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Shopping Crisis [Quest]

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Shopping Crisis [Quest] Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 12:59 am

Magnolia was just like any other big city it seemed. Corruption was in every large society, and just about inevitable wherever large groups of people gathered. Why would you work hard for something when you could take it from someone else? Funny how the civilized world worked like that. Regardless of her personal beliefs, a job was a job.

The antique shop she stood in was unusually large given its niche. Forty meters wall to wall, but even with all that real estate space seemed cramped. Shelves, tables, and cabinets of all kinds formed neat aisles, and were covered with all sorts of odds and ends. The streetlights outside shone through the slanted blinds at the front windows, barely giving any illumination within the building. Having been waiting since sundown, the demi-human’s eyes had long since adjusted to the dark, and she stalked through the various aisles for a little bit of window shopping to kill time.

She stopped at a table near the front that held a large glass case. Various gemstones sat inside, varying in size from a marble to a golf ball. A few of them caught her eye due to their colors. A lush green. A vibrant red. Icy blue. Perhaps her eyes rested upon the treasures for a bit too long, though.

Calamity Hungers

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One of the front windows shattered as a brick crashed through the glass. Hoots of laughter could be heard from outside as thugs marched upon the store as predicted. Glancing over her shoulder at the thrown brick Nadine couldn’t find it in herself to shy away from smiling. A green magic seal appeared over her right hand as she snapped her fingers, activating a Self Buff spell to boost her strength. She then moved to stand next to the front wall, between the front door and the broken window.

While the thieves could use the window to get in she didn’t expect them to. They were here to make a statement. Robbing the place was a secondary objective.

Hard thumping bashed against the door until the wood around the lock gave way, letting the door swing inwards quickly from the last blow. Nadine held out a hand to catch the door before it could hit her, and used it to hide behind as footsteps entered the shop. It sounded like three people judging from the voices and noises. As they talked about what to break and what to take Nadine quietly pushed the door back to block the exit. Doing so blocked the rectangle of light that had filtered in from the doorway, but by the time the men turned around she was already on them.


Calamity Hungers

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The first thug was pulled back towards the door and thrown straight through it, landing back out on the street. The second was downed from a punch to the throat, a punch that Nadine didn’t cheap out on. Maybe she shouldn’t have intentionally abused his windpipe, but his welfare was not her concern. The last man raised up a baseball bat and brought it down as Nadine defensively brought up an arm. The blow stung, but that just egged her on to finish things. She was able to grab a hold of the bat before yanking it away. Instead of using it on its previous owner though she suddenly turned around to bring it down upon the man clutching his throat on his knees.

The bat shattered from the impact and floored the would-be thief as he went silent.

Still holding onto the handle of the broken bat Nadine glanced over her shoulder at the remaining thug.

“Sorry, his gurgling was getting annoying,” she admitted softly and coldly. “Where were we?”

She ended up using the splintered end of the bat to stab the man in the stomach as they wrestled on the floor. Several displays had fallen over making a mess on the floor. Once the last man stopped moving though Nadine stood up taking heavy breaths of air. Adrenaline was still pumping through her, although she didn’t know if it was the battle lust, hunger, or just her slowly losing her grasp on things that made her slowly lick at the blood on her gloves.


Calamity Hungers

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One of the displays that had survived the encounter was the jewelry case. Eyeing it with a frown the woman took a long minute to think about something. Without a word she grabbed the brick off the ground and chucked it through the glass. Before all the transparent shards even settled on the floor she had her hands inside the case snatching at the stones she had been looking at earlier.

The morality of stealing from crooks was irrelevant to her. She wasn’t going to justify the theft. She just wanted the items, and that was that. The gemstones went into a pocket before she left the store. Nadine stopped just outside however, noticing that the man she had thrown through the door was trying to crawl away from the scene. If this wasn’t a targeted incident she might have let him go, but if even one of these men escaped no doubt the shop owner would only suffer worse later.

A firm stomp crushed the second windpipe for the night, and then she was off. She wasn’t sure what she’d do with the gems she took. Maybe sell a couple, and keep the rest. Treating herself to prime cuts at the butcher shop sounded like a great idea too.


Calamity Hungers

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