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BIN Underg11

Underground Magazine is a creative project that I decided to take time out to start. With Empyrean Divine's Ball, the war in Stella and an influx of guilds coming in I decided to use my own creative spark to bring back an aspect of FTRP that used to bring me joy during my earlier days. There seems to be a lot going on, and I plan on covering as much as I can :). This magazine is for fun and will feature a variety of mages based on who stands out. There is no rank requirement! I'll mostly be picking rpers at random so hopefully everyone has a chance at being featured. Although it is an OOC project, I don't plan on covering anything that nobody would know IC. That way Underground Mag can be referred to in character. Feel free to post ideas if you have any!

Volume 1 is coming soon so stay tuned!

*Note: The people mentioned on the cover are not always the only mages featured in the magazine.

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Full Version Magazine out! Click each page to see in full

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