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Competitor Takedown [Quest | SOLO]

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Baska; a seemingly peaceful small town in the countryside of West Fiore. It was most notably known for the frequent tournaments that occurred in the town. With a large force of Rune Knights stationed in the town, those not from the town would assume that there is very little crime. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in Baska.

The town could be described as overrun with crime constantly occurring in the shadows, and it was precisely in this environment that Ikazuchi found himself thriving. He wasn’t an inherently bad person, but in a peaceful country there wasn’t much need for a warrior who honed skills that were only needed for war. It was for that reason that he found himself mixed in with criminals and those lacking morals. From a certain perspective, he could be viewed as one such individual despite not seeing himself that way.

It was late in the afternoon when a courier arrived and offered Ikazuchi a letter. The letter didn’t have a return address or mention the sender, but Ikazuchi knew that only a few people were aware of his current location. ‘I wonder what Godfrey wants…’ Ikazuchi didn’t give it much thought as he opened it.

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I had almost forgotten about this…” Ikazuchi spoke to himself quietly as he read over the contents of the letter. It wasn’t long or detailed by any means, it could even be described as lacking. If it wasn’t due to the fact that Ikazuchi was aware of the topic, he would have been confused. ‘When will you complete my request?’ That was the general meaning that was expressed throughout the letter.

A while back he and Akushitsuna had visited Godfrey and received a request to assassinate Godfrey’s main competition in town. The inferiority complex was apparent at the time, but they hadn’t refused. The two proceeded to discuss the issue, but it ended up unresolved. Now that a decent amount of time had passed and he couldn’t contact his Akushitsuna, it fell on Ikazuchi to answer Godfrey’s request.

Initially, a part of him wanted to deny something like this. It felt irresponsible and irrational to kill for that reason at the time. Since then, Ikazuchi’s mentality had subtly shifted in a crueler direction. His initial subconscious aversion had faded over time, so he couldn’t find any reason to deny the request now. ‘I guess it’s time for me to work.’

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Ikazuchi unequipped his armor and left the room of the inn that he was staying at with a clear goal in mind. He wouldn’t be going back to visit Godfrey, but instead head to the town’s most popular inn that Wayland frequented. Godfrey had informed him of this fact when he and Akushitsuna originally accepted the quest. Ikazuchi’s choice was to observe the target and learn about him in order to achieve his goal.

When Ikazuchi arrived, he immediately blended in. It was a common sight to see groups of mercenaries fully equipped with their gear, so his two swords attached to his hip didn’t draw any attention. He even went as far as spending a bit of money to buy some alcohol for himself and others and he mingled into various groups.

The discussions varied from table to table, but the boasting became more outrageous as more alcohol was involved. His actions gradually caused the inn to gain a festive atmosphere and business picked up. New people steadily arrived and joined in on the activity as more time passed. Ikazuchi was at the center of this all, even telling a story or two of his own about the time when he roamed through the Worth Woodsea. What no one noticed throughout was the fact that he had drunk very little and he always seemed to end up near a particular individual.

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You have to believe me! I really did tame a wyvern!” The entire inn fell silent for a moment when a certain young man said this. He was almost stupefied by the sudden change. From his perspective, this silence was harder to believe than the various boasts that some of the drunken mercenaries had said. ‘Is it that hard to believe?’ A bitter feeling surged as most of the other patrons burst into hearty laughter.

If you were able to tame a wyvern, then where is it?” One of the nearby men managed to control his laughter and give his best attempt at seriousness as he asked this question. The target was naturally Ikazuchi, and he didn’t know how to respond to that question.

He did have a wyvern for a mount, but it was impossible to prove. Due to being too conspicuous he had left it in an area near the outskirts of town that wouldn’t be frequented. He had a faint connection to the creature so he could search for it when they were separated so he wasn’t concerned. It was only now when someone was doubting his words that he wished that he could immediately call it to his side.

How could I keep it in town? People would panic!” He defended himself with a serious statement, but the tone didn’t match. He was doing his best to match the atmosphere, so it sounded like he was boasting instead.

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The discussion continued naturally among everyone, stories were being shared by everyone. There were even a few Rune Knights participating, something that was enough to make Ikazuchi sweat a bit. He didn’t fear a fight, but he had to hope that they wouldn’t realize who he was. It wasn’t likely that they would realize who he was as he hadn’t introduced himself, but the risk was still apparent.

Ikazuchi intentionally avoided interacting with Wayland too much as he didn’t wish to appear suspicious, but he acted naturally during the few interactions they had. Wayland bragged a bit about how well his business was doing during these few interactions. ‘What would he do if he knew that it was for that very reason that I was hired…’

Taking advantage of the power of his eyes, Ikazuchi was able to understand Wayland well enough to decide on how he should accomplish his goal. In the end, he couldn’t escape all of the liquor so he found himself stumbling a bit as he made his way out among the others at the end of the night. He wasn’t generally a very emotional person, but he made sure not to appear unapproachable during this time. It was an act that he would have to maintain until he accomplished his objective.

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Ikazuchi woke up early in the morning after a long night of drinking and information gathering. He felt slightly hungover, but he couldn’t escape his habit that easily. ‘I really shouldn’t drink…’ He could handle alcohol, but he didn’t enjoy it as much as others. He didn’t hesitate to get a cup of water for himself to appease his dehydrated body.

After half an hour went by he had gotten ready for the day and grabbed a meal from the first floor of the inn. “Now, I guess it’s time to get back to work…” Ikazuchi left his room after saying that dressed in a similar way to yesterday, not wearing his heavy armor. He didn’t intend to train today, so he wouldn’t wear his armor just to roam around town. It may seem overconfident, but he didn’t think there were many people able to threaten him in town; even without armor.

Ikazuchi roamed the streets of Baska until he arrived at Wayland’s shop early in the morning in order to follow up on an offer he received yesterday. As a skilled Blacksmith, Wayland noticed the quality of Ikazuchi’s weapons and requested to service them free of charge. Ikazuchi naturally wouldn’t refuse, and it would give himself more freedom to investigate the blacksmith.

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Hey Wayland, I hope you don’t mind that I’m stopping by early.” Ikazuchi stepped into the shop with a smile and greeted the blacksmith. What greeted him was a tidy store front and his assassination target who leisure waited behind a counter. “Of course not! I’m glad you’re here.” There was a bit of laughter mixed in with the elderly man’s voice, but Ikazuchi could see his gaze focused on the swords attached to his hip.

‘Only someone like this can be called the best…’ The young man couldn’t stop himself from thinking this as he saw the child-like excitement in the old man’s eyes. A bit of respect towards the man whose age and health held him back. “Don’t stare like that, they aren’t going anywhere.” Ikazuchi didn’t hesitate for a moment as he unequipped his swords and handed them to the blacksmith.

I wasn’t staring! ...I was just assessing the damages, that’s it!” Wayland coughed a bit after raising his voice, and then immediately drew the swords from their sheaths and laid them on the table. Ikazuchi watched him curiously as he caressed the blades of each weapon with extreme enthusiasm. Seeing that Wayland was so focused, he had an interesting idea. “Wayland, would you like to study them?

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Ikazuchi’s sudden question caused the aged man to freeze for a moment and stare at him. “What do you mean?” It was clear that he didn’t believe that he had heard the youth correctly. Ikazuchi smiled a bit in response, even waiting a moment in order to build suspense. “I asked if you would like to study them.

Wayland looked dumbfounded, but the excitement that flashed in his eyes was apparent. ‘Of course he is excited, he has two famous swords in front of him…’ Ikazuchi could completely understand the man’s feelings as he was a swordsman and craftsman himself. There were countless bits of information to be obtained by slowly studying quality weapons.

For how long?” Wayland’s aged voice shook as he asked Ikazuchi this question. It was clear that he wouldn’t be satisfied by just a few minutes. Before Ikazuchi could even speak, he spoke again. “Until tomorrow morning, would that be possible?

Ikazuchi was troubled by the question for multiple reasons. As a swordsman he couldn’t bear to be separated from his weapons for too long, not to mention that he would be training early tomorrow as well. From Ikazuchi’s expression, the wise old man could tell that he was troubled and immediately spoke once more. “What about until tonight?

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Ikazuchi made his way through the streets of Baska stealthily along a predetermined path. He was clearly aware of where people were active and what areas would be deserted at this time. He also had eyes that let him see through the darkest of nights, so he could move freely within the shadows. His target was the home of Wayland.

It was a nice place, but it was on the outskirts of town due to the man crafting weapons deep into the night. He did this to the extent that he ruined his health, so he naturally didn’t have any neighbors. This was something that Ikazuchi knew due to Godfrey’s information, but it was confirmed again by Wayland earlier that day.

Ikazuchi had agreed to allow Wayland to study the weapon until night, and Wayland immediately closed shop and returned home in order to not be disturbed. There wasn’t a set time, but Ikazuchi hinted that he would come later in order to give Wayland more time. He also mentioned that he would bring a bit of alcohol. Wayland was naturally happy to drink after the day he would have, but he didn’t know that Ikazuchi offered it with bad intentions.

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After Ikazuchi arrived he immediately retrieved his weapons. Wayland was disappointed, but naturally understood that he had received a huge favor. It was at that point that Ikazuchi passed the man a particular bottle and pulled a second one out for himself. The two men drank and talked for a bit before Ikazuchi excused himself.

Earlier that day he had slipped out of town in order to collect a few particular plants that could be processed in order to produce a particular effect. It was something that could be described as harmless to most people, but would be fatal to someone like Wayland. It also wasn’t something that left many traces, so no one would be able to trace the cause.

The wine was good, but it lowered Wayland’s weak immune system due to what Ikazuchi mixed into it. He seemed fine when Ikazuchi left, but the young man knew that the elderly man would soon lose his life in a way that anyone else would consider natural.

Ikazuchi felt a bit of pity, but was surprised by the fact that he didn’t feel any guilt when a few days went by and he heard of the man’s death. He couldn’t help but second guess his choices, but he continued his routine of training and working small jobs here and there. Eventually, Ikazuchi made his way to Godfrey’s shop and informed him. The blacksmith was naturally already aware, and even seemed sad to hear that it was indeed Ikazuchi who was responsible.

Following the sadness was satisfaction that disgusted Ikazuchi. He accepted his reward all the same, but he made a point to leave a few words for his long time employer. “Godfrey, this is a line that I won’t cross again. Keep that in mind…” Ikazuchi unintentionally spoke coldly, but this was something that he wished to make clear before departing.

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