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Something Smells Fishy {Quest: Lee}

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Something Smells Fishy {Quest: Lee} Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 11:30 pm

Lee Nakamura
Lee had taken a new job. It was another request to take out 3hatever was disturbing the fish. She was starting to wonder if there was more than one of that 9ld monster she slaughtered. Now, she has it mounted on the wall in the guildhall. She now had that Allosaurus head and a sea monster. She knew Atani would not like it at all, but how could she help herself when there were Quests that required to kill a creature or two. She thought Lucretia would have a good time with her on this. This time she showed up st the docks early. There were no fisherman this morning. It was empty.

She wandered about with Lector by her side. Personally she wondered if this was a fluke seeing as how there was no one here to meet her like it had described in the job description. The water lapped gently against the dock pillars. The boats rocked back and forth. She stared at everything, taking in every sound she could. It was hard to not leave and sleep the rest of the day. Though, she need this money for the guild. She wasn't going to ask for a loan from her family.

"I think they lied to us" spoke Lector. Lee had consistently that possibly, but was too going to jump the gun. Not if they were looking business. She picked a book her daughter had begged her to buy. It had a huge list of local and native wildlife, even those who were invasive to the region. Astera was a port town, but it had tidepools and many many animals. She had to find something in here. She flipped through thr book finding scallops, shrimp, crabs and many other things. She found this infronation interesting since her daughter was into zoology. She had started to take a peak interest only recently with now having aquariums inside her own guildhall.

She sat down on a pillar post flipping thought the thick book. There was a sea monster section full of many species that were sighted in the areas at certain times of the year and days. Some were large that could swallow a man whole as for others were some mishmash of body parts. The last monster She fought was not in this book. Lector flew up to look over her shoulder as the two of them studied what creature they could be going up against. "This next monster could. E any one of these buddy. With no one around, what could we do with such little information" she spoke. Lector looked over and nudged her shoulder.


She tossed her head over to see a half sunken boat with a large bite taken out of his. Her eye nearly popped out of her skull at the sheer size of that bite. "Damn...that's one big mouth. Fly me over there Lector" she spoke. The exceed wrapped his tail around her waist and flew her over to the halfway sunken boat. It looked terrible like someone had half eaten a cookie then never finished it. She inspected it. The teeth grooves were clearly of some predator for sure. She ran her finger along it feeling the freshly cut wood. "What's your guess Lee?"

She thought for a moment before answering. "I believe it's some sea monster. The teeth marks are hard to make out to be frank" she spoke. The lack of knowledge of local animal behavior really showed. It wasn't hard to pick up in behavior for her though. She sat in the boat. Luckily, she had brought some dead fish. She read if you chummy the water it would lure predators. This was her test to see if there were and fish stealers and man eaters. Lector flew back to the port for two buckets of chum. Lee gagged a little but threw the chum into the water. Surprisingly, she saw a few sharks come up and circle, but they didn't come anywhere near the halfway sunken boat. They started 10 meters aways, but she could see their dorsal fins emerge from the water. It took severalwminutes of watching to finally realize something bigger was churned beneath.

She felt a rumble beneath her feet. The kitsune stood up and stared downward through a hole a huge eye opened causing her to become a little startled and fall backwards. Her weight shifted which caused the boat to sink the other way. She gulped and scrambled to the other side. It was too late. She felt cold morning water surrounding her fast. Lector had her grab his tail and pulled her up out of the water. ITS THE KRAKEN" screamed Lecter. He zoomed off, dropping Lee. She felt into the water.

"GET BACK HERE" screamed Lee. She fumed. Ragtime laughed and cackled. "Phew whooo….that's priceless. Okay okay let's get you out of here and this...Kraken dealt with" he cackled. There was a small sigh of annoyance while her hair was blown out of her face. She got out Sting and wielded it with a smile. “Let’s dance” she spoke.

Ragtime ticked and gave a regretful groan. “You can do better.” She rolled her eyes. “I don’t have time,” she spoke. The creature shown one of it's tenticales at LeeAnn and flung her to the water. Ragitme controlled her body to swim to the surface. "Come on, man. Don't you think this is the wrong place to be" she tried to talk to it. "You know it's not going to listen to you" spoke Ragtime. She sighed as the creature to raise up and cause her to fly into the air. The kitsune fell towards one of the boats as she pushed her feet against it. The creature seemed to have long tentacles and two large eyes. She was amazed by its size. LeeAnn flipped into the air and did another slashing damage than another. At this time she caused S-rank damage. Lector wasn’t wrong when he screamed “IT'S the KRAKEN” on the top of his lungs. She thought he was tough, but guessed this fish was too big for the cat to catch. She landed on a piece of wood that was floating. It didn’t take long for her to start sinking. She ran on the pieces floating on the water like she was in the video game. She threw Sting towards the Kraken. A loud screech pierced her ears as she covered them. Ragtime controlled her body to cause it to fly or rather leap to the Kraken’s tentacle. LeeAnn clung to it. The Karken paused and threw her into the water.

Darkness closed around her. She felt the world stop for just a second. Time slowed down as the panic set in. She wasn’t the strongest swimmer if not the best sinker. The fear set in when she thought about her daughter then just starting the guild. Before she accepted her death, she felt furry tail grab her. Lector lifted her out of the water and caused her to cough. He stared to do CPR as she cough up sea water. The taste of salt was foul in her mouth the more she spat it out. “Lector...thank you” she smiled. She rushed over and hugged her little furry friend. Lector seemed a little surprised. “Whoa, I was just doing my job. That’s protecting you, now go cook up that Kraken...i will be here” he smiled. Their little reunion was rudely interrupted by a loud scream from the hideous creature. It’s arms smashed the pier into pieces without any problem. The pier smashed into bits without any resistance. LeeAnn leaped out of the way in time to a boat nearby. “Damn...that thing is angry” she spoke.

“Yeah, you stabbed him in the eye” retorted Ragtime. She rolled her eyes at the spirit’s sarcastic comments. LeeAnn saw Sting stuck in the creature’s side. Without warning, she looked at Lector with a evil grin. Ragtime could feel her idea cooking up inside her head, he was loving this little chaotic decision. “Go fly and grab Sting” she scream. She threw her companion at the creature as he screamed. “This is what I get for abandoning you. I’m ssssooooooorrrrrryyyyyy” he cried. He landed faceplanted into the creature’s side. He flew and tried to pull the sword from the squid’s side. It took some time, but it was ticking. Finally, he managed to lift the heavy sword to LeeAnn. The squid flew his arms around trying to get the small flying cat. Though, he was small enough to maneuver around the creature’s arms.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lector flew as fast as his little wings could carry him. The exceed struggled to maintain his grip of the sword. He slowly fell down to Lee as she grabbed her sword. It was covered in squid blood making her gag a little. The kitsune's eyes changed to a darker shade of frost blue causing her to loosen the control of her body. Ragtime now was the puppet master. Sickly, he forced her to lick the blood of the sword. Internally, Lee shivered. A crazed grin was painted across her face with an insane expression in her eyes. Lector gulped.

"Lector, let's paint the town red" she laughed. Signalling for Lector to fly her up, he wrapped his tail around her waist. Flying her up above the Kraken, she licked her lips from the spare blood smears. Lee put both of her hands in a fist with one in front of another. A red magic circle is shown in front of her face that was 2 meters in diameter. A stream of draconic fire shown itself in an ember madness it was. The dragon roar attack was 2 meters long aiming at the creature. "Sushi rolls here I come" muttered Lector with his mouth dripping with saliva. The attack caused A-rank damage in a scorching burning festival it was. A celebration of fire and embers cooking an amazing delicacy that made the fire dragon slayer sick to her stomach. Transportation didn't make her sick, but the seafood was worse. Which was the opposite.

She was dropped to the ground and stared at the Kraken. It seemed dead, but couldn't tell. She poke it with her sword a little. Didn't move. Then she kicked it. Still didn't move. Now, she stabbed it with her sharp pointy metal stick. The creature sent LeeAnn to fly into the post, the wind was knocked out of her body. Gasping for air like a fish out of water, she clutched her chest a little while Lector flew around like an annoying fly towards the beast.



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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#3Lee Nakamura 

Something Smells Fishy {Quest: Lee} Empty Thu Sep 02, 2021 11:41 pm

Lee Nakamura
Slowly, she felt her breathing starting to fill her lungs again. Wiping her mouth from the blood dripping, She felt a fresh wound on her tongue. Seemed she probably bit through it a little. The kitsune spat out a bit of blood. "Look what you did you dumb fish? I bit through my tongue. Now you're gonna pay" she hissed. Her fox tails burned through their respected bandages. The white linens turned to ash as it littered the floorboards beneath her. Ragtime could feel her thirst for blood growing while she prepared her body to cast another spell. Once, she was recvoered, she moved her hand using her pointer finger aimed at hte Kraken.

"These damn fish really are starting to piss me off" she spoke. A large magic circle shown while she used her right hand's pointer finger. The magic circle was the color of a crimson red with the runes and patterns of her magic. It is shown under the Kraken with a bright glowing light. She waited for the right moment. Lifting her hand, the spell was released. Explosive energy caused the Kraken to fly further into the water. She was careful to not kill the creature, but she didn;t want to out right murder it. LeeAnn contacted local authorities to moved the creature to a safe location.

"How did this creature come here in the first place" she asked. The officals explained it and cause Lee to cringe a little. She pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. "I think you need to certain precaution measure to prevent these things because people probably died to that thing. Now, the marine biologist in the area are going to relocate the creature someplace safe. I did not kill it, I am not that mean. I think it would be best to have it goe to a palce where there are a lot less human lives on the lines" she explained. The authroites listened. She waited with Lector to make sure the kraken was transported somewhere safe. The mages teleported the body to a safe place miles away where the creature would be safe.




Something Smells Fishy {Quest: Lee} Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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