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Something Smells Fishy [Quest w/Lil B]

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#1Azure Fenic 

Something Smells Fishy [Quest w/Lil B] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:18 pm

Azure Fenic

Word has started to spread around about a monster that's been eating all the fish around the area for some time now but it just didn't seem like something that he should waste anytime on. Week have gone by and the reports still kept coming in along with witness reports of seeing the monster as they were on the water. Azure sat in his room looking over the reports and documents about the monster and had started to create a number of theories about the supposed monster in question. Each of the reports came from rather old men and scared kids. Not wanting to just go off of the reports so he had to do some of his own diggings.  

He made his way to the closest library to cross-reference all the reports with all the known monsters that popped up. The amount of time that he spent flipping through pages was driving him mad to a certain point, These people can't agree on one feature he thought to himself slamming the book closed. It would seem that this was one of the few times that he would need to just wing it until he finds it. Before he could even do anything he needed to gear up and make a plan to deal with the monster if it really was what he thought it could be. Maybe I could get a poncho or something? then again what if it comes on land? his thoughts were rather split between finding all the gear he needed and figuring out what the sea monster is.

Azure blew his whistle as calling upon his Griffon mount who was more than thrilled to see her owner again, after claiming her down the informant patted her head. "Okay girl we'll be doing some scouting around the water so remember to keep a safe distance okay?" he asked the mount as it nodded in agreement to his request as he didn't know how this sea-monster was going to react with them in its territory. Nothing about this whole situation felt right to him so he had to be careful and play everything by ear for the most part. The weather didn't help with his uneasy feeling what so ever the clouds were grey as though it was going to storm at any moment. It was surprising that none of the Rune Knights had made their way over to Astera for something like this.

Given that this was a port and one of the main tourist places having people's lively hoods at risk just didn't sit right. Azure and his mount made their way to the docks and repaired to take off and solve this mystery themselves. All the possible scenarios played through his head and the only thing that kept coming up was the potential of a battle happening. None of his summonses could even conduct a fight on water or even fly for that matter.

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There was something seriously wrong in this city. Once again there had been another monster taking away all of the fish, but this time the monster had been spotted and apparently this one was big. Bryson stood on the docks as the fishermen gathered around to tell the small child the situation. They were frantic, much more afraid than they had been about the other monsters. Bryson placed his hands on his waist and turned his head to the side, trying to understand them all. Then, he raised his hand to silence them. From behind he could hear the large flapping of wings, so quickly he turned. However, the only person he saw was the man he had previously met known as Bedlam. B squinted his eyes, already slightly annoyed. Was this person following him or something? Their sudden appearance was unsettling for the young Desiertan hunter. As Bryson rolled his eyes he turned back towards the fishermen. "Alright, I'll figure it out." he said to the men.

The Savannan child then began making his way to Bedlam for a number of reasons. One he wanted to know if he was being followed. Bedlams answer may have prompted hi to get shot right in the face. The second reason was to get a closer look at his flying companion. Bryson had never seen an actual Gryphon up close and it was truly a sight to behold. Finally, Bedlam may have been useful for this monster hunting job. So, when Lil B finally approached the person he asked; "I just saw you yesterday. Are you following me?"

#3Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Now that he was all set to head out to confront the monster but even though he was ready to take to the skies something was really off and off as in someone he didn't really like was within the vicinity the only problem was going to be finding out just who that was exactly. Extortion seemed rather claim given the nature of their mission which was new as normally she would be putting up sort of tantrum to get him to reconsider or to just go. Azure placed the supplies on Extortion's pouches and patted them down right before closing them it gave a small jolt and flapped its wings for a second. Storm clouds sat right with him give the last time he saw them he fell into a boat and ended up well here. Extortion had started to become restless giving a sign that someone was getting close to them, once they began to speak the informant knew who it was and was not thrilled at all to be interacting with them.

"Oh great it's the mini Knight, I was here first not my fault you knights are so slow," he replied to the young knight who must have been here to not do their job even more or maybe they actually wanted to help the people this time around? "I don't have time to deal with you right now I have to deal with the monster," he added on adjusting the Rains on his mount. The fact that he was even around meant that he was most likely here to do the exact same thing he was about to do but given their interaction before asking for his help was not going to be an option more than likely. A rather good/bad idea had started to form in the back of his head, it was good for solving the problem at hand while also being bad when it comes to staying out of jail or giving the knights more reason to hunt him down.

Azure hopped onto the back of his mount and took the air and circled around over the knight right before he swooped down and had the Griffin attempt to pick them up by the shoulders however if they moved out of the way they would just keep moving. It wasn't as though he was against asking a reasonable knight for help but if it was just Bryson then it was fine. He knew that the monster was after any type of fish but the only problem was actually finding it and dealing with it.

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So Bedlam was dealing with the monster too. Figures. Bryson was listening to Bedlam, but he was far more interested in his companion. The hunter couldn't help but wonder just how hostile the Griffen was. Most were know to be harmless and very social- at leas towards people, though he couldn't say the same for their prey. Bedlam brushed the boy off and said that he had a job to do. In response, the Desiertan simply rolled his eyes and began walking back towards the group of fisherman who had called the Rune Knights to come help in the first place, meanwhile Bedlam was mounting his companion. Just as Bryson had been walking towards his original position, the boy could se the griffen coming straight for him. Swiftly, he ducked, allowing the animal and its master to fly over him without touching him.

Now the Knight was annoyed and once again this weirdo was the reason why. It was probably better to ignore him, because unlike him Bryson was actually an authoritative figure here and the fishermen were interested in him. They knew him already considering this would be the third time he helped them, so it was safe to say they were comfortable with their choice. "We have a boat ready right?" One of the fishermen nodded, leading the way to the big boat sitting in the water just waiting to sail. Quickly the fisherman jumped into the boat and B jumped in right after before they began sailing. Though his focus should have been on the task at hand, his eyes were on Bedlam the annoying.

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#5Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

He found it rather funny that the one knight that had arrived was one of the youngest among their ranks but then again the knights must have some faith in him to have left him in such a location but that could also be looked into much much later. From what he read in the reports the monster appears around all around the area which meant it moves constantly but so it was best he pick a spot and stay put. Azure noticed that Bryson and a few fishermen had gotten into a boat, part of him wanted to sink the boat as payback for how they treated them at the gallery but then that would cause more problems that he didn't want to deal with currently. I hate this kid but I can't be reckless right now. he told himself even though it was rather tempting at that moment, Extortion rocked side to side the informants' attention "Sorry your right I need to focus on the current task." she balanced her self until they were a good distance away from pier and docks. Every so often he looked back to see if the boat was still behind them

"Okay girl now just like we talked about nice and easy." they lowered themselves to the water and tossed in children toys that looked just enough like fish to try and get the monster attention each toy was attached to a string that he attached to his hands in hopes of tricking the monster into appearing. Making sure he, if the monster did show, would be tricky given the situation and all that, the idea wasn't and was thought out all the way as he was originally going to have one of his summonses swim around but then changed it to this for a better chance of viewing it. Extortion moved side to side to help make it seem like the toys were real fish swimming in the water. Oh maybe it's a fish from another location? he thought running through all the possible sea creatures that it could have been and the list was rather short in comparison to the first one he had.

Seeing as both him and the young knight were more than likely working the same case he could have joined him in order to compare notes and just speed up the process of catching the monster. Azure didn't care about how the people of Astera viewed him all he wanted to do was get as much information about the monster as possible. So long as he doesn't get the civi's mixed up in the action everything should have been fine at least for the time being. As he moved the toys around in the matter he could vaguely see something approaching the fakes so he would move it towards the boat that Bryson and the fishermen are in. This was to simply see if it would come above water allowing them to see it fully and hopefully catch it in the process if they were fast enough.


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Bryson stepped onto the boat and immediately twisted his lips. No matter how many of the same quests, despite how much stronger he's gotten, one thing has never changed; his fear of large bodies of water. Bryson refused to make that obvious though. Even now, his twisted face could have simply been a result of the smell of the seawater, or maybe because he was sea-sick. There was no real indication that he feared the water itself. The young boy took big slow breaths as him and the sailor traversed the waters. Last time he had hunted whatever was taking the fish away from the fishermen he found the beast hanging out in a cavern. Bryson was sure that this would be the same thing. The sailor turned to look at the young page, asking if he was alright. With a twisted smile Bryson simply nodded. Bedlam was above the waters flying on his Griffen. That would have been a much better place to be, Bryson thought. One of these days he would have to get a mount just like that one. They were beautiful gentle beasts who could take him to other countries if he truly wanted to go. Bracing himself, the page ignored the brown skinned man in the sky. He wished that Bedlam would go away because he would really only make his job harder. Lil B was normally a patient kid, but this particular individual had pushed his buttons more than one time. He wouldn't forget that the Informant tried to attack him with his mount.

The boat began to near the small little island that harbored a cave. As Bryson neared in he couldn't hair anything unordinary, but he could smell something foul- like dead fish. When the boat hit the tip of the land, the fisherman took the anchor out of the boat and dropped it into the sea. The sailor turned and nodded at Bryson who slowly made his way to the front of the boat before hopping off and entering the cave. It was empty, so he continued forward until he saw glowing orbs all stacked on top of each other. Eggs, he thought. Right beside the eggs there were three bags of fish, some flapping around and some dead. With a sigh Bryson grabbed the bags and quickly exited the cave. There was nothing dangerous here so maybe the monster was done taking away all of the fish. Once Bryson reached the boat, he threw the nets of fish into the boat. The Sailor looked up at him with a smile as he began to step into the boat. Glancing upward, B could see Bedlam still in the sky. As much as he hated to admit it, Bedlam was doing exactly what should be done. He seemed to be scouting the area to see if he could spot any monster in the water.The fishermen did mention that the monster was huge but they could have been over exaggerating. Either way, the Desiertan needed to be sure.

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Azure Fenic

By the time he made it over to where the boat was they had already made it a good distance from them "Figures the knights are never any use when ya need them." a comment that was true for the most part but he wasn't about to be outdone by some know it all kid that manages to service by dumb luck. It didn't matter that the two of them were going about the situation via two different methods but if it could get the people to go back to normal and stop fighting over the whole issue it didn't matter how he got it done. Extortion was starting to become restless along with her rider at this point but whatever the thing was seemed to be attracted to the fakes for one reason or another.

droplets of rain began to fall which confirmed his fears from before they took to the sky, he started to move the fish around more causing the monster to move ever so closer. His method seemed to be working to whatever was below the water given that it did slowly make its way to the fakes which meant he was set to move on to step two of his plan to end this silly game. For any good illusion to work it must not be broken too quickly or too late as it is all a matter of timing which he was great at most of the time. Five minutes later it had started to rain lightly as he had finally managed to draw the monster to the trap location so he slowly started to release the fakes to see the reaction and much to his own surprise it made its way to the surface. It seemed as though he could just lead the monster away from the port given what he has seen from it and the fact that it hasn't attacked the fakes yet. "its okay girl just a few more minutes and then we can go home." he told her placing his agent her temple.

What was once a light rain had started to become a down-poor signaling that he would need to hurry up unless he and the mount wanted to swim back to land. Azure began to lower himself to get a closer look at the monster to see what it was exactly and if he had made any form of bet on what it was he would have won. The monster was just a King Monster Crab though from what he read they were normally found at Hargeon but this one must have wanted to explore. While the remaining fakes were still attached to his wrist he led the crab father out to sea in hopes that it wouldn't come back to port. Man and here I thought it was something like a baby Kraken the amount of disappointment meant that he felt after finally solving the problem was enough to make him set fire to the closest Church or Inn to elevate it.


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Finally the boat was on its way back towards the port. The fish were safely covered by a plastic covering in the boat as they wiggled around trying to survive as best they could. The Hunter Bryson watched as Bedlam was playing in the water on his Griffen. Suddenly, he felt a drop hit his forehead. The Desiertan hunter looked up and could see the dark clouds quickly swarming in. With a sigh Bryson faced forward again, trying to keep his composure as the boat moved. The water around him was bound to rise f the rain began to pick up, so Bryson tried to think about anything else. The boat didn't take too long to get to the port where the Rune Knight proudly delivered the nets full of fish to the fisherman. They cheered. Now they could distribute the fish amongst themself. Bryson was here only to make sure that they could at and provide for their families. Bryson turned around to see what the other brown skinned man was up to and still he was playing with the damn water. With a sigh Bryson folded his arms, watching the strange man then it all clicked. Bedlam was trying to cause the sea creature to come from outside of the water. As the rain picked up, Bryson slowly began to draw his gun out of its holster, waiting for the moment the beast-whatever it was- rose up from the water if it ever did. The fishermen were done cheering as they turned to see what the one called Bedlam was doing.

Suddenly the water around Bedlams hand began to wave, as if something was actually beginning to come to the surface. In the span of a a few moments the beast had surfaced close to the port. A King crab monster somehow swam from the depths of the sea to munch on whatever Bedlam had been using to bait it. Bryson's eyes widened slightly. He had never seen a creature so strange, or one so big. Today he had met two noteworthy beasts; a King Crab, and a Gryphon. Bedlam began to lead the crab away, but Bryson had been here before. The reason he had done this twice before was because the freaking monsters kept coming back and stealing fish. With a frown the boy ran towards the edge the dock where the beast had been following Bedlam and his griffin before lifting his gun and pulling the trigger. The bullet would fly at intense speeds hitting the back of the crab straight through its little peaking head. Bedlam was stupid. Moving the beast away wouldn't stop it from eating the fish and making it harder for people to survive. Bryson assumed thats what he was trying to do. So the Hunter took care of the problem with ease. The King crab would immediately die before slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea, where the other bottom feeders would peck at it until it was nothing more than a shell. With nothing left to do, the Rune Knight turned away and left.

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Azure Fenic

With the rain really coming down at this point Azure and Extortion made their way back to land after having to lead the crab too far enough out that it would take some time for it to come back if it did come back that is. Even though it was most likely a child KMC it was rather friendly but that could have been due to it thinking the Fishermen were playing with it or something. While they were heading back Azure pulled the remaining fakes out of the water and placed them back into the pouch that they came from. Even though it had started to rain he was mostly happy that it wasn't a thunderstorm or just thundering for that matter given his past experience with the two. The informant gripped the reins tighter as he did fear it was going to start coming down even harder than it was currently "Come on just a little bit more than we can walk the rest promise." he could tell that his mount was feeling just as uneasy as he was so it was the least he could to ensure they made it back to land.

On their way back they saw Bryson and his group deal with whatever they were dealing with which just helped support his statement from before on how the knights are never around when you need them. Part of him wanted to poke fun at them for wasting their time but the other half just wanted to get out of the rain and head back to their room for the time bringing. Extortion made her decent and Azure quickly started to rummage through the pouches looking for something to cover them while they walked back. "Oh man what a letdown I really thought it be something cooler," he said grabbing a large sheet from one of the pouches on the Griffon's side and using it to cover both of them. Azure couldn't help but laugh at how much fun he was actually having today although he did have to interact with a knight for most of it. After making their way through the rain the mount and its rider sat down in the comfort of the stables just watching the rainfall.

Azure looked at his heart pin and then back to the Griffin Welp I know what to get I'm getting you next, he thought to himself placing the pin back on his jacket pocket. The two really didn't know what to do next now that they made it out of the rain it wasn't like he could just head back to his room and just sleep it off no he would have to shower first and dry his hair two things he didn't want to do currently. His child-like side wanted to splash about in the rain while the other half wanted to rest so they could handle the great of their work for the week. Extortion pulled out a book from one of the pouches and placed it next to her owner "What you want me to read it to you?" he asked not realizing it was his book on how to be a better friend.

End of Quest

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