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A simple stroll (open)

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#1Lily Locket 

A simple stroll (open) Empty Wed Aug 25, 2021 10:26 am

Lily Locket
The fresh open air, the sound of waves crashing against the shores of hargeon. This was more pleasant then most things for the young Lily, of whom was merely watching the waves on the port, her gaze fixed towards the horizon. Her mind was filled with worries for the other orphans and yet, at the same time, hope that there was something that she could call home here. That hope alone made her want to do more in Fiore, not only for herself but for the people around her. But that had to wait for now, as she couldn't do anything at the moment. She had to wait for both an available job and a roof over her head.

"The waves seem calmer then usual today. Perhaps that is a good sign of times to come... or perhaps it is just the calm before the storm. it's never that simple... But at the very least I don't have to worry about getting my dress wet. I'm glad I decided to come here though. The ocean air is just the thing to calm my nerves and empty my thoughts."

Lily spoke gentle and soft to herself, holding her hand close to her chest to where her locket was leaning against. Despite always exploring the area and being the adventerous type, She never let the locket get dirt and would always clean it if ever it got dirty. It was her one treasure, the one thing she would refuse to let out of her grasp.

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A simple stroll (open) Empty Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:03 am

Lily Locket
It seemed as if the winds were suddenly changing, a sudden stop of it as the waves slowly grew in size. Nothing dangerous in the slightest, but still it was enough to warrant Lily to move from the dock she was sitting on to one of the stores near the docks themselves. Lily wasn't all too torn up about having to move away from her spot as she was now sitting beside one of her favourite little cafes that she frequented in the past. It wasn't a fancy place, far from the sorts. It had the perfect atmosphere for her to relax and read of the books she had borrowed from a local store. She, of course, always returned the books around 5-6 hours before they were needed to but she felt it best to ensure she never forgot.

This time around, she had borrowed a fabel of a knight that had been blessed by the sun, one from Caelum history. It told the tale of how this knight was given a blade of the sun, a sister blade to one of the other brave knights at the time, and how they used the blade to protect the weak and fend off even the most dangerous of foes.

"A true knight never lets greed drive their path... they let their own heart set it for them. I am glad that the shopkeeper is always so kind to me... I best make up for all the times I borrow these books. Perhaps it best I do some part time there as a token of my gratitude, to ease the workload. Yes, I should, if they were to allow such a thing. Mayhaps, if they do not offer such an offer, I should simply pay them a good junk of my gold for whenever i do find a task... Yes, that would be for the best. A truly noble act to repay kindness."

Lily, of course, was her thoughts out loud, which she would do frequently. She wasn't exactly the brightest when it came to keeping her thoughts where they belonged but she was slowly improving upon that. And despite not having done many jobs in the past, she wasn't exactly in a bad situation. She got by with doing small jobs here and there to earn a living, and she always repaid her debts to others. Her training and the books she would read from taught her to always honour an agreement so long as it didn't hurt the innocent. Her heart would never allow her to forgive herself if she were to side with others that would go out and hurt innocent people.

The winds would remain silent and the ocean would calm itself once more, yet Lily would remain at her chair, her eyes focused on the words that would allow her mind to envision the Knight in all their glory, their actions and their tales. For her, reading upon the tales of knights gone by, it was the best way to learn and grow.

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Lily Locket
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