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From West to North

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From West to North Empty Wed Aug 25, 2021 10:02 am

Kannon bid farewell to the innkeeper before he left. A perpetual traveler, Kannon only meant to spend a few weeks in Baska. The job opportunities there were lush, but he longed to see more of what Fiore offered. There were so much of Fiore for him to conquer and the land offered much for him. He planned to return to Baska after spending some time in the north. He just needed to explore some more of this large land. Besides, there were so many beautiful men and women for him to sleep with, how could he stay in one place? After getting a backpack ready he prepared himself for travel. Life on the road was harsh, but he could defend himself and he’d made sure to bring enough rations. Knowing the journey into colder regions would be tough Kannon also brought plenty of warm clothing. The last thing he wanted to do was freeze his butt off. After getting his backpack sufficiently filled the youth took one last look at Baska. It was a generally pleasant city with lovely people, but the daemon was a glutton and craved more from life. Not wanting to waste another glance on the town behind him, he pushed onward towards the north.

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