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Overpowering [Alisa]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Overpowering [Alisa] Empty 8/18/2021, 10:28 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
Tag: @Alisa | 390 Words | Outfit

With just a distant glance, Kenzo could feel the thrill. A rush that surged from the pit of his stomach and coursed through every fiber of his body to remind him why this was exactly the reason he lived for. There was no need for pretention, Kenzo could very well be defined as a battle junkie. It was what he’d done for the longest time, and in a slightly twisted way, one of his guilty pleasures. As he tried to contain himself, the mercenary continued walking down the stone stairs that led to the training grounds. The Empyrean Gala had started with a blast, Karisa throwing out a party that would probably become legendary. A couple of days had passed since then without much happening in between. It was for that reason that Kenzo burst out of his room without thinking as soon as he heard the gossiping maids speaking about Alisa Vollan. One of them had caught wind of the white empress training by herself, swinging a massive blade as if it was lighter than a feather.

And here she was.

Kenzo approached his guild master carefully, delighting himself in the sight of a person that had dedicated her entire being to strive for perfection. He took a deep breath, his heart rushing and increasing its rate considerably. The male had a question he’d wanted to make for a long time.

”Would you be up for a spar, boss?”

Kenzo felt as if a massive weight had gotten off his shoulders. A part of his mind was honestly wondering why he felt so giddy, as if he’d just asked his middle-school crush to be his girlfriend. But hey, asking arguably the strongest person in the continent for a spar was definitely something like it, right? The warrior extended his hand to his side before a long golden blade materialized out of thin air from his pocket dimension ring. Masamune was certainly a magnificent weapon, much like the pitch-dark blade that the sculptress carried. The outcome of the fight didn’t matter, what was driving Kenzo crazy was the prospect of the biggest thrill of his life. How would he compare to her? How much could he push her to her limits? How much more could he grow from the experience? The possibilities were endless… The only thing needed? A yes.


Overpowering [Alisa] Empty 8/21/2021, 2:31 pm


WORDS: 340 | TAG: @Kenzo | WORKOUT 

Alisa spent most of her time training. It should come as no surprise considering the power she wielded, but some people seemed to think power like that just grew on trees. Well they couldn't be further from the truth. The Guild Master of Blue Pegasus got up at daybreak every day, and immersed herself in a grueling, daily training regimen, with no more than a light meal of fruit and coffee to get herself going. She didn't know how long she'd end up staying in Stella this time around, but at the end of the day that mattered little: At the same time as always, she got up from bed, had her breakfast, and ran off, a warm up jog longer than most marathon runner's. She'd found a nice, discreet little patch of land where she could immerse herself in her workout without anybody disturbing her, but one in particular had gone out of his way to look for her, calling out to her just as she finished a set of punches. Clad in nothing but a purple set of shorts and sports bra, her tall, curvaceous form adorned with a flushedsheen of sweat, however long she'd been at it was anyone's guess, but she clearly had a lot of fuel left in the tank as she finally heard that familiar voice calling out to her:

"Oh, you're a sight for sore eyes, Kenzo~...", replied the sculptress, nibbling her bottom lip as she knew only one thing could have brought the man all this way. As such, she turned around to face her fellow guild member, running a hand along her sweaty forehead to wipe off the excess wetness, thrilled to find a fellow early riser in her guild.

Sofia for one liked to sleep in, pretty much every other day really, leaving Alisa all alone in the mornings to do her thing, and well, this was one of them~... At the same time, no matter how hard she trained, Alisa knew something too well: Raw power is nothing without the experience to back it. Ever since becoming the Master of such a dependable guild, she seldom had powerful foes to fight anymore, and though her power had grown:

"Now there's a thought I can get behind... Has been a while since I had a swordsman of your caliber to face off against.", her cool faint smile widened into a grin as she watched him whipping out ever single piece of equipment he'd acquired throughout his travels, and in return, Alisa could only respond in kind. Raising her dominant left hand, the ring on her finger glew as she pulled out her equipment in turn, everything save for Ezekiel's holy cross, as the visor obscured most of her face save for that ecstatic faint smile on her lips, "Then, shall we do it the good old fashioned way~...?"

She could never beat Finn in a swordfight, the same kind of sparring she'd just challenged Kenzo too... And considering Finn had handpicked him to be a part of his guild, she couldn't imagine just what kind of training he might have put his guild through. But now here it stood, right before her. The chance to find out for herself~

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Overpowering [Alisa] CyhFjWA

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#3Kenzo Valens 

Overpowering [Alisa] Empty 8/22/2021, 9:48 pm

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo Valens
The Espada
Tag: @Alisa | 595 Words | Outfit

Kenzo could feel the adrenaline intensifying as soon as he heard his guild master agree. A flashback blitzed through his mind in an instant, making him remember the days when he was still an Advent World member. The warrior had heard heaps of praise and words of admiration for Alisa back when he first got to the country. She had been Blue Pegasus’ guild master for a long time before he came to Fiore, so her exploits were known by everyone. Everywhere he went, there were discussions over whom the strongest mage in the land was, most inevitably pointing at the Hargeon sculptress. Since so long ago Kenzo had put his sights on crossing blades against her one day. His first opportunity to see her in action came with the Grand Magic Games held in Crocus, where she triumphed in a fierce battle over Venus Rose.

The mercenary was one of the thousands filling the colosseum, mesmerized by the sheer overpowering might of their fight. He was far too weak back then, even he could agree to that. He’d sworn himself many years ago he’d become the strongest person in the continent, even lacking magic as he was. As he saw the battle, he realized the title of the strongest now had a face. That encounter sparked a light inside the swordsman; it was the spark that drove him everyday to wake up earlier than anyone else and go to sleep later than everyone else. The spark to challenge his limits and take his body to its breaking point over and over. The spark to travel across the country, risk his life and venture into the unknown in search of ancient and mythical relics that could rival his ambitions. As he saw Alisa agree on his little proposition he simply smiled with satisfaction.

”I Hope I can make you sweat a little at the very least, though I’m unsure if I’ve ever had an opponent of your caliber before” The mercenary chuckled and replied with a face full of confidence as the rest of his gear covered his body, save for Beowulf’s Axe. It was still too early for him to fight using the towering axe, so he decided to keep it inside his pocket dimension ring. He also felt more comfortable wielding swords anyway.

”Hoho~ Sounds like fun ” The proposition of a swordfight made sense to the warrior, considering the place they were at the moment. Since it was a spar, it was better not to destroy the entire surrounding area by going too ham. After all, Kenzo would never turn down a swordfight and it was the perfect opportunity to setup Alisa for a following fight with everything they had at a later date. He had fought against Finn in the past, and he had to admit he was one of the most talented sword masters he’d ever encountered. Considering he was not in this world anymore, this spar held even more of a symbolic meaning.

Positioning himself 5 meters away from Alisa, he unsheathed his 2-meter-long blade and held it with both hands, positioning it at the right side of his body in a back-right guard stance. Masamune’s tip pointed at the ground, allowing Kenzo to quickly respond to any incoming attacks. The warrior’s right eye instantly glowed with a blueish flame, activating its sensorial capabilities, and allowing the man to see everything around him in a 25-meter area. Nodding his head, Kenzo spoke again.

”Ready when you are” He’d allow Alisa the first attack. She was his superior after all.

Battle Details

Mana: [7400/7400]

Durability (Items Worn):
  • Masamune: Indestructible
  • Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor: [4/4] S-Ranks
  • Magnetite Stone: [1/1] S-Rank
  • Amulet of Magical Resitance: [1/1] S-Rank
  • Pocket Dimension Ring: [1/1] A-Rank

Strength: 726
  • Base: 501
  • Masamune: +140
  • Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor: +60
  • Weapon Mastery: +5% (+25)
Damage: 2x S - Rank
Speed: 221
  • Base: 81
  • Masamune: +40
  • Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor: +100
Lunge: 15 m/s
Run Speed: 35 m/s
Constitution: 127
  • Base: 127
Hit Points: 4x S - Rank
Lunge: Thrice per Post
Run Duration: 7 Posts
Endurance: 239
  • Base: 239
Pain Tolerance: 2x S - Rank
Intelligence: 1
  • N/A

Effects & Passives

  • [Warrior] - Raider: You are used to wearing heavy-weight armor and wielding heavy weapons. The speed reduction that is applied for wearing heavy-weight armor, heavy weapons, and shields doesn't apply to you.

  • [Warrior] - Tyrant: Your weapon receives one rank less damage from blows it receives. In addition, you receive a Minor Magical Resistance.

  • [Warrior] - Reaver: You receive a cooldown reduction of 2 posts on all spells attached to Swords, Axes, and Spears. In addition, you receive a 1 post cooldown reduction on spells attached to every other piece of equipment that you are wearing.

  • [Masamune] - Dispel Magic: Masamune dispels spells upon contact. The wielder of Masamune must pay the equal amount of mana as the spell they dispelled.

  • [Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor] - Guan Yu's Heroic Resilience: The user cannot be knocked back.

  • [Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor] - Guan Yu's Mad Prowess: The user is unaffected by Debuff-type spells.

  • [Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor] - Guan Yu's Unwavering Might: The user cannot be bound. If the user is moving while a Binding-type spell is cast on them, they will move through the spell. If the user is standing still, they can break free without effort to move out of it.

  • [Guan Yu's Heavenly Armor] - Speed Drawback: The user suffers from a -100 Speed reduction or one tier. Whichever is higher applies. (-100 Speed)

  • [Magnetite Stone]: Drawbacks attached on items that would hinder the user's speed instead raise their speed for that amount.

  • [Amulet of Magical Resistance]: The user receives Minor Resistance to magical damage.

  • [Dhan-Galhoul's White Eye] - White Eye:
    • The user has 360º unobstructed sensory of anything physical and magical within a field of 25 meters diameter.
    • Sensory does not mean equal sight and thus colors cannot be observed, for example.


Overpowering [Alisa] Empty 8/28/2021, 11:44 am


WORDS: 600 | TAG: @Kenzo | WORKOUT 

Yeah, that's the look~... Alisa recognized that look in the eyes of a fight junkie, she knew many of them in Blue Pegasus. After all, combat too was an artform in and of itself, even if not many realized the elegance of utterly and one sidedly dominating your enemy, sometimes even before a single drop of blood needed to be spilled. Her lips widened into a knowing grin as her fists tingled with excitement, yet even then she couldn't help but chuckle at his words:

"Ufufu~... You're selling yourself short Kenzo. As far as swordfighting goes, you're my equal at the very least", spoke the sculptress, not a single doubt in her mind as to why exactly had Kenzo been chosen to succeed Finn as the leader of Advent World, chosen oven even someone like Noel who was a monster of a fighter in his own right.

Alisa looked to her sparring partner without underestimating him for even a single moment, quite the opposite, she couldn't help but nibble her bottom lip at the though what he'd been fighting. At the same time... So he wasn't pulling out the axe hmm? The legendary relic hailing from the same country as Alisa's paternal family... She had to admit though, she kinda wanted to see that~... Perhaps she'd just have to persuade him to whip it right out.

"Had a feeling you'd like that.", she snickered, not the slightest bit intimidated by facing her opponent in his own playing field. After all, what is a sparring match if not an opportunity to improve your skills? And the way she saw it, her swordfighting was unquestionably the weak link, surprising for something she so often resorted to, "This should be a good way finally put my eye to the test~"

And thus, she watched him positioning himself, unsheathing that massive blade that rivalled even her own greatsword, while she held her ground and allowed him to freely choose his starting position. Her own left eye turned white as Alisa activated the same ocular power her opponent posessed, gripping Yoru firmly in her leading left hand, as she held it out to the left side, the tip pointing down ever so slighly close to the ground while her body, loose and limber from the preciding warmup, stood ready to spring to action at any moment. However, the moment came only once Kenzo stated gis readiness, leaving it to the guild master to start off:

"Well then...Let's have a good, clean fight~"

And with that tried and tested line heard from her Joyan comrades, Alisa charged. Against an enemy on the battlefield, she'd have most certainly not announced it so. Anybody would resort to deception with their lives on the line, that was only human. Nobody wants to die, or see their loved ones threatened. But here... Alisa cooly and ecstaticly announced her advance as she dashed roughly three meters towards his left side, just enough to leave Kenzo within reach of her attack. Her right foot came down first as she ended her dash, her sword slicing in a horitzonal, left to right slash as she put her. Cleaving at a slight upwards angle, her sword would cut cleanly across his midsection if not defended against.

A swift, simple strike to begin their spar as Alisa refrained from putting her full weight behind the slash, but nonetheless gripped the hilt with both hands as the sensory prowess of her left eye kept a close watch on her opponent's every move, ready to respond to whatever action he took as he defended himself.


All gear equipped except for Zeke's Cross

STRENGTH : 656 (+165)
SPEED : 722 (+45)
MANA : 13,650 (+2000)

Weapon Mastery: Novice - Sword
Weapon: Yoru
Head: Jaeger's Visor
Body: Elder Hunter's Coat
Cape: Dhivir's Thunderous Stride
Earrings: Vhair Earrings
Necklace: Millennium Puzzle
Ring: Tal-Rasha's Matrimonial Ring
Modification: Dhan-Galhoul's White Eye

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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"Would you like a glimpse of real beauty, Guest?"

Overpowering [Alisa] CyhFjWA

Main theme ~ Serious Fight!

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