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A New Mine - Lilith Ashmedai [Quest]

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#1Lilith Ashmedai 

A New Mine - Lilith Ashmedai [Quest] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:32 pm

Lilith Ashmedai
Lilith's journey in Fiore is not that long, she just started her journey after her whole life in Seven. Baska is her first destination when she moves to Fiore, plus when she joins Eternal Nightmare in Oak, and since that she explores Baska and Oak. But, even though she lives in the west area of Fiore, she didn’t even get the chance to explore Astera. But her journey doesn’t mean she has to go to every part of Fiore. For Lilith, the story that she wants to write is to get strong and get recognition from everyone because of what she did, especially because of her power. She wants to gain a reputation for her name for what she did, that way she might one day be able to follow her guild leader path and become a Saint Lord and Baska will definitely become a part of her story. Today, she will take another step on her journey. After receiving a note from someone named Mattoro asking for her assistance, he didn't leave any detail in that note. He wrote that Lilith needed to meet him at an abandoned shack near the mineshaft to tell her details about his request.

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#2Lilith Ashmedai 

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Lilith Ashmedai
So Lilith starts heading toward that abandoned shack near the mineshaft that Mattoro mentions in the letter. Towards her way there, she enjoys the vibes and the mood in the town street. She visits the marketplace looking for some morning snack as her breakfast on her way to the mineshaft. As she walks closer to the mineshaft that Mattoro mentioned earlier, she can see the abandoned shack that was also mentioned by Mattoro and walks towards that location. Now, as she moves closer, she can see a silhouette of a figure standing there in the shack, “that must be Mattoro” thinks Lilith, so she walks closer approaching that silhouette figure. “You must be Lilith.” says that figure, and Lilith nods her head. “Hi, I’m Mottoro, the guy in the letter you received this morning, I need you to put some explosive in some place in that mine over there. But none of the workers should be harmed in the process and I only need you to help me collapse that mine so the worker can’t work anymore. I did this because I have a history with the contractor and I know that they will be fools if they keep working for them mining that mine.” Says Mottoro to Lilith.

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#3Lilith Ashmedai 

A New Mine - Lilith Ashmedai [Quest] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:33 pm

Lilith Ashmedai
Understanding the request from Mattoro, Lilith nods her head while Mattoro gives her a sack full of explosives. Mattoro also provides her specific places to put those explosives. Lilith starts walking towards the mine and when she arrives in front of that mine, some guards stop her there. Using her charm she gets away from those guards and gets into the mine straightly walking to the specific location from Mattoro and puts those explosives at the exact location. After that she starts walking outside while telling the worker in there to walk away in five minutes and this place will be explod. With the news that she said, everyone in that area starts panicking and runs outside the mine emptying that place. Lilith walks out the mine towards the abandoned shack to inform Mattoro that the explosives are in the perfect location. With that information Lilith gives to Mattoro, they turn on those explosives and blow that mine to the ground, and Mattoro gives Lilith the rewards she deserves. “But this is not all, I’ll need you to do another work for me really soon, be ready and I promise a good amount of jewels for Lilith.” says Mattoro while they walk separate ways.

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