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Pirates! II - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”They say the queen of pirates’ flagship was seen near the trading routes of the west.” A man spoke in a calm, low voice, looking both sides cautiously as he tried to make sure there were no strangers hearing his words. ”The Sinese Imperial navy has been chasing them for months, and they have cornered them all the way here” The man continued speaking, leaning in the table in an attempt to get closer at the man in front of him, lowering his voice’s volume once again. ”From what the officials in the navy have been saying, the pirate queen has sunk more than 50 of the imperial Sinese Junks in their pursuit halfway through the world’s seas.”

”I also heard that the Sinese are withdrawing, fearing to lose the entirety of their navy”. The other voice responded in an equally quiet volume. Kenzo’s eyes widened at the conversation being held just right behind his own table. He was not quite able to hear the two men speak, but he was well versed in lip reading. Since he was able to see the entire establishment in great detail, reading the conversation between the two people was a piece of cake.


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#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Still, I don’t even know what the whole persecution is about. Do you know if there are orders for the Fioran navy to pursue?” The second man’s expression was one of worry. From what Kenzo could tell by their attires and the look of their hands, the two of them were seasoned sailors, probably members of Fiore’s coastal guard stationed in Port Hargeon.

”I don’t know… But the higher ups received a letter the other day directly from King Reign, which caused quite a spur.” The first man commented, crossing both arms and looking ponderingly as he stroke his chin. ”You mean that’s the reason the higher ups have been acting so weird lately?” The second man appeared to be the one with least seniority out of the two, considering the former was the one holding the most information. ”Well… there are rumors coming from the maids… That the Sinese Emperor sent a plea to King Reign regarding the Queen of Pirates arrival at Fioran waters.” It was obvious from his expression that he was a cautious person, and was still debating whether to tell his companion about the rumors or not.

”Go on! Don’t leave me hanging. What rumours?”


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#3Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
The second sailor desperately asked, increasing his voice’s volume unwillingly before noticing and falling back to his seat. ”I mean, we should at least be prepared right? So we can figure out what those rumors mean if you actually tell me” His eyes changed for a second into those of a desperate person, Kenzo could see in them the look of a scared man.

”Well. The maids of the admiral were talking about a national treasure being stolen. The Sinese are desperate to catch the queen of pirates to get it back. It is a set of the imperial family heirlooms. A national treasure representing the divine right to rule of the emperor. Apparently the Emperor wants King Reign’s help in order to recover it, but the higher ups are not too keen on fighting against the queen of pirates”

The younger sailor’s eyes were open in surprise, slowly failing back again into a look of fear and realization at what the decision could mean to mere marines like them. His expression slowly changed from surprise to sadness and quickly back to anger. ”They can’t! No one can defeat the devil’s wife! Cheng Shih is the strongest pirate in existence”


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#4Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Relax… it seems like the admiral is not planning to intervene. Sin is very far from Fiore, and relations haven’t ever been the best, so there’s no need for the country to risk its navy against such a powerful foe.” The older sailor tried to calm down the other guy. Kenzo could see how he placed his arm on the scared man’s shoulder, trying to be of some comfort. From the kind of relationship the two of them held and the amount of important information he was sharing with him, there was obviously something more than camaraderie. Perhaps they were in laws? Hard to guess for the mercenary.

Still, it seemed like the words from the man had done their job in making the other guy feel better. ”Y-yeah. It would be crazy to go against the queen after all… It’s those Sin guys problem too after all, no need to risk our lives for some- some…. Huh. What exactly is the treasure Cheng Shih stole?” It appeared that the question had finally come far too late in the conversation. Still, Kenzo was extremely interested in knowing what exactly the imperial treasure was. The merc watched attentively the sailor’s lips.


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#5Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”Well. I can’t honestly be certain, but the letter said something about an ancient set of armor. It seems that it once belonged to a legendary general of Sin that was said to defeat a thousand men in battle by his own hand. Apparently, he was a prominent figure during the Sinese Three Kingdoms Era. There are even novels, books and entire movies made about him in the country.” The answer might have been a little trivial with its description, but it was nonetheless very important news for the warrior.

”Guan Yu became a figure of legends. He is so revered in Sin for his fighting power that people started calling him the God of War… Seems like the tradition has been kept alive to this date and the Sinese soldiers still pray for him for good fortune.” The man took a small break to take a sip from his glass before continuing. ”Legend says that his armor was crafted by the gods themselves. There is no physical or magical blow that can break it, not a single blemish can be seen in the metal and it even perfectly adjusts to the wearers size. Truly a magnificent set of armor”


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#6Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”After the Three Kingdoms Era finished in Sin, it became customary to pass the Heavenly Armor, as it is called, from emperor to emperor as a symbol of martial strength and Divine Right to rule. The Mandate of Heaven some came to call it. From the news the admiral received from Crocus, the full set of Guan Yu’s armor was stolen by the queen of pirates when the imperial fleet was transporting it to the Emperor’s Summer Palace.” The younger sailor’s eyes had blanked by this point. It was clearly a lot of information for the guy to process. However, the elder guy continued speaking without noticing he’d long lost his chatting partner. Kenzo on the other hand, was glued to his seat, not wanting to miss any word from the conversation.

”The report counts the armor, the helmet and glaive of the God of War being stolen by a pirate fleet commanded by the Queen of Pirates. No wonder she made it so far trying to scare away its pursuers. It was a miracle she even managed to get here. However, the imperial army doesn’t even know if Cheng Shih’s flagship is the one carrying the loot either way.”


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#7Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
”There has been reports that the flagship junk was sighted in one of the coves not so far from Port Hargeon, where Fioran pirates cross around to resupply their own vessels.” The older man finally seemed to be ending his tale, much to the disappointment of Kenzo. ”However, there is no one stupid enough to try and check out if the rumors are even true. And even if they were… I wouldn’t underestimate the pirate queen getting weak enough for any simple mortal like us to catch her. After all, they sank 60 imperial fleet ships before arriving at Fiore.” The younger man finally acknowledged the words of the older male. It seemed that now that the conversation veered once again to the topic of ships he felt comfortable enough to understand it.

”Yeah! I’m sure we don’t have to worry about it. Our admiral is a smart guy, so he wouldn’t do something as stupid as face check if Cheng Shih is actually weakened.”

With those words of encouragement, the conversation between the two sailors drifted into other trivial topics. However, the mercenary that had been a silent and secret observer of it all was now busy in thoughts.


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#8Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
The information had come at the perfect time. It was almost as if there was an unnatural being above all that placed the mercenary in these kinds of situations. His mind quickly went back to a couple of years ago, when he first arrived at Fiore. It had been in this exact town and under eerily similar circumstances that Kenzo had recovered what now was his weapon of choice. Masamune had been stolen from Joya, one of the heirlooms of the country. However, contrary to the mythic piece of armor the sailor had spoken about, the golden sword had disappeared centuries ago. However, the warrior had tracked the rumors surrounding the legend all the way to a pirate kingpin of the area, beating him and stealing the precious blade from their coffers.

Was it perhaps destiny that he found himself once again in this situation? Pirates had stolen an invaluable piece of history and metallurgy from Sin this time. While the deed was fresh in the minds of the Sinese people, they were still far away, so it would be okay if he went and found it for himself right? He could always ransom the piece of armor for jewels.


Pirates! II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#9Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Even more, his old trust Heavy Dwarven Armor had met the end of its lifetime. It was honestly heartbreaking for the warrior to understand and deal with the fact that the immaculate piece he’d worn proudly in many fights in Fiore had met its end. The armor had been crafted by dwarves living deep within the mountain ranges of Fiore, carving it with ancient runes that gave it protection against most blows and attacks. However, runes as magic were not an infinite source of power.

Almost like a glass that had been slowly filling up until it overflowed, the runes in the armor had been collecting energy and dispelling it as it was nothing. However, enough time had passed, meaning they couldn’t absorb any longer. After a gruesome battle against monsters in Minstrel, his protective gear broke into a million pieces after tanking one last blow for the mercenary. Now that the opportunity to find such a prestigious replacement came along, there was no way the warrior was not taking advantage of the situation. Even further, the idea of fighting against the strongest pirate in the world was something that would make the trip worth the effort even in itself.


Pirates! II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS
#10Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo threw a sack of jewels at the counter as he immediately stood up from his table and made his way to the docks. He knew about the place the two sailors spoke about. It was a tiny uncharted piece of land a couple of knots away from Port Hargeon that worked as a haven for pirates and other underground shady figures. He’d never been there himself, but he sure as hell knew about the existence of the place from his numerous… contacts in the black market and other unlawful circles in Fiore.

The only way to get to the islet was via ship, and he knew just exactly the place where he could hire someone crazy enough to accept the trip to the place.

Kenzo arrived to the docks of Port Hargeon just before the sunset started. It was once again a beautiful day in Hargeon, the sky turning into a myriad of shades of red, yellow and orange. However, this only signaled the time for most people to get out of work. Making his way across the crowd, the swordsman finally arrived at the place where he could pay a crazy fisherman for passage to the pirate island.


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#11Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
The fisherman had worked for the navy for years. However, he was now a man of few words. Mostly since he had his tongue cut a couple of years back at the very exact place he was now taking the warrior. The trip had been completely silent, since… you know. The fisherman could be called a man of few words. Despite the bad joke, the two of them made it to the place unnoticed. Kenzo got out of the fishing rig and paid the man what they had agreed upon. He would wait for the Blue Pegasus member for exactly 4 hours before returning to the mainland. If Kenzo was late, the fisherman had orders to return, so he didn’t have much time.

After spending two hours tracking the exact spot where the Pirate Queen had hidden her damaged vessel, Kenzo finally stood out in front of it. It was a large junk, capable of hosting around a hundred men inside. However, its state was definitely deplorable. Its main mast had been blown to pieces by a cannon ball and a hundred arrows. The sails were torn apart and trace of fire spells littered the body of the wooden frame.


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#12Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
It was a miracle the ship had even survive so long under pursuit. Even more, the fact that the pirate queen had managed to sink 60 ships of the Sinese Imperial Navy. Anyway, this only made Kenzo’s job way easier. Without wasting a single moment, the warrior charged towards the ship. It was still being guarded most of its crew. Many of them were working on repairs or making camp in the beach. The cove was a long distance away from the main shanty town, so no one could easily call for reinforcements. Kenzo had to finish all of them quickly in order to make it back in time.

Charging with Masamune in his grasp, the warrior swung the long blade at the first set of defenders that came his way. The male sliced through them as if they were made out of butter. Bells rung to announce Kenzo’s invasion, bringing a swarm of grunts that were easily dispatched by the swordsman. Little by little, inch by inch, life after life the warrior made it inside the ship, leaving behind him a trail of death and destruction. Punching through one of the walls of the ship, the mercenary finally made it to what he assumed to be the captain’s quarters.

It had been almost half an hour since he launched his attack at the pirate gang, but there were still no signs of the Pirate Queen. It seemed that most pirates had either died, been injured or escaped by now since none came to try and stop him. As he got inside the chamber, he saw the majestic piece of armor in full display. It was exactly what he was looking for. Taking it and storing it inside his pocket dimension ring, he turned around planning to return to Port Hargeon. However, he felt a weak hand grabbing at his toe before he left. Cheng Shih herself was dragging herself through the floor, obviously injured. It seemed that the wound had infected so she didn’t have much time left. With her dying breathe, she simply managed to mutter a single sentence.

”Never return it to Sin”


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Pirates! II - Solo [Quest] IgtZBYS

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