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Safety within a Strange Pack [Solo]

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And while you are sitting indoors
waiting for the storm to pass
I will be outside dancing in the rain

The city was big to say the least. To say that Dáinn was not scared was an understatement, due to the fact that ever since his mother and himself had arrived in Fiore, they had avoided the cities that had many buildings, prefering to say in the places that were surrounded by forest, so there was a place to escape and hide in when trouble arises. It was only that day Dáinn returned after going shopping and confronting those two ladies in Baska, and after he had told his mother about the lady named LeeAnn who he had met, explaining she was a demi human like them, but of a different type of species. Now he stood with his hand in his mother’s, as he pulled her hood over her head more, as her reptilian features were much more prominent than his own, and he did not want her receiving stares whilst they tried to find this guild that was said to home wandering sorcerers of all races who had nowhere to go.

“It’s okay Mútta.” Signing with a single hand to his mother, as she smiled softly under her hood at her child and nodded once, a soft sweet voice leaving the woman's lips. “I trust you sweetie.” Swallowing his nerves, Dáinn continued forth into the city of Astera, keeping his mother close, as he made sure that his mask covered his mouth, and that none of his scales showed themselves. The last thing he wants is to cause trouble, or for someone to start trouble with them, all he wants is to keep his mother safe and finding this guild was his first step towards that goal.

Dáinn felt his purplish-hazel eyes widen at the sight of the city, the pure white buildings with either red or blue rooftops, some containing balconies filled with plants, some with chairs to enjoy the fresh air and others without any type of balcony. The scent of the sea invaded his sense of smell, and at first he felt himself tense before relaxing and remembering that they were no longer there but in a completely different country. Glancing around, he gulped and tried to figure where the guild would be located. It was such a big city, though that wasn’t a surprise as it was a port city, and they usually had to be relatively big, due to the trading with other countries that would sometimes happen.

‘Okay. Let’s try in areas that are probably less crowded, so maybe the port… or somewhere close to the port?’ Thinking to himself as he glanced for a way to the port, though his mother seemed to have a different plan, and softly tugged him towards a lady that was sitting outside a cafe. “E-excuse me, we are not from here… Could you point us in the direction of the guild?”

“Guild? Oh you mean the building that was renovated a little to host travellers and what not?” Dáinn watched as his mother nodded in reply, nerves not settling, but also confusion plastered across his face at the kindness the women showed his mother. “Yes, I believe it was down near the docks, or at least closer to the sea than most of the buildings in this city.”

“I see, thank you very much for your help. Have a nice afternoon.” Turning back to her son, Dáinn just stared at his mother, “Shall we go sweetie?” Nodding softly, the mage glanced at the women who helped them, and nervously bowed his head in thanks before walking towards the port with his mother. “That wasn’t so bad now was it, Dáinn?”

“Still, you have to be more careful, Mútta.” Signing once more, his hands trembling, before he just shoved his hand in his cardigan pocket and looked away from his mother, eyebrows furrowing. “It’s going to be okay Dáinn, you said so yourself.” Patting his hand that was held within her own, Dáinn just let out a silent sigh, nodding as he decided to give up on arguing with his mother and just find the guild.

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