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Poropo Pandering [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Pandering [Quest] Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 2:35 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of jobs he was able to take - he has yet to train his magic in the slightest so any job involving fighting was best avoided. Jobs in which violence were involved were more plentiful than the peace-loving monk wished, but not impossible to avoid. However, to avoid fighting meant doing degrading tasks like babysitting a brat - Poropo's current job. The bratty child did not know how to behave herself like a normal person - the monk's kindness was being tested left and right as the child either laughed or pouted.

There was nothing Poropo wouldn't do the child to please her, but doing so did feel humiliating, "Please...I do not wish to continue collecting so many seashells...this task is impossible...especially under the hot sun...huff, puff."

"I thought you said your skin was so red from being a farmer most of your life? Can you not pick some measly seashells from a tiny beach?" The bratty child, Sophia, was being awfully persuasive at times when Poropo felt like giving up. The monk who was once a farmer did not like his past being used against him, but he felt compelled to prove himself nonetheless.

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Poropo Poproporp
After seemingly all the seashells were picked up from the small patch of beach Sophia and Poropo were gazing upon, Sophia started to throw around the seashells while yelling, "Woohoo! Live free tiny seashells! Go back to the ocean where you belong! That mean old monk dared to pick you up and put you in a pile, but I will set you free!" Poropo would be fuming if the baking sun wasn't already overheating the rotund monk. The seashells took so long to find and longer to dig up - Poropo had gotten many micro-cuts just from handling so many seashells repeatedly at the behest of a brat.

Without complaining, Poropo watched as his hard work was flung back onto the azure beach and swept up by the tide. After a couple minutes of Sophia undoing Poropo's work, she came back to her beach chair and asked Poropo to give her some shade so she could take a small nap, "Monk, I need to rest after freeing those seashells - I don't want my skin to be damaged by the sun without my permission so I need you to provide me with shade." Poropo grumbled as he went to get something to shade the bratty Sophia.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo came back a minute later with sticks he collected from the shore. The monk stuck the long sticks into the sand around Sophia's beach chair, took his silken robe off, and flung the yellow and blue robe across the arranged sticks - Sophia was not being protected from the sun by Poropo's only article of torso protection.

"What a nice view from down here - your robe makes for a great umbrella, monk. Now just wait for me to take my nap and we will continue my day later...make sure to protect me from anything which may disturb my delicate sleep." The brat closed her eyes as she lay sleeping under the makeshift awning while Poropo look down at his work in disbelief. The monk knew he would have to watch Sophia as she slept, but he was still dumbfounded by the idea - a job is a job but his brat is turning this request into a journey.

"If only I could meditate, but if she is disturbed by anything then I might not get paid...I better just sit and watch - feels like meditation enough." Poropo continued mumbling to himself as he clasped his hands together in prayer and hoped he wouldn't have to move an inch from his seated position.

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Poropo Poproporp
After letting the sun redden his skin, waiting for Sophia to wake up from her long nap, Poropo was finally set free from his current ask as the brat woke up, "Yaaawn...I had a nice dream about picking flowers...let's go pick some flowers at the nearby forest." Poropo was glad to know the next task did not involve anything too straining - picking flowers, even if many, was less painful than picking seashells out of sand.

Poropo swiped his robe from the makeshift awning and followed Sophia to the forest on the other side of town. A small forest known for having a field of flowers surrounding the edge - a great place to pick. With the day coming to a close, Poropo felt as though nothing could go wrong which had not already gone wrong - the sun was being blocked by the shade of the trees, the flowers were small and easy to pick, and the grass was less harsh then the sand of the azure beach. However, what Poropo did not account for was Sophia's bratty behavior - when Poropo was done picking the flowers Sophia asked for, he turned around to find she was nowhere in sight! Poropo began to panic as he attempted to follow a trail of footsteps and picked flowers she left behind.

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Poropo Poproporp
A few minutes of walking around later, shouting for Sophia to come out of hiding, "Sophia! Sophia, come out of hiding so we can go home! I am not enjoying this experience," Poropo eventually heard the sound of sniffles and tears. Running in the direction of sadness, huffing and puffing from exhaustion and worry, the monk finally found Sophia huddled against a tree. She was covered in her own tears, weeping about being lost and scared.

She looked up at Poropo who had just found her, "H-how did you find m-me? W-why did you come looking for m-me? I was being so m-mean to you...I'm s-sorry...please take me h-home..." Sophia was still a little brat, but a crying child could not be scolded until she stopped weeping. Poropo simply picked her up, barely able to hold onto her with his weak arms, and carried her back home.

The kind monk was tolerant of Sophia all day and, based on the child's weeping, she was being mean to Poropo to test his kindness. Poropo just smiled and said, "It is important to test a person's kindness, I do not disagree, but perhaps next time you can give me less grueling tasks, hah hah hah! Also...don't run away again - that is never ok."

Taking her home, Poropo gave the tired Sophia to the maid who had requested the monk to look after her. A separate maid come to Poropo and thanked him by giving him his job's reward.

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