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The Holy Saint vs. The 'Evil' Demon [Tempris]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

The Holy Saint vs. The 'Evil' Demon [Tempris] Empty Wed Aug 18, 2021 9:17 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
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” ‘Sigh’ – Another piece of garbage.” Kenzo tossed the book he was reading to his side. The warrior was resting under the shade of a tree, wondering if he’d ever find the answer he sought.  The ‘Ancient Stellan remedies for purging evil spirits’ tome that now laid in the floor was exactly the 1,427th book the Bellan had skimmed through looking for a solution. Kenzo took his hand and placed it over the right side of his face as he bit his lip. The evil looking jawbone protruding from his right cheek ached stronger than usual that day, reminding him once again of his greatest failure.

It had almost been twenty years since the then blue haired boy had been cursed by a Demon. Even if he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, Kenzo knew the magical seal branding his right arm was glowing with evil intent. He could feel the bloodlust oozing out of it, almost pulsating as if with life. The man had been stripped from his magical powers as a kid as a consequence, leaving him with a sinister jawbone and a hole in the middle of his torso. He’d spent years looking for a cure, but after discarding the book he’d just bought from a local witch for being useless, he was starting to lose hope.

The thought in itself irritated the man, making his blood boil for a second. His hot bloodedness made him stand up immediately, making him turn around as he blindly swung his sword against the tree that had given him shelter for the last hours. His golden blade immediately materialized out of thin air, cutting the thick, old tree as if made out of butter. Kenzo’s anger turned his face into a certainly scary one, only further complimented by the ominous jawbone that emanated an evil aura.

”Kyaaa!!!!” A woman screamed as the large tree slowly began to fall upon herself and her partner. The couple was having a picnic at the opposite end of where Kenzo swung and were barely able to jump out of the way before being squashed by the tree. The boyfriend – or at least whom Kenzo assumed to be her boyfriend – valiantly turned towards the culprit of their near-death experience. ”HEY YOU! You better apologize bastard!”

His words further irritated an already ticked Kenzo. It seemed like he needed to blow off some steam, and here was the perfect victim for it. His eyes glanced threateningly at the boyfriend while he traced with his tongue the tip of one of his “outer” fangs. ”You better get the hell out of here before things get scary Mr. Hero~” The mercenary pointed the end of his large golden sword at the man.

Kenzo was obviously not planning on doing anything life threatening to the poor guy. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, should no one be to interfere, the swordsman would give him the scare of a lifetime.

The Holy Saint vs. The 'Evil' Demon [Tempris] UHYLjLw


The Holy Saint vs. The 'Evil' Demon [Tempris] Empty Mon Aug 23, 2021 5:26 pm


It was a warm day. Tempris had her lemur on her shoulder and was looking for a place to train. Given the creatures performance when she was fighting Gunter, she felt like it needed some blessings, prayers, and some help. Her sword was resting on her shoulder opposite of the lemur. The girl wore a black dress with gold markings, a black veil with a gold cloth covering her forehead, and brown boots. It was a more simple outfit but she did not need anything fancy for training. She found a nice spot that was insight of just a couple which was eating by a tree. There tempris ordered her lemur to fly around and pretend to attack her. The lemur tried but it was so slow. Tempris went to poke it with her sword but stopped just long enough for the creature to dodge her.

It was boring. The creature needed more motivation. It needed to fight a real opponent to grow stronger. Suddenly, the girl heard a scream. She look to the coupe and saw another man there harassing the couple and the tree fell down. Tempris was going to ignore the whole event but all the yelling was making her lemur upset. Thus she could not train. So she stormed up to the three people stopping 10 meters away from the man who was harassing people and demanded that he stop being annoying. He was bothering her lemur and the lemur needed to train and become a proud warrior of Illumin. She was wearing all her gear and had her sword on her shoulder with both hands on the handle which made the sword light up in holy flames.


Str:  [267 AAA-Rank] +150 weapon + 13.35 (5% str Weapon Mastery) [430.35 3A-Rank Weapon damage]
Spd: [29] 10m/s | 20m/s
Con: [61] 3S-Rank 6 post run. 2 lunge a post
End: 21+60 (earrings) [81] S-Rank
Int: 10+100 (Chestpiece) [110] 30% Mana Cost Reduction
Mana: 2,200

Magic Element: Light

Magic Name Holy Flame of Illumin

Bless with Illumin's will, The Holy Flame of Illumin smites foes and heal allies under the white and blue purifying flames. Victims of these flames will be burn to ash. Those outside of the flame's wrath will be privilege to bask in its warmth. Let all sin be purified from this world and all heretics feel the wrath of Illumin so that their souls may be freed.

Weapon: Jeanne D'arc's Sword

Head: Black Plague Mask

Body: White Dragon Cloak

Earrings: Zameen Earrings

Necklace:  Amulet of Magical Resistance

Ring: Gheed's Greed

Relic: None

Companion:Chucking Lemur

The Holy Saint vs. The 'Evil' Demon [Tempris] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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