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South to West [Travel]

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Atani had said her goodbyes-- Or rather, she said her single goodbye. Not to Alisa, not to Daiko, but to Manzo. She had intended on it being a short and pleasant farewell with them enjoying mimosas on the beach, but as with every encounter the two seemed to have, it ended in tears. This one in particular ended with her admitting things she never thought she would admit to the Dragon Slayer. She told him of her lost memories. She told him of her struggles with the dark side. She told him of her distrust in Blue Pegasus. She told him of her inability to control magic. Through some spell, she did not tell, but rather showed him her greatest fears and how they came true... how she hurt and killed innocent people.

Manzo struggled with the darkness himself, but in a different way. That experience, she hoped, would help him further understand her decision to leave Blue Pegasus. Among other reasons, there was no way she could safely reside in Blue Pegasus like that. LeeAnn's guild, however, offered better opportunities for her. Safer opportunities. Connections that could help her overcome her problems.

Once Atani was out of sight from Manzo, she wiped away the tears that had budded in the corners of her eyes. She sipped her drink along the streets of Hargeon, not even caring at this point if someone stopped her. This was her last day in Hargeon. If she wanted to drink a mimosa on public ground, she sure as hell would do it.

After her glass was empty, she returned it to the pocket dimension with the aid of her ring. That little piece of jewelry would make packing up so much easier. Having known she would leave for Astera, Atani already gave the heads up to her landlord. She terminated her lease early, and she was safe to leave Hargeon. It would a long trip to Astera, but thankfully she had her gryphon Throndil to tag along for the ride. Once she was packed, she hopped on his back, and off they flew to her new home.

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