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Raeburn Gamebell
- How spell "Overcharges" don't stack. Spell modifiers in general, double range/speed. How spell Overcharge makes a spell SS-rank max (SS-rank isn't mentioned anywhere in rules). I'd clearly cap to SS-rank too, besides Saiyan Magic?

- How on-hit effects are blocked by armor/defenses

- Public dev forum's unused/rewards. Companions are closed. Most magic's bad. Neutral guilds/guild perks. Old guild perks still usable, qs on Discord of w/e.

- "Battle mod"

- Many active people, doing dozens of quests. They don't have customs/custom storyline.

- Rune Event. Weapon mastery scrolls/Quivers unused. AC is stealth edited and confusing still

- Lower grade items useless, I think Kon's solutions/among other things to cull them's a good idea

- Weapon mastery does/doesn't stack with normal fight rewards. Weapon mastery is done in the statistics sheet.

- Spell template requirements, as they're inconsistent. Spell circle color, size, dmg, etc. Item spells don't have these requirements (though it's assumed the spell circles appear? for example).

- Summon enhancements (Poro, Keita very active)

- How starting a race is bad/confusing, you should buy it for an alt first.

- Buff/debuff order

- Spell durability for non-offensive/defensive, if you're affecting someone else it should be interruptable in-transit, that's it.

- Hiding appearance IC.

- Feels like a year since a guild raid.

- Flight having acceleration

- Old/new offensive knockbacks aren't allowed. Knockback being supplementary spell-type at base, as it's an enhancement for the other spell-types.

- Many things are locked in shop that shouldn't be. The "this item is now available" post staff's made before causes confusion.



General Intro Disclaimer

CTRL + F or w/e shortcut you have to search the page. I might sort this later, might not. I'm not really lookin for a middle ground, these are just my opinions for discussion. Above, middle, lower, it don't matter to me what's implemented. Free work reee.

When I look at items, I think of a few things:

Firstly, is this usable for fighting?
Is it needlessly expensive?
Is it good for it to be expensive site-wise since people will buy it anyway?
Is it something I'd use for a while even if it's lower rarity?
Is it appealing?
Does it have a good picture?
Has it ever been purchased and used?
If something's unused when so many people have seen it, why not?
Can I abuse it, has it ever been?

"Unused" refers to the last time a high-tier item sold to someone, and how they used it for a while after (like months, made it part of char).


Captain Paranoid's Bracer: This should be made clear that it's for PC or modded NPC.
Flask of Elixir: Never bought as it's useless. If it was S-rank buffs, sure.
Hermit's Ward: Boring, niche but useful. I'd include that it can make you scentless, since that's a rare effect on-site.
Magic Darkglasses: Never bought as it's inferior to every other sensory effect and widely available.
Magic Glasses: I like these.
Magic Sunglasses: I'd see these more if they were just an option under Magic Glasses.
Stonerang: Release the stone, let it be free. Give it 0 cooldown.
Balor's Might: Usable
Bolting Boots: Seconds are unholy for "Combat RP". No point in referencing them, no point in relying on them in a reduced fashion.
Dorothy's: It has little purpose. People don't mind closing their topics, or using other travel perks on-site.
Eshiga's Rage: Shield meme builds by Eshiga are possible, but I don't think many things should be limited to Adventurers since they're so few. I'd just limit Eshiga's to being used on items less than Legendary in rarity.
Hermit's Pipe: Spells
RK Pendant: Has RK taken seriously, don't see point to changing
Coil Items: CD reduction isn't good since Overheat is removed besides Punisher. I can see these never being bought due to Adventurer restriction.
Soul Ether: A custom, it's locked. Compare to the legendary medium head.
Vaulting Boots: Tis fine
White Flag: Can be funny, but I don't see it being used unless you can use it on your willing allies
Nevermore/Dracula's: Do the same thing, dunno why to get these, certainly annoying if attacking. I don't see Nevermore being used any time soon.
Elijah's: One of the best legendary relics.
Exercise Shoes: Defunct due to buff changes. It partially works still, can use 1 S-rank speed buff as Berserker for 480?+ speed.
Explorer Belt: Overtuned yes, since you're simply a superior grinder over others if you have this/Greed's at the start.
Lerzar's Glove: This is a funny idea lol, but besides pulling yourself it's not usable much. If you could steal someone's item with it, that'd be entertaining.
Magic Radar: Absolutely useless. Invading doesn't need much reason to begin with.
Magnetic Resonance: Flawed, and people metagame.
Magnetite Stone: Should be written it doesn't work on tiers, and if like Nine Heroes will the tiers be +100 speed instead.
Eye: Fluff, fighting-wise it just lets me sense mana in usefulness
Switchblade: Should be able to throw it.
Yeti Brace: The people pursuing this path will be going for high strength anyway, so this is never purchased.
School Bag: I don't see this being used ever, similar to Requip. Here's a sample effect: The user  gets a copy of ____ item(s) they can use, with separate cooldowns. Give nerfs, just make legendary, since it's a jewel sink regardless.
Wrench: Will never be used in combat.
Zeke's Cross: It has the Hunter Fear Immune, but I still think it should be eligible for Hunter discount.


Slayer's Necklace: You're an abomination that can get nerfed. It's 2 slots when races aren't that worth, dark races also have weaknesses.
Amulet of Wild Speech: Release the furries, let it work on magical beings beside special NPC, and can't use on your own companions. Wasn't there an item for your companions to speak? Good jewel sink. Feel like it got removed tho, should be made more visible with companion updates.
Other Rare Amulets: Never buy
Amahl's Mastering: Negates your own spells, sustains only, stops spell spam. The essence of balance.
Balor's Oculus: Buying a spell isn't appealing, this is actually a flaw ranged weapon items have too.
Eshiga's Wall: I feel like this should be allowed for any class anyway, for the memes, as it has little effect.
Headhunter's Keepsake: If someone's hit directly in the head by something with high damage, that's a vital hit.
Sashes: Never buy, should be reposted
Resist Necklaces: An actual option, balanced
Debuff Immune Necklaces: Bone Ring/debuff immune was available before even stronger, people didn't buy it. Debuff immune is only useful if you're letting yourself get hit already.
Millennium Puzzle: Maybe make a lesser version of this, to encourage necklaces.
Millennium Talisman: Likely the best necklace
Synergias: Buying this means you've made a mistake and you're committing to it.


Pocket Dimension Ring: Nice and balanced, a mini-Requip.
Transform Rings: Balanced, but easy to not see.
Youth Ring: Never bought, should be able to be any range imo. Even a few years before what char app allows.
Cooldown Reduction: It's only good if it's flat, people don't need nor want cooldown reduction in most fights.
Eshiga's Guard: It could be available to all classes, but only under legendary.
Gheed's Greed: Overtuned, as it makes a couple grinders better than others.
Bone Ring: You'd have to be getting hit by debuffs first.


Salem: Should have it's null mana cost changed from 400, or removed entirely I guess. This is an old pet, but it's not really OP.
Avispa: Will never be bought, gets swatted to death.
Puck: Not good for it's rarity.
Element dev companions/Digimon/lower grades like Adis: I'd never buy them, like the thematic helmets, but I can see other people doing so.
Nopons: Similar to above. My idea's to have it so the stat bonus can't be debuffed, this is a form of debuff immune people might actually get.
Munnin/Huginn: These don't pan out well, people metagame anyway and meet to social without it. Should be able to summon them.
Carla: Danger sense doesn't have much purpose in fighting, it should be made so it can respond to auto-hits like some item spells.

Stray Thoughts

Shields are high rank or bust.

Mysterious Merchant

I don't think as many people are buying/trying MM as should with their jewels. Odin abstained entirely. The reason is that vast majority of the MM is useless or unfitting of chars. Even tho MM's unlisted in shop changes, they should be.

Heavy Armor

Kendo/Training Items: Add that fight WC requirements are reduced. Could also give fight jewel bonuses.
Weapon damage bonuses: Idk if these are able to be debuffed. If they aren't able to, they'd be viable. As another suggestion, make it so when they clash with other weapons the other weapon gets their damage reduced.
Gruzmock's Chestguard: An interesting effect, I feel like some armors don't need to be tied to Adventurer unless really high-spec though. This should be buffed in a different way than it is rn.
Heavy Dwarven Armor: This is unique, and Guan Yu has similar. Knockback immune isn't that great, most people don't realize spells don't necessarily knockback since that's a specific effect. I don't think anybody "uses" spells that knockback currently.
Mercenary Vest: Both people went inactive, perhaps there's another way to have a bounty kinda armor. Also, needs to include contracts.
Volatile Core: Amusing effect, people buy it cuz it's fun.
Defender Armor: Far too niche for a legendary, will never be bought.
Visnar's Mail: Should be full reflect, I believe Forge works that way.
Guan Yu: Shouldn't ever be nerfed.

Armors are supposed to have more than (Bone Ring), by Forge. There's a unique armor and dagger that give the bind+knockback immune, they add up to way less than Guan Yu with a tier reduction.

Debuff immune was "strong" but NEVER used, it was also only strong with full debuff immune (like to Fear etc all in one sentence). It was only strong because it was ruled for a time debuffs autohit. Erebus thought that's still the case too.

Guan Yu was Legendary in dev, it's been unbought until Kenzo impulse bought. It's limited to Adventurers, and it's the only Mythic armor on-site, it's a great jewel sink.

Light Armor

One word: Boring. Okay, but also too niche. They're predictable, and White Dragon Coat wasn't bought for years. The effects could be more interesting if they're enhancement-based.

Medium Armor

Legendaries: Medium armor's generally fine to me, but the legendaries will stay unbought. I think Elder Hunter's Coat is good, but there might not even be any Hunter weapons with spells.


Lots of them are gimmicks, but only heavy headgear's really bad. The heavy headgear are bad aesthetic-wise. Guan Yu's is 5m at base for 500,000J effects.

Lerzar: This doesn't really appeal to the furries. Invisibility is widely available on-site. Summons are weak on-site already.
White Vizard: I'd only consider this if it was legendary. Takes up a slot for minor buffs.
Thematic Monarchs: Combat-wise there's not really any effect where I'd want these ever. Maybe if they had a unique effect/spell theme of some sort, but they're just cool-looking regrets.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are unusable as they're situational, stacking's easy to nerf, mana-dependent, nulled, need specific speed, one motion at a time, your own spells can clash to fade out, and melee attacks uncapped. Yes, people buy them sometimes. It's fact ranged weapons haven't been effectively used over years of existing. They're weaker than spells. Many of them are limited to Adventurers (which is just sometimes Kenzo/Ikazuchi/Nuala really in terms of B+ commitment). This is all why Quivers are unused too.

Nine Heroes

No one likes seemingly. Tempris got Jeanne really early and it's good, but that's it. Kenzo reclaimed and Morrigan's was dropped after Odin's physical weaknesses stacked. Morrigan's has the Inferior portion that needs to be replaced. Midas has highest dmg on site probs. All indestructibles should be removed. Rework them all at once.


Axes/spears are mainly Two-Handed, so it takes a slot for many people, and for not much difference. People don't want the MM Ruyi "spear" for staffs. It's too weak for a non-mage. Spear mythics have requirements, Destiny's only merit is the stat increase. Guan Yu is worst than most legendaries and was legendary in dev.

Dhuraindarin's: never been used over years and limited to Adventurers, 4m for one effect when the axe just gets broken.
Frying Pan: is effective but a meme so not something people keep.
Mjolnir: has requirements but a weak autohit for 4m. When I say 4m, I mean that's the normal discount.


Uncommon to rare staffs: These are unbought as cooldown reduction is useless without an Overheat-like effect. Even with Overheat, you'd want the higher rank cooldown reductions.
Unique Staffs: They have the similar problem, but have some more spells. People don't want to buy an item for one spell though. For a fun theme, staffs could break spell rules a bit, like the C-rank flight spell. There should be something better than one spell and cooldown reduction though.
Guitar: Too restricting, though can give 480 buffs.
Architect Frame/Ouroboros: Doesn't appeal to support characters, the random chance doesn't have real payoff.
Dawn Rising: Actually good, but confusing.
Kalaurops: Too restricting, just give a bonus to those races instead, but allow humans to use it.
Elder Sage's Staff: This is not what I think of when I think of "master mage staff". Overcharge is easy to get through many ways on-site, and Mimic Magic is better but people don't get that either. A "master mage" effect to replace could be something like better/additional enhancement(s).
Fire of Prometheus: The wording is confusing and inaccurate to it's effects. Blazing Torch doesn't increase Unending's Flame's effect when the wording says it does. The second effect by how it's written should be free of mana. Overall, the value of this item is that it makes offensives sustained and 1 rank higher.
Gambanteinn: Just as a thought, these class-restriction items shouldn't be. I think some items should also be able to copy classes, like Spellsinger/Howler's ability to use self-supplementaries on others.
Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown: Tis fine


Hunter items should be buffed.

Wasserspeier: Knock it out of someone's hand or break it and it's useless.



Daggers are unused as they're simply blocked or broken. Fists just have few items. Cain's Curse has never been used over years. Dainslef is crippling yourself for life steal you can get normally.

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