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Poropo Practicing Steel Body [Training]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Practicing Steel Body [Training] Empty Wed Aug 25, 2021 1:38 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The Marchen Mountains were impossibly tall and bitterly cold - Poropo underestimated the trek. Instead of going all the way to the top as he had planned, he would be staying near the base of the massive mountain range. He did not want to die just to train a spell which was supposed to keep him alive - the irony was not lost of the exhausted monk.

"Enough procrastinating, I must find a quiet place to meditate and speak with the Iron Deity...if only I could reach the top of the mountains - the closer to the Iron Deity I am, the better chance I have..." Poropo found a ledge off a worn path on the side of the mountains and sat down to meditate.

The monk clasped his hands in prayer, touched his feet together, and spoke the name of a spell he wished to improve, "Iron Body! Become something more! Huaaaaa~" A golden magic circle appeared below Poropo, creating and plastering the monk in magical light. The light clunk to Poropo and purified his outer form to a metallic appearance! However, this was the original spell Poropo was gifted, Iron Body. The focusing monk wished to hone his spellcraft and improve Iron Body - a better defense against violent impurities.

"Huamooooo~ Oh Iron Deity! Let your light condense more against my supple skin! Make my visage brighter and shinier...please!" The magic circle underneath Poropo began increasing in size, jutting out bit by bit as the monk learned to harness the flow of his god-gifted mana.

#2Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Practicing Steel Body [Training] Empty Wed Aug 25, 2021 1:38 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Much time passed and the monk had to take a quick rest before continuing - praying to the Iron Deity was tough when the conversation was so one-sided. Poropo could feel the Iron Deity affecting his Iron Body spell, but the hopeful monk could not tell what the improved version should be called. Poropo took a deep breath and positioned himself to meditate again.

"Oh Iron Deity, continue your silent blessing! I, Poropo Poproporp, will continue to hear you regardless of your volume! Please, bless the spell you have gifted me!" The wind started to pick up - perhaps a sign from the Iron Deity! Granted, Poropo could never tell when the Iron Deity was speaking to him - there was only one time in his life he heard the soft voice of his god.

Remembering his only memory of the Iron Deity's voice, Poropo clasped his hands tighter and attempted to pretend to hear the Iron Deity speak to him the secret of the improved Iron Body spell, "Y-yes! I definitely hear you, great Iron Deity! The n-name of the spell...s-should be...S-Steel Body!" Whether by chance or great power, the wind howled and the magic circle for Iron Body ballooned to a full meter in diameter! The light created by the spell brightened and Poropo could feel his defenses bolstered twice as much!

The Iron Deity has blessed Poropo with a wondrous new spell, Steel Body, with which to better defend against the violent impurities of this harsh world! Poropo felt proud of himself - to hear the voice of the Iron Deity, even just pretending, felt like a privilege.

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