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wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social)

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#1Lily Locket 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:41 am

Lily Locket
Upon setting her first few steps into this part of the world, Lily felt as if something was odd about this place. The way the ground felt or the way people looked at her... it was odd for her. Did she look cute or something in her simple blue and white dress? Or was it that she just simply looked a bit young to travel alone? Perhaps it was the later... some of the locals even asked if her parents knew she was aone, in which she'd always respond with the same "I don't have any parents and i am old enough to go around as i see fit" in the same stern tone that would push the locals back a bit

However, as she explored the country, or at least the town she arrived in, she felt as if someone or something was watching her... though that feeling had started ever since arriving in Bosco. Perhaps it was paranoia or simple caution.. But she couldn't shake that feeling. Whatever the case was, she'd find herself continuing through the streets, making small notes in her little book to ensure she'd know where to go for food, clothes and anything she could have as a souvenir to commemorate her time in bosco.
"Hmm.. the local inn is closeby. maybe i should try and get a room early so i don't have to do it later... but then i might lose the chance to see something rare elsewhere... Decisions decisions..." The young girl thought out loud to herself, tapping her heels against the ground.


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It had been awhile since Jikan had first put her first steps on the Country of Bosco and eventually found herself in the middle of the Ring Around The Rosy Game of Thrones for the next Heir to Ruler of the territory. A tailwind of madness, first finding and living in a town for a little bit, getting to know the people and the situation through them. Then hearing gossip of their town likely being attack, and an emotion binge causing her to come to their aid. Throwing her head first into the fighting of the country that had nothing to do with her. Harsh battles to only lose in the end, Hilegard becoming the ruler and Cassia being an advisor. Thankfully at least, the ones that were causing destruction were not the victors and for the most part, Jikan was able to defend the people she decided to help.

But that was over now, and besides an increased fame and reconization from people, Jikan got nothing out of it for her trouble. At least the people looked like they were in good hands though, and would probably not cause anyproblems for Fiore.

Decked in her light blue flowly wrap dress, Jikan walked through the streets. Waving to those that called out to her that recognized the auburn haired enchantress.

#3Poropo Poproporp 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 7:21 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was having a hard time walking upright - he had too much red wine and was starting to feel the effects of alcohol for the first time in decades. Stumbling and waddling his way through the streets, the robe-wearing monk attempted to keep his balance by clasping his hands in prayer, "Oh Iron Deity, bless my paths as I attempt to walk - if there is anything in my way then I will fall...my old bones may never let me get up again." To focus on his sense of balance, the drunken monk closed his eyes while praying to his god.

Unfortunately, the Iron Deity decided to bless Poropo's path using an unexpected method - putting two young women within the monk's way. They were not directly in his way nor were they obviously trying to cause Poropo problems, but the following events ensued nonetheless.

"Wah!" Poropo barely tapped the younger of the two women, Lily, and stumbled over his own feet. Poropo was about to catch himself, but his other shoulder tapped the strongly built young woman, Jikan. From there, Poropo started spinning like a life-sized top and eventually collapsed, "Wuh...Iron Deity...bless me with the strength to...um...forget this painfully embarrassing experience." Poropo could not see straight as he looked at the many, spinning skies of Bosco. The monk did not know Bosco had stars which could be seen during the middle of the day.

#4Lily Locket 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Sun Aug 29, 2021 1:16 am

Lily Locket
Whatever just happened had made Lily's head spin quite a lot. She wasn't quite sure what happened... but she knew that some.. strange monk had bumped into not just her but another young woman before proceeding to fall to the ground. She wasn't one to hold grudged nor feel like it was anyone's fault for bumping into her, as she wasn't exactly that tall and could easily be lost in a crowd of people. after taking a few seconds to get back onto her feet after hitting her side against a wall and nearly tripping over her feet, she would slowly go over to the monk and help him up, trying to ensure she didn't go too fast and ending up making his head feel light.

Desptie the size and strength difference, Lily would be able to help the monk back up onto his feet before taking a second to see if there was any sign of injury. "hmm... i don't see any cuts, bleeding or any wounds... good sir, are you alright? I apologies for being in your way and causing you to trip up. Please do not think that you are at fault. it was clearly mine for being in your way and not making myself more easily visable. Ahem... My name is Lily Locket... and, umm... i am a knight in training. please do accept my sincerest apologies, good sir." Lily spoke gentle and kind to the strange yet kind looking monk, giving him a short curtsy before backing a few steps back to give him room to breath.

She had never seen someone so strange before but.. Lily wasn't afraid of the man. From the way he was dressing, it was clear, or at least implied, that he wasn't someone that would intentionally go out of their way to cause a scene and that he was merely trying to appease the being or idol he was following as part of his teachings... assuming he was a monk. Lily also took note of the other girl nearby but thought it best not to involve them at the moment and focus on trying to aid the likely hurt man in front of her, as per her code of conduct. Though she was unsure if it was proper to introduce herself so early or if it was truly fine to do so.


wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Mon Aug 30, 2021 3:53 pm

Jikan had lived a bit of life so far. She was only twenty nine but had long ago set off in her life of independence out into the world away from her family and their orders when she was only the age of nine. Given that she had ample time to get into random situations with people. Today seemed like it would be another weird or funny story to add to that list in her mind.

An old man was walking in the streets out of sight from Jikan. Either through error or clumsiness the fellow bumped into her as she was walking. The man being much larger than her in weight but somehow not moving her a bit. Instead, the elder man bounced off of her body from the impact and began to spin like a ballerina, only out of control and unmajestic before falling to the ground. Saying something about an iron diety? Either he was faithful man making a comment, or a drunk man losing himself because he was a little tipsy.

The randomness of it all was, well confusing. Instictly with not much to make her mind run on, the first thing Jikan did was quickly pat herself around, checking to see if any items were swiped, there was a possibility that this was a sleight of the hand con after all. However, Jikan found nothing was missing from her personal. No harm no fowl then.

She turned to give the man her attention, given the fact that she heard the motions of him falling, only to see another girl already on her way to help him. Much younger than her, about ten years at least and much smaller. She had strength though and control, helping the large man up by herself with little aid from him, nice and slow too, showing even more that she had enough strength to move him easily and not struggle.

Butting into the situation after the girl known as Lily from what she could hear speak, Jikan would walk over to them. "No real need to apologize. No one was hurt and...if anything this fine gentlemen seemed to have caused it. He may have had a little too much to drink", she could smell it now that she was closer, this man definitely had been drinking. Smelt like more refined drinks, wine perhaps?

"Regardless of who at fault, glad to see no one was hurt".

#6Poropo Poproporp 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 9:22 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The purity radiating off the first woman to help Poropo was blinding to the monk of the Iron Deity! He could barely look in her direction out of jealousy - a monk who worships purity cannot possibly recover from witnessing the kindness of a woman who takes the blame for an act she did not instigate. All Poropo could do was accept the help from the maiden, Lily Locket, and attempt to settle the confusion.

However, Poropo's embarrassment was not complete until the another woman came to sort out the situation the monk's drinking had caused. She seemed more pragmatic than Lily, not even giving her name to strangers she knows next to nothing about. Poropo took a moment to settle his nerves and configure an apology, but doing so would take away from the kind act Lily had bestowed upon the tipsy monk - the only words which came out of Poropo were, "What am I to do!?"

Poropo shouted to the sky and collapsed with hands and knees barely holding him up. He could do nothing but offer his services to the women, especially Lily, so he kept his head down and said, "My name is Poropo Poproporp - I am humbly at your service, maidens of light. May the Iron Deity bless your lives for all eternity...and smite my impure coil."

#7Lily Locket 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Wed Sep 01, 2021 2:13 am

Lily Locket
Lily was a little struck by what the young woman said to her about not having to take the blame and that the gentleman, calling himself Poropom, was to blame due to the alcohol that he seemed to smell of. Even still, her heart would refuse to budge from what her spot in taking the blame and she would turn to the woman with a small pout, her eyes giving a look of small irritation.
"Intoxicated or not, I was in the way of this fine gentleman and caused him to trip up. I can not, in any way shape or form, not take blame for that. My heart will not allow me to do so. I was in his way and couldn't make room to move out the way due to my own ignorance, and as such I am to blame for not hearing his steps and thus causing this incident." Lily would remark with her tone being that of a very serious and a little annoyed, her body language showing that she was not going to take this sitting down.

As Poropo spoke, however, her body would loosen up and would show that she was a little embarrassed as she'd scratch her cheek and blush lightly, and being called a maiden of light made her feel even more embarrassed as she'd lower her head and give the monk a curtsy.
"Y-you needn't say that. I-I simply followed my code of conduct... Y-You needn't call me a maiden or anything. I-in fact, I was just worried that I caused you pain by being in your way, Sir Poropo. I-If i may ask though, why do you want your... iron Diety to smite your... impure coil..? You weren't in the right state of mind, smitten by the intoxications of alcohol, thus your body wouldn't respond as well as you would if not by the allures of alcohol. Your only fault was drinking a little too much but I hear adult do that to simply wash away any negative thoughts and worries away. I am sure your Deity will forgive thy actions and allow you to continue on the path of enlightenment."

Lily wasn't exactly too sure what this Iron Deity was but she knew that she shouldn't direspect any religion, no matter what it may be, as the people who follow it truly believe in their life choice and she felt like taking that much faith in something that might not be even real was admirable, and thus would want to show that she admired their dedication, wanting to give them a sign that said dedication bore some fruit, even if it was from a young girl who knew nothing of it. She truly thought that Poropo was one of those people who deserved her respect as he clearly wanted to follow this Iron Deity and make them pleased by his actions.


wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Sun Sep 05, 2021 7:09 pm

The ...girthy bald man was a very wonder some sight for Jikan. His actions were extra to say the least, but seemed to be an attempt to show that he was troubled by something at least she supposed. But was it genuine? Was it from his self or his drunken soul? It was even more of a ponder with what he did next. For Poropo shouted to the sky and collapsed with hands and knees barely holding him up. The sight was a troublesome thing that made the red haired lady actually have a moment of worry, for Jikan brain took it as an exaggerated situation and went into a concern for the civilian's health. In a rush she came behind the man, pressing her hand on the man's back in an attempt to confront him, and with a tad bit too much strength, lifted his head up and lifted him onto his feet. Hearing the man's name and the rest of the words he spoke only at the last minute.

Jikan then watched as the smaller white haired turned to her. With a small pout, her eyes gave her a look of small irritation. "I hardly doubt you was in the man's way given the vast space in the street.... but, as you wish if you want to continue with that belief. I don't see why matters of the heart matter to a situation that is simple common sense though".

Jikan noted the girl's expression. All too serious, much more than what the situation required, body language saying that she was closed off, and defiantly going to be stubborn. It was whatever to Jikan, nothing she had to care about. "Hmmmm. Well, fact to say that it was a mutual error in a small trip then? Both of you not looking where you were, and the man being intoxicated making his mobility and awareness worse, likely causing him to trip from your small bump instead of a simple stumble", she shrug, "take it as you will.

This all changed when the girl gave attention to Poropo's words. The hard egg shelled exterior melted and was quickly replaced by a bashful young lady. Oh an amusing sight indeed. It was effort for her to not let out a chuckle or an amused smirk. At the girl's response and the words from Poropo to what she assumed was his 'impure coil'.

So she stood there, absorbing the situation before her. As the flustered girl gathered herself, Jikan felt a softness in her slightly. The girl was very formal, and even more thoughtful. In a way using her words to comfort the man. Saying his deity would forgive his transaction could be something he needed to hear, and a possible problematic one, for both of them had no idea what kind of faith the man held or what his iron deity was like. Granted, she was showing respect, and that was the right thing to do.

#9Poropo Poproporp 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Tue Sep 07, 2021 12:46 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The pure, kind radiance of Lily was really too much for the sobering monk to bear - he could not withstand to be the target of her purity any longer and decided he best leave before the Iron Deity stopped caring about Poropo and helped Lily instead. The situation only became more intense when the red-haired woman picked up the rotund monk by his fat rolls and propped him on his bare feet, "Uh...I best leave - I have caused too much trouble to bear."

Poropo clasped his hands in prayer and bowed, "May the Iron Deity bless the two of you...especially you, Lily." The monk then scurried off in a direction chosen by fate, as far away from the embarrassment he caused himself by drinking just a little too much - the next drink the monk would have would be alcohol-free, such as water or whiskey.

While leaving, Poropo did not unclasp his hands in order to continue pleading for forgiveness, "Oh Iron Deity, I will not drink a sip alcohol and then walk blindly again - I understand the message you have sent me, the guidance you have gifted me. I will do my best to keep my eyes open when I walk while intoxicated by sweet or bitter nectar."


#10Lily Locket 

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Lily Locket
Well, that strange monk appeared and left as suddenly as ever... Lily wasn't entirely sure how to take what he said last all too well either. She was left with more questions then answers, but would let out a small sigh, brushing her dress down a little and turn to the older woman, smiling softly to her.
"Well, he was certainly an odd fellow. His iron deity must be extremely important to him that he couldn't stay for too long or risk angering them... maybe... perhaps it best we move the topic to one more to our own interested, Miss. I was going to one of the pastry shops around here. Would you like to come along?"

Lily was a massive fan of pastry, having the biggest sweet tooth in all of Caelum, and she felt as if she could have a good time with the older woman if they wanted to come along. The store in question was in walking distance, only 200 feet away, and the smell from the pastries would be strong enough to reach the two girls from where they stood.

"I simply ask because i think it's only fair that I give my gratitude to the woman who assisted in aiding the monk and tried to clear the situation out much more clearly then I did. I feel like I came off too nice and perhaps scared him off because of that..."
Lily spoke with a semi nervous and tender tone, rubbing the side of her cheek as she'd stare into the older woman's eyes.


wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Thu Sep 09, 2021 8:01 pm

Well, just like that the religious man was up and going. Soon out on his way to, well, what ever the man did during the day; besides perhaps drinking a little bit. He left in a different state then his introduction to Jikan and the polite white haired Lily. He was more together, or at least attempting to act that way. Moving on with a little more stability in his wobbly steps. Jikan held no ill will towards him as she watched him get a little away. The man was polite, and only drunk, not aggressive or rude because of the alcohol, much different from other men taking their joy with the liquid of life as they liked to say. "Farewell then, Poropo, was it? I'm sure your iron deity have a good purpose and role for you!". Her words were genuine, albeit spoken a little awkwardly given the situation and intro to the man.

It was over and resolved, but what would happen next in this weird day? That question was answered relatively quickly when the young lady turned towards Jikan. Speaking. Given her earlier response and tone, she was surprised Lily chose to stay and talk instead of moving on after the man left.

She gave a simple nod at Lily's first comment about Poropo, "yes...that was a rather, interesting start to my day. She left it at that, partially down with the whole minor situation and its importance, she was almost done here when Lily spoke something that sparked her personal interest. A happy gleam flicked in the older ladies eyes and arms moving up in a moment of excitement before returning to their normal stotic positions and look.

"A pastry shop near here? Hmmm, I had no idea one was in this town...I suppose a break would not be of issue", she turned, ready to be lead to the delicious food. "LEAD the way".

#12Lily Locket 

wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Mon Sep 20, 2021 5:49 am

Lily Locket
The young locket was a little shocked to see how the older woman was just as enthusiastic about sweets as pastries as she was, even to the point of having her lead the way over to the store. Luckily it wasn't that far away and she had just enough jewels in her purse to buy a few pastries for the both of them. As they arrived, Lily would open the door and let jiken in before smiling softly, her smiles being very bright and warm.

"This is the pastry store i was talking about. I call it my little piece of heaven, as it has a lot of yummy treats and even allows tea and coffee. Do not worry about any bills for this place, as I'll cover the expenses. My treat for the help with that strange monk. So, what would you like?"
Lily would ask very calmly and with a smile on her face, as the pastries on display were all very different, from Eclairs to tarts, Strawberry cakes, pretzels, muffins and even little sweets like caramell apples and lolipops. it was clear that the little Locket loved to be here as she would have already picked out her usual table and gotten the tea she normally would drink here


wandering unfamiliar ground. (open social) Empty Mon Sep 20, 2021 10:10 am

Zaelith groaned under her breath as she placed her small hands onto her unclothed stomach as she felt it rumbled for what only seemed to be the eighth time this day. Having camped out in the nearby forest for the night, she had forgotten to eat these last few days with her limited sources. "I haven't been able to spot a pig or deer these last few days... I'm curious as to what else I could find." She muttered gently. Adjusting her eyes over to the small city in Bosco, she could see the massive buildings taunting her with the idea of a job. Biting the inside of her frustrated cheek, she kicked at the dirt as she balled up her fists, her purple flames teasing beneath the layer of skin. Shaking her head from that ballsy idea, she ran her small fingers through her messy bangs and began twisting and turning in small, tight circles. She was clearly frustrated since she did not know basic social cues or great speaking skills to ask for directions due to her situation. After loosing her parents at the ripe age of five, she was then forced to figure out how to live amongst herself and its woods. She made it for the most part, but it still bothered her with her lack of social skills. She taught herself to read and write, but speaking to another being? Why must one have to really do that? Didn't people say words wrong all the time? Or speak the same word yet it has multiple meanings? It was difficult to say the least and people just made it worse to begin with.

"Come on Zae" she whispered with a small, encouraging whimper as she paused in place. She could see the taunting city look at her, causing her to become queasy at the sight. With an unsatisfied rumble of her stomach she yelled out, "FINE! Fine, I will go see if there are any SMALL jobs to do." Deciding to pick her head up, she shook her head and jumped in place as she waved her hands back and forth in defeat. "Showtime".

With a quick jerk of her leg, Zaelith saw her world spun and her face planted right into the ground. "Owie" she whimpered under her breath and turned her attention to the culprit. The ends of her damned hair had once again tangled along her bare ankles which must have gotten tangled there when she had been walking back and forth. Growling, she shifted onto the ground and quickly untangled her hair from her legs before standing to her full height. Deciding to ignore one of her many problems of the day, she sighed and quickly said, "Onward, before I get tangled up again and give up on this mission of mine!"

Walking into the city was a breeze. People were standing about and talking amongst themselves or they were simply browsing the many stores that littered its clean state. Making it easy for her to just blend into the crowd. It was much nicer than she believed it to be than the nearby forest, yet the difference was unlike the smooth, cold soil of her wonderous home, her feet ached and screamed at the rocks beneath her. The city was littered with the little hellions and she could only bite the inside of her mouth so harshly. Intaking a deep breath, she believed it would only cause her more pain to constantly think about it. Placing her discomfort in the back of her mind, she wondered down the road in determination. A job.

However, she was shortly stopped by a sweet, delicious smell that roared her stomach to life in interest. Her bright blue eyes twisted around till they landed on a large building that had colorful displays of food sitting in the window. She curiously made her way over to the display and pressed her fingers and her face onto the cool surface. Her eyes brightened at wonderous delight at the different kinds of foods that sit up there and all she could feel was her mouth salivate in delicious wonders as small chirps escaped her lips.

"Looks.... so yummy!!!"

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