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#1Jove Augustus 

SIREN'S CALL [QUEST] Empty Fri Aug 27, 2021 10:46 am

Jove Augustus
Jove had made his way to the coastal city of Astera, which nestled itself on the elevated coast. It was a central hub for trade and fishing, both of which were a relatively equal contributor to the local economy. If either one suffered a blow to their business, the entire city would feel it. This ripple would go throughout Fiore and cause negative repercussions for the entire country. It was for that reason that Jove had been issued a summons for the city, ordered to go there and put a stop to whatever it was that was going on.

Apparently, there was something negatively impacting the fishermen. Specifically the fisher men. They were unable to sleep, speaking while unconscious in roundabout ways that made no sense, yet seemed strangely coherent. When they woke from their slumber and were questioned by their families and wives they could speak only of dreams that threatened to consume them. A mix of the mental assault and lack of sleep were slowly overwhelming the men and causing them to decline physically. For this reason, a woman known as Rhea had reached out to them. She was a wife of one fishermen, and she wanted to put a stop to whatever was going on. That said, she had no clues for the Rune Knight. He had questioned her, but only was able to receive the reiteration of what was going on. It was up to him to figure out the rest, and towards that goal he made his way out into the town.

WC: 257/2000

#2Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Making his way into the town, Jove decided that the best place to start off would be the harbor. This was where the fishermen themselves were every single day. Making his way to the docks, he looked around and wondered whether or not the docks were suppose to be this empty. It was the middle of the day, so many of them were likely out at sea, but it was still strange that no one was here. He went around and asked some of the dock workers, all of whom spoke of the same strange dreams and the feeling as if they were being pulled somewhere. Yet as he questioned them, one thing became clear.

None of them had any consistent idea as to what was causing them. They couldn't give any sort of idea as to what was going on or what had started it. There was nothing to hint that this was poison or some sort of change in diet. The cause didn't seem like it was coming from the fish they were catching. It could have been a new disease, but the chances of a disease only effecting a single gender seemed strange. So instead, the only thing that made sense to Jove was magic. It seemed he'd have to expand the range of his search from this point onward.

WC: 483/2000

#3Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Making his way into the town, he asked everyone he came across about this strange occurrence. No one had any more information to give than what he had already gathered from the fishermen and their families. Yet, as he continued to question those he came across, he finally came upon a clue. People began to direct him towards a woman who apparently practiced a different form of magic than most. She didn't cast the spells from her body, but rather was something called a Witch Doctor. Apparently this involved a connection with forces long since lost from Fiore, and with it came a knowledge of dark happenings that others could not recognize.

He shifted his search for this old lady, and slowly he began to isolate an area of the city that she apparently was. Making his way toward the slums, he noticed that the people he came across were much less trusting, but he figured out this was where he was likely suppose to go. As he searched he eventually came across a home that looked like it belonged to her. It was large, giving off an ominous feeling from within. It was mana, but not mana that he had ever felt before. He felt the demon within him stir, and knew that whatever was in there would be dangerous if it wasn't so weak.

WC: 711/2000

#4Jove Augustus 

SIREN'S CALL [QUEST] Empty Fri Aug 27, 2021 11:02 am

Jove Augustus
Knocking on the door and waiting for the woman who apparently lived within to answer, Jove stood with his arms crossed and awaited for someone to answer. Finally, the door opened and a small woman with a cane looked up at him. Smiling and showing a mouth missing teeth, she welcomed him to her abode and invited him inside. Jove shook his head, holding up the badge he had on him to show he was a rune knight. Unlike the others who reacted with a sense of surprise when they saw that a rune knight had come to the slums, she merely nodded as if she had already known his identity. Asking if he was here about the fishermen, Jove eyed her suspiciously.

The woman burst into laughter, shaking her head and assuring him that she had nothing to do with it. However, she did know what the cause was. Outside of Astera, in the ocean, a creature had made its nest. This creature sang lullabies that affected men who could hear it. Akin to a succubus, they were called Sirens. These Sirens affected the male psyche, forcefully lulling them into a state of hypnotism and enticing them towards them. Sirens were all female, and hunted solely males. This was why the fishermen were so affected, and she mentioned that they would die soon if not dealt with. Thanking her for the knowledge, Jove would make his way from her house. From there he would leave the slums, going back to Rhea to ask for transport out to the ocean. He now knew what was causing the issue, as well as where the issue was occurring. This meant he could complete the quest and be done with this extra overtime.

WC: 1001/2000

#5Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
It didn't take long for Jove to find a boat willing to take him out to the water. It was relatively small, but still took a team of five people to handle. Most of the team were women, wives of men who had fallen asleep to the strange curse that had found its way to their shores. The couple of men other than Jove had been warned of the danger, but they insisted that this was something they had to do. Apparently, those who weren't as effected by the Sirens song felt a sense of guilt. They were plagued by the question of why they were still healthy, while their friends battled for their lives and filtered in and out of sleep constantly. From what Jove could tell, he noticed a difference between those who had mana and those who didn't. It seemed mana allowed for a vague resistance to the ability. It wasn't something he'd have ever pieced together if he hadn't been told the cause of all this, but now he could figure it out. Making their way out to the water, the boat continued outward until the shore was a distant memory. Coming towards an area of water where apparently a lot of this had been occurring, they had barely stopped the boat when the atmosphere changed. A song filled the air, and the men fell into a trance. This would have been within the realm of expectation, except for the fact that Jove also fell into this state.

WC: 1259

#6Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
As the two men hurled themselves from the side, Jove had been snapped out of the hold he was under. One of the women had splashed his face with water, another going so far as to stab him with the needle of her earring. A mix between the water in his face and the sudden stabbing pain, pun intended, in his arm was enough to shake him from the effect. Looking into the water, he could follow the sound to an upper body that was above the water. The men had yet to reappear, and so Jove instructed the women to dive in after them while he headed for the monster.

Making his way to the edge of the boat, he uttered the word associated with his takeover and transformed. Lucifer was wide awake at this point, seeing a being whom he claimed was related to one of his brothers. A creation, or offshoot, of something Leviathan had once created. This apparently gave him a sense of excitement. A sick joy in killing the thing that another demon took pride in, it seemed. Jove began launching massive attacks of fire at the beast, who had stopped its singing and ducked into the water in order to avoid his attacks. Massive plumes of steam shot into the air, slowly building a fog around the ship. This seemed to trigger the Siren to feel brave, as it leapt from the water and onto the boat. If its song wasn't effective, it would attack him directly.

WC: 1513

#7Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Beginning to sing again, it seemed as though its song was less effective when it wasn't focusing all its attention and mana on it. This meant that while Jove was severely debuffed, and by a spell that didn't effect the Siren at all, he at least still held his consciousness. Aside from him, Lucifer seemed completely unphased. The demon of pride helped him stay conscious, and the battle ensued.

The siren was powerful. She was fast as him now, and though not quite as strong, her nails were sharp like daggers. She would use light water spells, causing the steam to condense to stop his fire magic from destroying her. It was a smart way of fighting, but it was dragging it out. Due to the fight dragging out, Jove's body was slowly becoming littered with cuts and shallow gashes from her claws. He was getting frustrated, as the beast wasn't so strong that it should be this difficult. It wouldn't have been an issue at all, had Jove not decided that he would try to protect the civilians who had come with him. Redirecting his magic to be much more condensed, and lacing spells in with his physical attacks, he began to up the intensity and slowly overwhelm the beast. It wasn't long before one of his attacks landed full force and the beast fell dead to the ship. Turning and facing the women, he noticed that the second this creature fell the men awoke and sat up. They were confused, but one glance at the corpse confirmed that they were now safe.

WC: 1783/2000

#8Jove Augustus 

SIREN'S CALL [QUEST] Empty Fri Aug 27, 2021 11:25 am

Jove Augustus
Making his way back to the docks, it felt like something out of an old epic. The boat emerged from the fog that had been created during the battle, and as the final wisps of water vaper clung to the hull, the docks came into vision. The piers had been covered by people, the families who had relied on Jove for help and the individuals who had been saved from the Siren song. It seemed that Rhea had already told everyone what was going on, and that Jove had sailed out to try and slay the beast. The people had sat at home, waiting with baited breaths, until one by one their husbands began to wake.

This seemed like a clear indication that the mission had been a success. They had come, all at once, to the docks to await the return of the team that sailed out to save them. Cheers erupted, the noise easily being carried across the water and welcoming them back with open arms. As the boat docked and the team made their way to their own families, Jove walked over to Rhea. She smiled at him through her tears, and her husband stepped forward. He was weak from the poor sleep and long hours of inactivity, but he immediately reached out and took Jove by the hand. The two thanked him profusely, and finally a light smile came across the rune knights lips. Patting them both on the shoulder, he felt good about this overtime after all.

WC: 2035/2000

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