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Pure poorness [Karisa]

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Pure poorness [Karisa] Empty 8/7/2021, 5:51 pm

She started to sing a tune as she skipped ahead of the Stellan streets. She was to meet a woman who was known to carry a lot of money that she was willing to loan. The people gazed at her as if she was on something as her hyperness and bubble personality had no bounds during the day. Her pink hair that was up in twin-tails bounced with each skip. She was happy to get some money because her parents had no way of sending her anything till Seven opened up for others to come and go.

She spotted the cat cafe she was told to go to as it was a place no one suspected a loan shark to be. As she opened the door swiftly she turned to face the desk manager about her seat, "I'm here for Karisa!~", she sang happily! The woman gazed at her and then back at the sheet before showing her the way to where she was supposed to sit. The woman gave her a pamphlet of the cafe while she sat there waiting. Soon enough the woman started to come in and wondered if that was her. Her pink orbs gazed at the pamphlet, 'So many cute kitties!~' she screamed in her head in excitement.

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She flipped her black raven hair as she glared towards the people in her way. she was really tired and had business to attend to. The last thing she needed was regonition from people she did not know. She sent a letter to a girl who needed money due to some parental issues. She had her own children so she understood this problem. She remembered when she was a child herself and someone gave her money when she needed it. She had both of her arms dangling against her sides as she trained towards her destination of the cat cafe.

What were they like even? She went on ahead and inside the cafe without noticing any details. "He-," a woman was about to say, but immediately escorted her to her table. Her black abyss eyes saw the pinked haired child who looked quite adorable, pure even, but apparently could not judge a person. She sat down and crossed her long legs before sliding over some papers. Her eyes gazed as the girl seemed to know what she needed to do. "Name's Psykhe!~", she bubbly spoke to Karisa. 'Like the goddess Psykhe?', the girl did not exist yet in terms of the present time, but could she be the one in her history calander? After the papers were signed she just slid her the money, "Karisa by the way," she spoke herself. Even if her name was known, she wanted to seem kind anyways.

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