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Poropo Pillaging Vines [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Pillaging Vines [Quest] Empty Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:16 pm

Poropo Poproporp
"You need me to go into the living vines which cause people to disappear in order to remove the vines...which cause people to disappear?" Poropo was skeptical of the job he decided to undertake - he finally trained his magic and wanted a test without fighting people. A farmland infested by strange vines sounded easy enough until he heard the details from Farmer Jim. According to Jim, the vines are becoming smarter every passing day but the one thing they aim for are people and animals to snatch up and drag into nothingness.

"Y-yes, that's right. I know it isn't a glorious job for someone like y-you, but-" Poropo put his finger on Farmer Jim's quivering lips and decided to make a bold statement.

"Deadly vines or not - I will make sure your farmland is safe! As a former farmer myself, I feel obligated to help!" Poropo turned around and confronted the tangle of vines stretching before him. His legs started to shake as he attempted to think of a solution to avoiding the grasp of the vines.

"Aha! I have an idea!" Poropo touched one hand to his right nostril piercing while his other hand was formed in prayer across his chest.

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Poropo Poproporp
A small, golden magic circle shone between Poropo and the vines, stunning Farmer Jim, "W-what are you planning on doing!?" Jim was afraid a destructive burst would level his overgrown farmland and destroy everything he worked so hard to keep, but a few words from Poropo put Farmer Jim at ease.

"I am just calling for an angel." Poropo turned to Farmer Jim and winked cheekily. The small, golden magic circle then burst forth with brilliant light and condensed into a strange, circular shape! As if forged from fire, steam rose from the glorious being summoned by Poropo's magic - the First Immortal was here to help!

"HeLlO, pOrOpO. hOw MaY i Be Of AsSiStAnCe?" Strange, metallic noises came from the tiny, so-called "angel" shaped like a donut. Farmer Jim nor Poropo could understand the words of the stubby entity, but Poropo was not dissuade from using the First Immortal to help clear the vines. Poropo waddled up to the tiny creature and began lifting his right foot in a motion familiar to the First Immortal, "Oh No, NoT aGaIn..." Knowing what was to come, the First Immortal turned around and prepared to carry the rotund monk through the overgrowth of vines - Poropo plopped his bare feet inside the metallic angel's mouth and grasped the top of the donut with his hands.

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Poropo Poproporp
The rotund monk was not comfortably riding the First Immortal through the overgrowth of vines, faster than Poropo could ever travel on his own. The Iron Deity has blessed the frail, old man with a sort of "steed" with which to ease his aching feet. However, the First Immortal had strong feelings about being used but could not express them - the metallic being made of condensed light could only be understood by his kin of whom Poropo was not.

Regardless of the First Immortal's feelings of being a steed, the pair daintily traveled across the vines in an attempt to avoid their strong grasp. With enough momentum, the First Immortal could easily outpace the slow-crawling vines on the ground as long as he could avoid touching them - the First Immortal did not truly fly like his strongest kin so he had to make sure to step on empty patches of ground.

While the First Immortal was struggling to avoid the vines, Poropo was looking ahead and hoping to spot the root of the vine problem plaguing Farmer Jim's farmland. The overgrowth of vines was too dense to see through like normal shrubbery so the monk kept the heavy lifting to his summoned angel.

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Poropo Poproporp
What felt like an eternity of dodging vines to the First Immortal, but only a few minutes for Poropo, the pair finally reached the densest overgrowth of vines. Unlike the other parts of the vine growth, this area was noticeably more concentrated and deliberately dense with vines, "...as if protecting something. Alright, First Immortal - do as the Iron Deity wills and clear those impure vines." Poropo pointed in the direction of the dense vines, as if they were not a few feet in front of the pair, and seemed to expect the First Immortal to do something powerful.

"FiNe, I wIlL tRy To ClEaR tHe ViNeS...mAkE sUrE tO hOlD tIgHt, PoRoPo." The First Immortal spread their stubby, pillar-like arms out as far as they could and formed a small magic circle inside their donut-shaped body. From within the magic circle, a condensed pillar of metallic light jutted forth from the First Immortal in a brilliant but tiny display of power! As the First Immortal predicted, the force of the shooting pillar jostled Poropo from the First Immortal's back and landed him on a head of grasping vines.

"Huaaa! H-help me, First Immortal! The vines will drag me away!"

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Poropo Poproporp
The First Immortal panicked at the sight of his summoner suffering at the hands of the grasping vines! However, a bright, blue orb appeared in view after the pillar of light destroyed a wall of vines - the source of the overgrowth! The First Immortal had to quickly make a choice - save Poropo from being dragged away from the vines or try to destroy the blue orb giving the vines life. Neither choice was certain to solve the other - saving Poropo did not guarantee the pair could destroy the blue orb while focusing on the blue orb did not guarantee the First Immortal could destroy the magic sphere.

"The vines are crawling into places I have not seen in decades! Help!" Poropo did not see the blue orb dangling in front of the First Immortal's view so the little creature's indecisiveness seemed strange. Poropo thought he might taken advantage of the First Immortal one too many times and started to feel empathy for the little, metallic angel, "I am sorry for treating you like- hey! Where are you going! Get back here you little- ugh!" A vine shut Poropo's mouth while the monk saw the First Immortal lung away!

A moment later, Poropo heard a shattering sound. Another moment passed and the vines fondling Poropo shriveled and dissolved into dust. The First Immortal came back to the prone monk and helped him to his feet. Poropo was thankful for the First Immortal's choice, "Thank you...but maybe next time choose faster - those vines were going places I have yet to touch..."

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