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Standing on the edge of a crowded road, I looked down onto the rolling fields and lone ancestral farms of Baska. I got my first glimpse of the dawning sun painting the place spectacularly. The rowdy pace of a thousand steps unaware of the beauty around them. It is this very reason I decided to make this a routine. To wake and thank I’llumin for the gift of a brand new day. Headed to the church I instead am called to the scene of many who frantically rush to town. As I arrive at the venerable temple and open the monolithic doors the first thing I notice is the extinguished candles and the darkness that crept its halls. The emptiness made my steps echo; it made it easy to notice the extra set of steps heading my way. A most devoted priest notices me and with a quite perturbed gaze, he squeezes my hands and begs me to go to town. “Wha...what's wrong?” I replied worriedly. He seemed to not be aware of much of the details but it seems that there is a man that asked for me, quite troubled he said it was an urgent matter. “Come, I’ll take you to him,” He said, pulling my arm and guiding me outside. Together the priest and I both rushed to town. One step after the other we moved with great haste as if racing against each other. Worried, all I could do was push myself and hope we got there on time.

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Upon our arrival into town, a crowd seemed to have gathered near the hospital. We pushed through the commotion as best we could and managed to get inside the building. The whole place was understaffed and Gerard was madly running around the halls doing his utmost best to help his patients. As we strolled through the rooms we saw pain and suffering and that’s when he noticed us. “Oh just in time, Here! Put this on I’ll explain on the way” The priest and I geared up and properly wore the necessary garments, but we still weren't as confident regarding the task at hand. “So, you want us to assist you while you do a heart transplant,”  I said while the three of us quickly headed into the operating theatre. “Pretty much, yeah!” Gerald replied confidently. “Right…” The priest and I stared at each other uncertain and highly strung. We opened the door and there it was a living corpse. Knowing what was to come I stood for a second and grasped some air. “Alistair!” Gerald called out to me worried. “I’m fine, let's just get this over with.” The Doc carefully cut the patient open and throughout the entire procedure, he did most of the heavy lifting. Gerald mostly required us to fetch certain utensils and clean already used ones. Everything seemed to be going perfectly fine, so much I actually smiled a bit. However, towards the end of the procedure, Gerard managed to deeply cut himself. In that instance, a high pitch ringing interrupted my thought and all voices faded. “Alistair… Alistair!” The urgent cry of the priest snapped me back to reality. But I was still at a loss “Um, yes?!” The priest applied pressure to his wound. “The Doc can’t possibly do his work under this current condition. You’ll have to step up.” Once again I closed my eyes and pushed back all doubts. “Right! You take care of him. I still remember him explaining it to us. I’ll do it!”

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At this very moment, I was alone. There was no one but me and my thoughts. And I couldn’t help but for some reason find myself in a state of utter calmness. Gerald did most of the heavy work by separating the patient's chest bone and opening her rib cage. With great precision and stillness, I managed to remove the diseased heart and in its place inserted the new one by sewing it in place. Finally, I attached the major blood vessels to the new heart and stitched the patient back up, but something was amiss. The patient's life signs were not responding and for a second I began to fall apart and so I prayed to I’llumen. Not a moment later the machine began to make noise and the patient's life sign resumed to positively sing to a rhythm. A few moments later I found myself outside the hospital inhaling fresh air. “You did an amazing job kid.” The Doctor startled me a bit but his comment made me blush embarrassingly. “I only did what you instructed me to do” I looked away running from his gaze. “Don’t be modest Alistair, Doc is right. You showed a natural ability to work under pressure. Not everyone would’ve been able to do what you did in that room.” “You took the words right out of my mouth.” Gerald then extended his hand to me “Here! It's not much but it's the least I could do in return for your help.” I thanked him and slowly left alongside the priest. Before leaving though I couldn’t help but overhear Gerald think aloud about the source of the epidemic. For now, all I could do is leave it in the hands of I’llumen and pray he finds an answer.

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