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The Perfect Storm [Alisa/Storyline]

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The Perfect Storm [Alisa/Storyline] - Page 2 Empty Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:30 pm


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"Well, I won't argue that~...", Alisa tilted her head, bringing a finger up to her lips as she sashayed over to her luscious lover, meeting her halfway as her arms draped around her waist, tracing that shapely swell of her hips as she leaned in slowly, sensually, gently nuzzling her lips against her lover's with a breathy purr, "But sounds to me like... Somebody worked especially hard back there~... Sounds to me like~..."

Alisa paused only as the woman of her life stole her breath away with a single, dizzing kiss, nuzzling on her lips in a way that shot a shiver up her spine as Alisa traced her arms further around her lover, pulling her closer and closer by the moment until their hips pressed up gently together, the wet chill of their clothes quickly vanishing as that sizzling warmth built between them as they lost themselves in the kiss. Suckling that perfect bottom lip wantonly, squeezing her shapely chest into her lover's, Alisa found herself toying with the edge of her sweater, one hand hiking it up as the other tugged it down, her heart racing from that lingering mixture of adrenaline and the passion they were about to indulge in:

"...I'll have to give you a good, long taste... Of my appreciation~...", she teased at long last, parting the kiss as she spoke breathily, her teeth busy nibbling Sofia's bottom lip as she shot a smouldering look into those vibrant green eyes. With her long hair clinging to her cheeks the whole way, the odd gust of wind yet made her shiver head to toe, until Alisa finally caved and sought Sofia's hand, her fingers interlacing with her lover's as she peeled away from her arms, tugging on their joined hands, giggling sensually as she briskly pulled Sofia back to their bedchambers~

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The Perfect Storm [Alisa/Storyline] - Page 2 CyhFjWA

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The Perfect Storm [Alisa/Storyline] - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:12 am


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“Mmnn, Lumen sure worked hard didn’t she~?” Smirking and shaking her head as her wonderful wife seemed to wish to throw the majority of the credit toward her, the coquette remained contrary as she nodded  and waved in the direction of the lovely Lumen who had been backing them up all this while, and enjoyed having a moment to be cheeky with her beautiful bride after the devastating distraction that was the storm. It seemed like, no matter what the world might throw at them, the pair would always find a way to make themselves and each other smile, no?

“Teeheehee, shame we can't give her a bit of a break but…” Wrapping her arms around Alisa's neck again now that she could feel the warmth of a late summer sun beating down on her and drying out the dampness that clung to her hair and her clothes, Miss Serena hung off the firm frame of her fellow femme and smiled as she enjoyed both the warmth in the change of the weather and ever more so the heat that was given off by her gorgeous goddess, and found herself suckling sweetly on those luscious lips as she felt like butter melting in a pan as a result of this combination.
“I think someone's long overdue for the captain's quarters, no~?” It not seeming to take more to relax her because of these factors either and soon the siren seeming to purr like a contented kitten as she made sure her dark delight had no opportunity to distract herself with anything aside from her, with the taste of her black belle on her lips all she could do was crave more of it, and so in a show of the strength she had developed in the large part thanks to the training she did with her ravishing raven she scooped the woman into her arms with desire plain in her gaze, and wicked intentions in mind…

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