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Rocky Town Sucks (to East Fiore)

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#1Raeburn Gamebell 

Rocky Town Sucks (to East Fiore) Empty Mon Aug 09, 2021 9:22 am

Raeburn Gamebell
No matter how Raeburn thinks about it, he doesn't wanna stay here. There might be some new people he can find, but Raeburn isn't interested in meeting every protagonist that wanders around. After completing his tournament, it's time to find some real combat or laugh at some. Waking up in an inn, Raeburn's confident he can sleep more comfortably now that he's not as reliant on waiting for goodies. Buying some armor, Raeburn had decided he'll wear it FOREVER, just in case he's attacked while sleeping.

Having not been attacked, Raeburn woke up with a nice rest. With the ability to defend himself and nuke the surroundings, Raeburn doesn't have to think about becoming a mage any time soon. Indeed, cuz Raeburn is voluntarily not some poo poo mage. When there's rest, there's always excitement from Raeburn to move on to the next step for his specialness. Resting his head in a palm, Raeburn looks around his inn room thinking DEEPLY. While the evilness of West Fiore is great, Raeburn can't help but feel it has 0 charm to it. If West Fiore was so nice, more people would be there besides to do a tournament. Tournaments low-key feel edgy compared to jumping people in ideal conditions.

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Rocky Town Sucks (to East Fiore) 2iKq472
#2Raeburn Gamebell 

Rocky Town Sucks (to East Fiore) Empty Mon Aug 09, 2021 9:24 am

Raeburn Gamebell
On the other hand, Raeburn can actually see himself staying in East Fiore a while. The only issue, Raeburn should of just went straight to East Fiore. Now, Raeburn has to go through 2 regions just to be where he wants. Traveling could be more bearable if Raeburn had a mount, but he'll always sell those thingies. What if someone killed Raeburn's mount for fun? Nukes are scary. Aesthetically, at least Raeburn psyches himself up that he's going to the best fluffy region. The basic Magnolia is a nice town with all sorts of quests, Dahlia is the evil-boogyman town, while Hosenka is the charming social town.

Visiting Hosenka seems like the most interesting idea 1st, the pretty guild is there after all. Thinking of a final bonus, there's a random volcano area where people get tortured. Joyan's a wonderful place, people with good characters come from there and in Raeburn's other lifetime he misses one in particular. ALAS, it's time to move on, there's no going to other countries. Needing to see some new sights, Raeburn will have to settle with weirdos copying countries while remaining in Fiore. Going with the safe method, Raeburn leaves his inn and looks for a traveling parade. Maybe Raeburn dresses like a clown or something, why would people wanna hunt his pretty booty anyway? Looking forward to new sights, Raeburn wants to get.down.to.bizniz.


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Rocky Town Sucks (to East Fiore) 2iKq472

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