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Something Fishy [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Something Fishy [Quest: Lee] Empty Sat Aug 21, 2021 10:34 pm

Lee Nakamura
It was a clear, sunny day in Astera as per ususal. LeeAnn did some digging about the town seeing it was a port town similar to Hargeon. Hikari begged and begged her to go to the local aquarium or go swimming. Though, Lee was too reluctant to really go there with her deep rooted fear of drowning because she didn't know how to swim. It was the only thing her father didn't think about when he was taeching her magic. Her mother was the only one who insisted on it, but never was listened to. Lee was at the docks, the smell of raw fish never bothered her, but it was cooking seafood that made her gag. There was something about the smell of freshly cooking seafood that never set right with her.

Fisherman were complaining about taking the fish. There had been less and less fish being caught over the past few weeks. It was too early or fast for a pattern like this to really be considered natural. Ragtime took over without hesitation. This was his area of study. "Afternoon, gentlemen. I overheard your little problem. I am mage of Blue Pegasus. Perhaps I could be of use to you to find this source" she spoke. Ragtime used Lee's feminine body to persuade the men to swoon her way. She purred a little or well, Ragtime was doing all of this. Her body was the vessel, he had the controls. It was orginally apart of their agreement. Lee twirled her hair waiting for a response. The men before her grew flustered a little then gave in.

"Every week, the daily count of fish has become lower and lower. We believe there is a creature lurking in the area where the fish are good. No matter what we do, we cannot be rid of the beast" explained one. Ragtime tapped Lee's finger on her chin, thinking. He asked for information about where the beast was located. She grew even more excited for a fight, but there was one thing. She couldn't swim. This made Ragtime grin in excitement.

"Don't worry" he would say over and over again. Whatever he was planning, it did not sit well with her. The spirit controlled her body to head towards the cove where the fishermen had spoken about. IT was a little ways from the docks, which was okay. It still was on her mind how embarrassing it was that she didn't know to swim. There was a small cove with clear water. It was crystal clear with a turquoise color that slowly faded into a deep blue. She gulped internally. She gained more control of her body while Ragtime inched her closer to the shoreline. She was on a rocky cliff below, several feet directly above the water.

"Ragtime, I cannot do this! This is way too crazy. Are you insane?" She thought in a frantic moment. Without Lector lifting her into the water, that would be easier, but now he wanted Lee to dive off the several-foot cliff. Ragtime controlled her body to water away several meters. She was forced to dash as fast as she could to jump directly into the ocean water. Ragtime used her feet to push off the edge of the rocky slope. Now her body was free-falling, LeeAnn internally screamed and freaked out. She cussed Ragtime out in many many different languages he didn't even know neither did she. She was angry with him. "I am going to fucking kill you seven different times you crazy, stupid, spirt" she cursed inside her mind towards him. Ragtime was laughing too hard to really care. SHe landed in the warm water below her with a solid splash. Ragtime had control of her body, so she was able to swim or he was. Which ever way you looked at it to be honest.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

Something Fishy [Quest: Lee] Empty Sun Aug 22, 2021 12:07 am

Lee Nakamura
Lee spat out the water as Ragtime controlled her motions to keep her afloat. She felt her fox tails being lowered due to the weight of the fur. She looked around. Nothing really came to the surface. Ragtime hummed a little thinking again.The water bobbed up and down. The cove was closed off more some from the rest of the ocean with natural rock barrires. This was a perfect place to fish with plent of hiding spots for any fishermen or commerical fishing boats. She climbed onto a rock that was slippery, but sturdy and big enough for her to sit on. Without Lector, she couldn't really fly over to study and survey the area. This will have to do.

LeeAnn noticed how calm the water was, of course. The rock barriers surrounded te cove at all sides with the cliff Ragtime had forced her to jump from to be the highest point of twenty feet. What could be the source of all the fish disappearing? Lee thought of them overfishing could be the problem. IT was most likely possible or another competitor found heir spot? The realsitic idea of that happening was much greater than a beast calling this place home. It looked to be too shallow of any large beast to really make a permanet residence. Though, She didn't know much about animals. She was trying since her daughter really loved animals. LeeAnn was learning all she could. This was the perfect opportunity to observe and learn.

"KID, LOOK" Ragtime screamed. It forced her to look forward to see a huge wake heading straight for her. Ragitme forced Lee to jump clear of the wake. She dove into the water away from the creature. Two massive fin, fish-like apperance... no. Make it four large fins. LeeAnn couldn't tell what kind of creature this was, but it was for sure aggressive enough to attack her like that. The creature rose itself out of the ocean with water parting. It revealed itself with a massive fin top. Lee went underwater as she dragged her under. It was very aggressive. The creature's eyes were sharp and human-like which gave her a uncanny feeling, but it was covered in fish-like scales and weird teeth. It was similar to the Dunkleosteus hybrid with a large dinosaur. It reminded her of something out of Stella. Though, it was here. How? Well, now was not hte time because she was deprived of air. She took Sting and stabbed it as hard as she could in the eye. The creature wail as she swam up for air. LeeAnn gasped.

She swam fractically to the shoreline, the rocky barriers. Those were her only savior. The stab should buy her more time before the creature could catch up to her. Ragtime forced Lee's limits to be push by speeding up her swiming. She used all of her energy to make it to the rocky shores. Behind her the creature rammed it's head into the through several rocks on the way to her. She freaked out and grabbed into the rocky barrier, now on land. The creature didn't stop. It rammed it's thick head into the rocky barrier then did it again adn again. LEeAnn watched it give up and turn away. She sighed in relief. Lector came just in time.

"You're late!"

"I know, I know I over slept. Wait did you just swim?"


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#3Lee Nakamura 

Something Fishy [Quest: Lee] Empty Sun Aug 22, 2021 7:46 am

Lee Nakamura
Lee frowned and turned away. She was a little mad at Ragtime for doing what he did. "Yeah...Ragtime was behind it" she whispered. Lector realized. Ever since the incident, he saw Ragtime for the first time in the flesh during the battle. Then, he believed. He stared at the creature who was still lurking around as he kept eyeing the creature. Thoughtfully, a light bulb went off in his brain. He tugged LeeAnn's tunic.

"What if we get him to leap out of the water and then go in for the kill" he smiled. Lee stared at him then at the covers. She assessed the situation. The cove was much too small for a creature this large. If it was this hostile, what would it be like for little kids or other fisherman if their Iives were endangered. That ancient beast could crush through boulders without any problem she gave anlarge gulp then turned her head to her partner.

"If we manage to, this creature has to be killed. It's a danger to fisherman and others who come to this cove" she spoke. Lector shrugged. Since Stella, she had been more aware of the lives of other creatures. She felt guilty even, but she has a reason to. She the safety of those who lived here. "It's your call, we could move it, but it would come back again" he told her. She sighed.

"We have to kill it. It could be a danger to those in the aream couldn't live with myself if someone got hurt yet my own daughter. Hikari does swim in the ocean" she spoke.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#4Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Shoreline was covered with rough waters that made everything harder for her. A lot of animals had fled the area due to the creature plaguing the area. Lector caused her to realize that this was the one reason why the fish had fled. Not because he was eating the fish, but he was scaring the fish so much. Even the sharks were gone at the scene of the crime. LeeAnn had begun to realize how much she was wrong about her daughter loving Biology.

The creature stirred and lurked nearby, eyeing them as if ready to strike. She swung Sting in a single motion and reay to battle. Lector wrapped his tail around her waist and lifted her into the air. Without hesitation, they lowered themselves to lure the creature towards them. LeeAnn had learned how to read human behaviors. The same applied with animal behaviors, it was all a simple tick and pattern one had to read very closely. IT was how observant the creature and the human were with each toher. The wind was just right, not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Lee called out to the creature.

"Oi, fish face! Over here" she called towards him.

The creature stared up and hissed as it stirred. IT dove into a lower depth and rose above to grab the creature. LeeAnn had called to her partner to fly higher. LEctor flew as fast as his little wings could carry him. With the right timing, she predicted to stab the creature into the eye and blind it then stab it right in the chest and back of the head. She had Lector loosen his tail and letting her go, she felt downwards towards the creature. Without a word, she swung her sword to a downward position to stab the creature in the other eye. The beast's head swung to the left causing her to fall, but using her sword to stop her fall, but also, grew to tear into the creature's flesh like a knife to butter. Blood spurted onto her face and caused her growl as she grew to fall downward. A long, deep gash made the creature wince. Lector had the bright idea to throw rocks he found on shore and throw it at the beast. LeeAnn hung on rocks hit the creature. This caused her to get some time and climb onto the creature. She slowly climbed onto it nad fround to that the base of the skull. Stabbing the creature with all her might, she peircedh er sword into the base of its skull and twisted the sword. A loud roar bellowed from the beast sending her flying. She landed in the water. The whole coved was turning crimson. She shook herself and stared at the creature. It was dead. Lector helped her to shore as she looked at the ugly beast.

"Damn...now that I look at it, it's freaking ugly! I ahve no idea what it was doing here or what it wanted to accomplish" she stated. Taking the beast as a trophy to displace later.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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