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Golden Scissor [Q]

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Golden Scissor [Q] Empty Sun Aug 22, 2021 12:32 am

Another day, another dollar. Bryson woke up early this morning, in spite of all the constant training he had been doing. His body was sore, he was hungry, but at least he had a place to stay in Baska. Odin had given him some funds for his travels so he was able to stay in pretty fancy inns. Still, he needed to make his own money. Luckily the same dude who he had found the fancy fabrics for had reached out to the child again for assistance. So Bryson made his way downtown, walking fast, faces past but he knew absolutely nobody. Everyone was...white. It was like he was swimming in a a jar of mayonnaise.

He noticed that not a single person was brown. With a shrug he continued on until he reached the storefront. Pulling his hood down he stepped into the store and was greeted by the designer who he worked for last time, rummaging through the fabrics frantically. Perhaps he was on a tight schedule. Either way Bryson didn't say a word. His client was happy to see him though. Quickly the designer told him what the deal was. He needed a special pair of scissors to cut the fabric, but apparently there were a lot of other people who would be looking for them. After absorbing that info, it was clear what the newly enlisted page had to do. His next stop was the marketplace. It was important for him to be there before it opened.



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The instructions were as clear as ever. Brysons task was to obtain the golden scissors by convincing the buyer to sell it to him. The only reason he wouldn't just straight up steal it was because he was apart of the Rune Knights now and if they found out he was misrepresenting them by not upholding the law, then he probably would be fired. He needed this gig for a number of reasons, mostly because it paid well. So the little page put his hood back over his head and walked out of the shop, making his way to the market place to do what he hated most; talk to people he didn't know. The soon-to-be knight made his way over there rather quickly, finding a whole line of people waiting for the market to open.

Then he saw another crowd of people shouting why they should get the scissors, so he knew where the special merchant was. With a sigh he made his way through the crowd, pushing his way through until he finally was in front of the Merchant. "Excuse me..." he began. Alas, his tiny voice was no match for the booming voices of men. "EXCUSE ME."He said loudly, commanding everyones attention-including the merchant. "I-I am an upcoming designer in Baska... I come from a long line of poor merchants and somehow I've managed to make it here all the way from the other side of the country just to purchase these special scissors. You see, sir, I am serious about my craft. Nothing would make me happier than buying these from you with the jewels I saved up."

The Merchant smiled. He knelt down and nodded his head. He was convinced! Without any further question the man exchanged the special scissors for the jewels Bryson had. The crowd grunted and before long they were all walking away. A little lie never hurt nobody, right? Bryson brought the scissors back to Fernando where he received his payout. Easy money baby.



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