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Baska - Talking Skull[Q]

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Cain once again had a job in mind for Kannon. It appeared the young savanan had made a positive impression on the aged wizard. Apparently, he had spoken to both of Kannon’s former clients, and they were happy with his performance. The youth couldn’t help but feel a little satisfied with himself. He was a confident man, and that whatever job he took he’d succeed at it. A proud man he shared none of the nervousness that afflicted his contemporaries. He would just do as requested of him and be done with it. Whatever this task entailed he was more than ready to confront it head on and did so with gusto. As for Cain, part of him found a strange kinship in the man. Largely because they both possessed a gift for necromancy. Perhaps the old mage might one day impart some knowledge to him, he hoped anyway. But first Kannon opted to start the day with a balanced breakfast. For the time being he’d been staying at a local inn, which provided all the meals he needed. The food was rather basic, especially the breakfast, which consisted of eggs, toast, and bacon. It wasn’t a terrible meal, but it wasn’t great either. It was just enough to leave him full for the day. As part of his daily routine Kannon started a shower as soon as he finished eating.


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After breakfast Kannon wasted zero time in leaving for his mission. He was nothing if not punctual. Even as he crossed paved roads and darted through dark alleys the wizard walked with purpose. Certain this job would begin and end like all of them did with him getting a little bit richer. Even though he’d only been in the city for a few days he knew the way to his client well enough. Of course, it wasn’t hard navigating when you had a map and a good sense of direction. Once more Cain greeted him with a devious smile. The man would have more work for the fledgling necromancer, and Kannon was excited for it. Cain’s current plight was a bizarre one involving a skull in a graveyard. It involved an experiment that resulted in a skeleton being gifted with the power of knowledge and speech. Kannon listened intently as his employer told him of the strange request. As with most cases the tests while successful ended in a disaster with the subject escaping into a zombie ridden graveyard. Kannon chuckled at the idea of rescuing a skeleton from a zombie infested graveyard. So long as he was paid well, he’d rescue a zombie from a thousand necromancers.


Baska - Talking Skull[Q] F4A22HY

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Later that night, Kannon prepared himself to retrieve the talking skeleton. He was told by Cain that the skeleton had been unceremoniously dumped in an abandoned graveyard on in the outskirts. Cain, however; didn’t recall the burial ground’s location and it was up Kannon to find it. The journey to locate the graveyard was fraught with confusion and annoyance. It was late at night so as not to draw attention from the rune knights, but that meant stumbling around in the dark. Even though he was a daemon it was still incredibly dark and hard to navigate. He’d ran into the same spots a couple of times before finally reaching the accursed graveyard. He could tell this was the place because it was shrouded in wandering corpses. The zombies were thickest here indicating that he’d reached the right place. It wasn’t a small graveyard either, but quite large. Undead or not the daemon was confident he could dispose of the shambling enemy, but he knew such a fight might take too long. Instead, he thought it best to avoid the zombie horde for the moment. He only needed the skeleton anyway. It then struck him that perhaps not a fight, but a distraction was in order. Conjuring a magic circle in hand, he summoned Horde and had it attack the zombies whilst he grabbed the skull. Surpsingly everything went off without a hitch and Cain was the owner of a talking skull.


Baska - Talking Skull[Q] F4A22HY

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