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My First: Pageant! [ESG-Beauty Pageant]

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My First: Pageant! [ESG-Beauty Pageant]  Empty Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:40 pm

Her pink eyes glistened as she saw a large sign where it said the beauty pageant. She was wondering what it was going to be like because she has never been to a beauty pageant before. We are going to be many beautiful people? My heart was pounding with excitement as she was thinking of what to exactly where. She was too lazy to really read what exactly they were supposed to wear in terms of theme. There are many choices but she went towards the counter to see if there was somebody there that could help her.

She saw someone, they're standing waiting as if they were literally waiting on somebody but they then looked at her and was filled with excitement. Their eyes looked at every corner of her body and then squealed, you look so pretty and so cute! It was like they couldn't hold in their excitement. I should make you wear some really cute things I'm like the other contestants who were just simply wearing sexy outfits. She sounded like she really hated the outfits the other contestants were wearing because of the fact that beauty did not just mean sexy it could also mean other things. Should not know who is here in terms of contestants but she was ready.



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My First: Pageant! [ESG-Beauty Pageant]  Untitl11

She grabbed onto Psykhe's hand and dragged her to her dressing room. The girl that was dragging her had long purple hair, had more of an alternative-goth look to her, but not overexaggerated. It looked like she couldn't even know what cute was, but then she started to drag out all these things. "The first topic is supposed to be the beach, but I don't want to worry your little head about some bikini so let's go with a sundress.", she nodded as she picked it up. She tossed over the dress that had the same pattern as some beach picnic blanket of blue and white. She nervously looked at her and blushed, "I've seen it all, hun," she laughed and just turned around for her own comfort.

She slipped it on over her clothes and took off her original clothes. Once she was done she slowly walked over towards the table and grabbed the glasses. The woman turned to take a good look at her and smiled, "Yes! Now lemme make your hair appear shorter and put the jewelry on," she insisted as she brought over some bottles and magic powder. After she was done she put a hand on her own hip while taking a good look at Psykhe. "Absolutely a cutey. I could eat you up now get out there and show them," she went over the door with pride and opened up the curtain for her. She went out and shyly went out as her pink gem eyes looked at them. A small amount of wind made her dress frill as if to give the real beach aesthetic.



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She looked towards the man in the shadows as it was time for questioning. He seemed to be the first one! What kind of questions do Judges ask these days? Her pink gems gazed towards him as he asked the question about what she thought of 'Christian Zane'. She almost chuckled but held her tongue. She smiled purely as her bright large eyes stayed gazing, "It's quite the jewelry store, so if a person's name was such then they must be quite exquisite and truly precious to whomever they are held by.~ Very lucky. " she spoke in her cute bubbly tone while clapping her hands together.

The next question was next, but not before changing. She went back to the changing room where the woman was ready to give her a cool-cute style for the bunny theme. Sexy was obviously expected so instead of a suit she was being given a sweet-ass outfit. "Put on this hat over the bunny ears so they pop out. These glasses can come off too," she kept talking to herself it seemed since it was obviously not to her, but more towards her as a mannequin. She was finally done as she slowly started to go out with her next outfit. She came out more confident with a hyped smile like she was ready to have some fun. That was the attitude for this outfit.

She was ready to go out in the city as a cool chick with bunny ears and a tail. She was nervous, but let her blunt personality take control. Her long pink hair was put up in a ponytail as the outfit was perfectly fitting for her appearance.



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She faced Judge 2 as they asked their question. It was obviously a female this time as they wondered what made them different. She did not know many of the other contestants so she didn't want to judge them without even knowing them. As her persona for this outfit, she put her hand on her hip and smirked, "I don't plan on saying I'm different from them nor the same as I don't dare judge anyone I don't know. I don't know who the other contestants are so what makes me different? Explaining is futile till I know them, hopefully, they are the same and if not then that would be my difference," she crossed her arms under her chest and nodded proudly.

The judge nodded and it was time for her to change into the last attire. Next were the last two questions as well as she wondered what they were. She went to go and deal with whatever she was going to be put through. The woman already had her last outfit for her. As Psykhe was too busy studying the outfit, the woman was puttig her hair up like some mother trying to make her daughter the most snowflakey out of the rest.

The girl started to put on the next dress which was pink-white with a flowery lace in the chest area and on the right side of the skirt that had an opening to reveal the white thigh socks. Her hair was decorated with pink flowers as she then finally came out. There was not much communication between them as if they understood each other enough to not need it.



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She yawned softly after exiting the stage as she had to sit there and listen to the other people say their answers. So far it seemed quite stuck up and full of 'sexy' yet she - in her eyes was just cute as the highest point. of cuteness. She had no idea what to exactly do while waiting to answer the next questions. Everyone was going out there one more time to answer the last two questions and then finally go out there to be judged. All the contestants were probably curious as much as her as there were many people from Fiore.

She looked at the fine details of the place as she wondered what all they will do here. Surely there was more than just beauty pageants as she wondered how the Handsome pageants were doing. She started to kick her feet while watching someone go through her room to get to another area across the room. She suckled her right lip as she wandered her eyes to the suspicious person. She got up as soon as the person left to go towards her hairdresser and tell them about the suspicious person. The woman seemed to be on her lacrima phone.



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She poked her shoulder and she wondered what was up. She was pretty nice, sounded as if she had a Southern accent from that one Country. Phykhe pointed towards the direction of the person and told them that there was someone going through her room and towards the area she was directly told not to go. They did not look like a worker nor someone that was a judge. Was this tattling? No, this could be dangerous for other contestants if the suspicious person was harming something.

There were many ideas that could be happening behind the scenes that should not happen.

Her head started to hurt immediately after telling on the person as she then went back to her room while being followed by the hairdresser. She went towards the room that the suspicious went to and the door went shut. it was really quiet, almost too quiet as there was no chatting or any sounds so Psykhe went over there quietly. Slowly, she opened the door to see that the room was filled with darkness. Her eyes widened as she started to get reminded of something. Her heartstrings were being torn apart as her heart was straining in pain.


My First: Pageant! [ESG-Beauty Pageant]  Untitl10

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As she opened the door and peeked into the pure darkened room she could hear something being dragged against the floor. It was a smooth sound as it was like cloth yet heavy. She has yet to really find out so she tried to motion her arm slowly around and hand against the wall to feel for the light switch. Her heart was pounding heavily as her breathing was exculpating. Her mind was going through a million scenes of what it could be. It could be as simple as the lights not working so they were fixing something to someone being murdered and body was benig dragged against the floor.

The light switch was not working, which made her wonder if someone sabotaged it. She slowly slid away and shut the door quietly. She was somewhat of a coward when it came to the dark. Something about her past made her fear it so dearly. She hurried over to someone else and asked them to bring a flashlight this time and so they went over to the door. The man told the girl to stay behind as he opened the door wide while flashing his light. He sighed and saw...


My First: Pageant! [ESG-Beauty Pageant]  Untitl10

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