blue robes, and riddled with piercings. Poropo did not get as many stares as he was expecting as he waddled throughout Hosenka. No jobs need to be done other than the theater job, so the costumed monk could relax and enjoy the scenery accompanied by the typical giggled and whispers. While strolling through Hosenka, Poropo rehearsed his lines in his head in order to properly remember, "Oh vial fiend! Have at thee! I shall smite thee where thee stand! You have no right to tell me what is right! I am the law!"

"Goodness my character sounds impure - oh Iron Deity, bless my acting skills so I may perform as if I am impure without truly being impure." Poropo decided to add a prayer at the end of his line rehearsal for good measure.

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Poropo Poproporp
The monk could have been upset by the idea Tomura, the main actor and designer of the play, was correct about getting used to the uncomfortable costume by wearing the thing for a whole day, but the monk relented. The day after wearing the costume for a long time, Poropo was ready for his part as the theater villain, "Oh Iron Deity, bless my villainous performance so the audience might be awed."

Poropo arrived backstage and was inspected by the costume designer - they seemed displeased. Poropo did not dare ask what had happened to make the costume designer displeased - if the problem was the costume stretching to fit the rotund monk, then Poropo would be racked with nerves. The monk had worn the costume for a whole day just to feel comfortable!

"There is a speck of dirt - have you sat on any benches while wearing this precious costume!?" The costume designer seemed to know Poropo had worn the costume for longer than he was supposed to, but as long as Tomura told Poropo to do something then Poropo would not feel ashamed. Therefore, the monk lied and said he did not do anything with the costume - the costume designer was actually scarier than Tomura at this moment.

The costume designer cleaned off the costume and checked for other discrepancies. In the end, nothing had to be changed or tightened - the monk looked like the villain he was supposed to be!

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Poropo Poproporp
"Villain! Criminal! Heathen! I have worked too hard to be thwarted by thee!" Poropo was in the middle of his performance as the main antagonist of the play. The costumed monk was standing opposite of the leading actor, Tomura Matsukaze, the protagonist of the play. Everything was going well so far - Poropo was reading his lines with gusto while Tomura was doing the same. The audience was enthralled by the performance, but performers throwing lines at one-another would end up being boring - the next phase of the performance was Tomura unleashing real magic on Poropo!

"Haaaai! Hoooooaaaaaaaa!" With a zip and bang, Poropo was smacked by a fiery spell by Tomura! This was to be expected, but not to this degree! Poropo was not ready to be hit by magic of such high caliber in the middle of a theater performance! All Poropo could do was do his best to defend using his Iron Deity magic, specifically his Steel Body spell which made Poropo look metallic and otherworldly - like a proper villain with power!

The performance was entirely under Tomura's control - offensive spells were flung at the defensive Poropo without mercy. The monk could only use his metallic body to take the blows, but the audience loved the show! In the end, Poropo was bruised and aching - he bowed with the rest of the performers of the play and eventually rewarded by Manager Yua for a wonderfully villainous performance.

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