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Remnants of Fate{LB}

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Ten years ago changed the world. One of the greatest nations of the world lost their capital city to the destructive force of an out of control magic user fighting a war that no one in the world was aware of. No one knew of the dangers that lurked out there in plain sight. Since the day that London crumbled to the ground, the world rose up. People began demanding that those with abilities be registered. Those that were found to be too dangerous, or those that did not cooperate were rounded up and taken to many different facilities all around the world to be reprogrammed.

Due to the leak of information that was sent to all of the top ranking government officials around the world, we were able to create what many would think of as super soldiers from these dangerous individuals. They each went through rounds of deprogramming and reprogramming and have emerged as completely docile, under control citizens, that now exist to help humanity, rather than to harm it. For now, they work for the government and the military forces of the world, but soon enough they may be able to join humanity again as assistants towards a better future.

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