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Baska - A New Mine [Solo] [D-Rank]

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#1Jin Takayama † 

Baska - A New Mine [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Mon Aug 30, 2021 11:56 pm

Jin Takayama †
Jin began his day with some light yet intense training while in his transformed state. Sweat beaded from his brow as he increased his movements; the entire training session being an attempt to reduce the strain his transformed state brought upon him. He lets out a final yell as his transformation fades, leaving the behemoth on the ground and winded. He takes a couple of quick breaths as he sees a towel and some water come into his view. The man glances up and sees Izumi with a smile on her face. Jin takes the towel, wiping his face before taking a gulp of water. “Trying to increase the duration you can keep it active?” Jin grunts in approval as he takes another gulp of water. “You’ll get there but for now, we have another job.” “Oh?” Jin replies as he moves closer towards her. “I received a note earlier this morning from a man named Mattoro. Seems he’s heard about some of the things we’ve done. He wants us to meet him out in an abandoned shack a few miles out from here.” Jin sneers, being wary of someone reaching out in such a manner. To reach out how they did and to meet where they suggested, in an abandoned shack with no witnesses, sounded like a trap. While Jin didn’t mind walking into a trap as he would sure he could handle himself, he was more so worried about Izumi. She could take care of herself but it was the principle of it. However, he knew she’d tag along anyway. “When do we leave?

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#2Jin Takayama † 

Baska - A New Mine [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:02 am

Jin Takayama †
The two of them walk in silence as they approach the shack, Jin being on guard the entire way there. His eyes shifted back and forth as he got a good look at their surroundings. Though the job could still be legitimate, something about it bothered him. As they neared the shack’s entrance, Jin could spot a few men inside, four in total. Three of them were about average height while the fourth rivaled Jin’s impressive frame. They were deep in conversation and seemed rather irritated by the looks of things. Izumi, knowing full well that Jin would likely break the door down, gently knocks on the door. Startled, the men hop up from their seats and hurriedly move towards the door. The largest man opens the door, his expression improving once he sees who is outside. “So, you made it. Come in.” The man says as he moves to the side to allow the two of them to enter. Jin and Izumi move inside, the other men staring impressed that their boss managed to find a behemoth such as Jin. Izumi sits down in an open chair as Jin stands behind her, never taking his eyes off of the occupants in the room. Mattoro sits down across from Izumi as he places a large gray sack on the table between them. “I know you haven’t been in Baska for very long but have you heard what the city did to us?

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#3Jin Takayama † 

Baska - A New Mine [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:05 am

Jin Takayama †
Mattoro recants the story of how the city promised him and the rest of the miners enough money to retire if they kept mining but they eventually reneged and never took responsibility for the many deaths that occurred. His hands trembled as he spoke, the tears that formed in his eyes were blinked back with anger. He would not let another tear drop fall until he had his revenge. In a lot of ways, Mattoro reminded Jin a lot of himself; a man driven by revenge and whose only goal was to obtain it at all costs. The job he wanted accomplished was simple. He wanted the two of them to get into the smile and collapse it with the explosives within the gray sack at specific locations. Jin picks up the sack, mildly pleased that he’ll be able to cause some destruction today. As he and Izumi begin to walk towards the door, Mattoro stops them. “If you can, please don’t hurt them. I only want the mine destroyed. No more lives need to be lost due to this senselessness.” “Well, how do you expect us to do this then? Jin’s got a bit of a reputation and I don’t exactly fit the bill of a miner.” Mattoro was quiet for a moment as he contemplated just how the job could be accomplished. “I’ll take them out. I won’t kill them or break any bones. I’ll just knock them out. Simple enough.” With that, Jin left the shack, leaving all within surprised by his words. “I…wasn’t quite expecting that from him.” Mattoro says after a long pause. “It’s because your quest of revenge reminds him of himself. It’s not my place to share the details but know that he’s just trying to grant you that. He’s not such a bad guy if he lets you get to know him.” “Let’s go Izumi.” Jin’s voice booms from outside. The woman quickly waves at those inside before running off to join the departing Jin.

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#4Jin Takayama † 

Baska - A New Mine [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:07 am

Jin Takayama †
In a matter of minutes, the duo approaches the mine, seeing tons of miners walking around. They quickly move behind some brush to plan their attack. “We’ll have to play this smart. While I’ve no worries that you can take them all yourself, things may get hairy if someone manages to call for backup. We need to hit four spots. Use your speed to get in and knock out the miners near those locations. I’ll come in behind you and place the explosives. After the last charge is placed, we’ll head back out and pick up those who were knocked out so they aren’t caught in the blast.” Jin nods as he returns his attention towards the mine. Normally, he’d despise this sort of thing. Stealth and what he would consider to be parlor tricks was not his strong point. However, this was needed for Mattoro to achieve his revenge. For something such as that, he’d do whatever was necessary. The two of them exchanged glances before nodding wordlessly. They knew what needed to be done. As two of the miners moved away from the entrance, the duo reacted. They moved in synch, Izumi matching Jin’s impressive speed. They quickly entered the mine without a single soul noticing.

As they entered, Jin increased his speed, moving just head of her to begin their plan. At the first detonation point, they saw one miner quickly laboring away. He was lost in his work, his pickaxe rhythmically hammering away at the rock in front of him. He takes a final swing as he props himself up with the axe, taking a small little break. As he sighs, he glances up and sees a very large shadow standing behind him. As he goes to turn his body, his vision becomes blurred as a painful sensation is felt at the base of his neck. In an instant, the man is downed, Jin momentarily standing over him before moving to the next location. Izumi quickly approaches, setting the charge before following closely behind the behemoth. The two move in quick succession, performing at the other two locations. As they near the fourth and final location, Jin looks around and to his surprise, sees no one. They both stop in front of the place as Jin stands guard while Izumi finishes up. “Done.” she replies as they begin their trip towards the exit. As they move, Jin quickly scoops up the three individuals he knocked out on the way, being able to carry them with the greatest of ease. Upon seeing daylight up ahead, Izumi presses the button. Explosions rocket off behind them as a loud groaning sound is heard from within. The duo dashes out of the mine, placing the unconscious miners out of harm’s way before moving out of the way. One by one they see the other miners pile out of the mine before it fully collapses moments later. After momentarily admiring their handiwork, the duo heads back to Mattoro to inform him of their success.

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#5Jin Takayama † 

Baska - A New Mine [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:09 am

Jin Takayama †
Dusk begins to roll in as the two make their way back to the abandoned shack. As they approached, they could hear uproarious laughter emanating from within. “Sounds like they already know.” Izumi quips as the two head inside. Three of men laughed and cheer upon Jin and Izumi’s entrance while Mattoro stood staring out the window. He turns to greet the two as he walks up and shakes Jin’s hand. “Thank you. You’ve done us a great service.” He hands Izumi a pouch full of jewels and returns back to his window. “Those eyes…” Jin begins to say. “Those eyes are not the eyes of someone who has achieved his objective.” The room falls silent as all eyes dart towards Mattoro. The man gives a heavy sigh before seating himself at the chair furthest from the door. His eyes narrow as he glances towards Jin. “You’re right. There is still much work that needs to be done if we are to teach those contractors a lesson. The weight of their actions needs to be felt, whatever the risks. I have another plan for tomorrow to keep up the pressure. Are you interested?” “Just let us know what we have to do and how much you paying.

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