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Poropo and Poltergeist [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo and Poltergeist [Quest] Empty Mon Aug 23, 2021 12:46 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was not excited to be doing a job involving haunted mansions, but the homeless monk needed money for more comfortable sleeping location - the streets have not been kind to Poropo's aging bones. The job required Poropo to enter a mansion without destroying anything and clear the ghost inside - easier said than done, especially considering the relatively measly reward, "A job is a job...bless me with your kindness, Iron Deity."

At the front door of the mansion, Poropo looked up and around at all the windows which seemed sealed by some strange magic. The front door seemed like the only way in or out - Poropo would need to orient his sense of direction towards the front of the mansion if he did not want to get trapped inside. With one final prayer to the Iron Deity, Poropo stepped inside of the lonesome building, "May the Iron Deity bless my way."

Opening the door and stepping in, Poropo was greeted by a slap on his rear by aggressively-closing doors - the front doors had shut themselves closed without input from the monk, "Ahk! Well...no turning back like I thought I could..." Scared and seemingly alone, Poropo started to wander through the dimly lit corridors of the mansion.

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo slowly waddled through the mansion in search of something - a ghost, perhaps, or a different kind of apparition causing the old structure to be magically inclined to keep doors and windows shut from the outside world. The monk shook as he kept his hands clasped in prayer, hoping his passage throughout the ominously large mansion would be kept danger-free by the purity of the Iron Deity.

With no magic to rely on, Poropo could only run, hide, or bargain if something attacked. The defenseless old man did not have the foresight to even begin the train the magic gifted to him by the Iron Deity, "I am a fool for taking so many jobs which could be easily solved using the almighty magic gifted to me by the Iron Deity..."

Step by step, the darkness within the mansion increased until there was only one room left to check - a room Poropo had avoid a couple times up to this point. From the closed door of this final room could a hushed huffing and puffing be heard - the sound of an injured animal or otherworldly creature. By this point, Poropo knew the cause of all the seals on the windows came from the final room, "Ugh...alright...I need to confront this creature now and hope my death is not today...b-bless me great, pure, and b-benevolent Iron Deity..."

Poropo grabbed the handle of the last room, pushed down, and slowly swung open the creaking door. The huffing and puffing was more noticeable with the door being wide open, and Poropo's eyes witnessed a dark, hairy creature chained by seals similar in appearance to the seals on the window. A scary sight but Poropo had a feeling this creature was a victim more than a danger, "H-hello...may the Iron Deity b-bless you."

There was a tiny, crooked box in front of the hairy creature - just out of reach from what Poropo could see. The creature did not say a word, not responding to Poropo's presence in the slightest, "Well...perhaps this strange box is the cause of this mess..." Poropo grabbed the box and attempted to throw the box! The box weakly bounced against the floor and the monk knew he was not strong enough.

However, the box bounced in such a way as to enter the sphere of influence of the hairy creature. Seeing an opportunity, the hairy creature pulled on the chains with great force and smashed the box apart with a raging strike! The darkness in the mansion vanished with a sparkle, the visage of the creature fading, too. The curse on the mansion was no more as Poropo was left dumbfounded by the events which just transpired, "I really need to train my magic...after I get my reward."

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