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BASKA TO ORCHIDIA Empty Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:32 am

Jikan stat in the low grass, Maxx, her brown haired steed of a Dhuilin stood next to her as she sat. Time, had been a complex matter since she had arrived in the city of Baska in search of her younger brother. Recent news of his movement that pin pointed him in this very town, but Jikan had no luck so far hunting him down. In this endeavor to find him, she reached out and tried to get to know some of the populous. An act that normally benefited, her, a few odd jobs, maybe a few laughs here and there, and somehow a person that knew or heard a thing or two that could at least help her in some way.

Unfortunately for her, Jikan found out that this time it was the complete opposite. Landing smack in the middle of a virus weapon exposure by a two bit gang against the regular day to day people of the city for some reason, underworld tournament bets that she disturbed due to her victory that now wanted her heard or her to play along, and countless interactions with random people that just wanted her head for some reason, or lead up to do.

Travel requirement: 100 > 70
Duhlin reduction: 30%

Wc: 203


BASKA TO ORCHIDIA Empty Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:39 am

It would have been worth it if she gotten to see her brother, hell, it would have been worth it if she had at least heard about her brother being in the town by anyone here. But no one saw, heard, or could describe a detail about the fellow. A sour taste in her mouth was created every time Jikan was met with this situation. Maybe this one was a dead end once again, or maybe he was keep a low profile for some reason? Even if he was though, she would have thought she would have gotten something, anything. The distress of the situation was becoming so much that she even feared that the plague filling this city and the the people had gotten to him. Regardless, her time her so far had appeared fruitless in her pursuit of Destin. And appeared so, her business in Baska was concluded, at least for the time being.

With little more to do she found herself ready to leave and explore more of what Fiore had, maybe it had more untapped underworld connections she could stay on the good side of, or good hearted men and woman that would be more than happy to lend a hand.

Wc: 205


BASKA TO ORCHIDIA Empty Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:42 am

With a hop and a stroke on the neck, Jikan was on her mighty majestic beast that she now held, the randomness of this gift a possible positive for her efforts. Wherever she went and landed, she was sure she would be there in no time. She wondered how long her days would continue like this. Hearing news and tales of her brother to only go to a location and not find hair nor hide of him. Would she just be just a wondering wizard? Would she find somewhere she could just settle down, even for a year and have a less violate adventure? She had no idea, but for now, north. She was going to head north.

Maxx, Jikan's beloved Duhilin mounted pet stomped its mighty hoove into the ground. Knocking dirt and mud oof of its front hooves before letting out a loud energetic neigh. Taking a slight tap from his owner's hand as a signal, it took it steps forward on the low grass. Starting in a walk, to a strod, then into a gallop before finally into a full run. Jikan's hair flowed behind her before her pet eventually dash over the hill top and jumped, it's wings magically coming out of it's body and taking them into flight.

Wc: 218

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