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Belated Introductions [Ball: Tempris]

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Odin was lost. Not that he didn't know geographically where he was: he was at Empyrean Divine's sugma ball in Stella, but he didn't know what to do with himself now that he was here. He had already made his grand entrance with Venus and Zane, with the two bounty holders being special guests of Kurisa herself and rules being specifically made to stop any overzealous knight or light mage from fighting them and trying to cash in, but now he was here, and he was lost. On one hand, there were many people gathered that would make for some interesting conversations: Alisa Vollan, the Blue Pegasus guildmaster and someone who Odin was on oddly good terms with; Kazimir Seiryu, another guildmaster and another person who had every reason to dislike Odin and yet got on well with him. And even unbeknownst to Odin, there was a older woman in their vicinity, potentially the least threatening and yet probably the one who disliked the Lich most of all.

But there were many gathered that Odin had not yet met. Many who were just starting out their magical journey, but perhaps would become great allies or enemies in the future. And it was those people he considered talking to the most. He had already corrupted a people-serving, do-gooding hero into his eclectic group, so anyone else would be pretty straightforward. Most people could be brought down and tempted, provided you had the thing they wanted the most. And so, as Odin stood against one of the far walls of the grand hall, sipping his glass of champagne, he waited and watched for someone like that to appear.


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Tempris could not drop the fact that she saw "King" at this ball. So when she found free time, she snuck away from the people who would be around her and seek out her boney target. Her glaring eyes burned through the room looking for any sign of the man until she finally saw him alone sipping on what looked to be champagne. Tempris looked to see of Karisa or anyone else from her guild was within sight.

The ghost was clear, so the girl did her best to sneak up on the skeleton man. If she could, she would appear from something like a pillar or a table behind the man but she would settle for appearing beside him, hopefully in a direction he was not looking.
"Oh, so you decided to show your face King. All that talk before the bandits and you never showed up. I thought you were too scared. Such typical behavior of a sinner drowning in pride and arrogance."

Tempris gave a dark grin while looking up at the man... at least she figured he was a man base off the way he spoke in the bar. She was sure he would have something over the top to say but she knew her words had to cut deep and he couldn't react... not that she would care. She was sure she was stronger.


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Odin didn't get snuck on very often: he was very accustomed to checking behind his back and always knowing where the exits and possible ambush points were. That being said, it was often because the people trying to ambush him were at his eye level that he found it so simple. What he wasn't used to, as he imagined most people probably weren't used to, was someone genuinely almost two feet shorter than him approaching him from behind. At that point, as a voice came out from behind a pillar, the hiding hadn't even been necessary. Odin took a moment to remember that he should kill children just as much as adults. After all, dwarves existed, and so did children soldiers. It would be better to start soon so as not to grow a bad habit.

The familiar tone, not to mention the greeting of King, was definitely confusing for Odin, as he turned to face the child who approached him. Something about bandits and being a sinner. It took a moment for Odin to presume she was referring to someone else -he didn't often work with children to kill bandits- but honestly calling Odin a 'sinner drowning in pride and arrogance' wasn't incorrect in the slightest. Well, it depended on what god you worshipped.

Odin took another sip of champagne, drawing out the time between her words and his reply just to see if it would irritate her. She seemed pretty annoyed with this King character already, "You seem to have me mistaken with someone else. I am not a King, I'm a lot closer to a god actually. And I am the one who brings the fear, not the one who succumbs to it." Debating theology with a child, not what Odin was expecting from the Sugma Ball, but hey it would certainly pass the time.


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Tempris was taking back for a minute when the voice did not match up with the skeleton she spoke to a couple months ago. Was this her not remembering properly due to how long it was since she last seen him? No, that man was definitely one person she wanted to send to Illumin. This man was different. He spoke differently, less wordy and uppity though he still seemed a bit arrogant. At least he wasn't walking around calling himself the true king of the land. No... he instead called himself a God or at least someone close to it. Another type of crazy if you asked Tempris but she did not want to get in trouble with Karisa. She had to be good at the party. She had to not purify the sins of all these sinners.

"My apologizes... I suppose I have," Tempris took a sip from her own drink, "Though, a skeleton becoming a god. Surely you jest, unless such arrogance is a trait of all liches." Tempris chuckled before looking at the skeleton again. They really did look similar. If she was to not make the mistake again, she was going to need a different name to call him. "I suppose you have a real name then? I hope you don't expect me commit the blasphemy of calling you God."

Her smile dropped seeing no fun in taunting a stranger. She hoped that she would not get in trouble with Karisa because of it. Its not like she could tell the different between them. She would have to understand.

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Whoever this child was, Odin was glad she had approached him again. Otherwise he'd have no idea how much fun conversing with her would be. She was wiser beyond her years, but in a world of magic children could become soldiers as quickly as they could die so that wasn't an incredible surprise. She was also quite cocky herself, despite calling Odin the arrogant one. Of course, he was calling himself a god so there was some truth to her words, but she was still making the decision to talk back to someone who was feared throughout the country. Many guests at the party, even some of the Rune Knights, didn't have that kind of nerve. Mostly because they knew what would happen if they did.

Chuckling himself, Odin would respond, "Oh but to the contrary, I am very serious. After all, what differentiates a god from the regular inhabitants of our world?" It was a rhetorical question, as Odin already had the answer prepared, but he wanted it to linger for a moment, giving her a chance to think of her own ideas of a god, "Gods can bring great creation or great destruction, and they are unaffected by death. That's the key part. They aren't simply unafraid of death, as many in Fiore would likely boast, death is not a concept that applies to them. They are without death, just as I am. As for the destruction, I'm not too bad at that also." One of the glowing orbs that had formed in Odin's eye sockets flickered for a moment, the closest he had ever managed to a cheeky wink as he spoke.

He would then sigh as he was asked for his name, for two reasons actually. "You know it's rude to ask for someone else's name before giving your own. If your parents are around, maybe get them to teach you a few lessons on etiquette. But, since you did ask, my name is Odin Morningstar, guildmaster of Eternal Nightmare and general ne'er-do-well. What's your name? Also, let me guess", The mention of blasphemy gave it away, especially given Odin was a 'dark race'. He steeled himself, as it was always hard to say the next part, it left a disgusting taste in the Lich's mouth, "Illumin?"


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"Fear of death makes one mortal." Tempris reached for her back only her sword was not there. Disappointment plagued her face. "I think those who think themselves greater than their sins should have more nobler answers. But I was not born to question such ideas." Tempris let out a sigh and started to fold her arms as the in response to the man's glowing light in his eye. She still did not believe him. In a world with talking skeletons, angels, demons, and heretical magic, she was sure there were other divine entities but they were all insignificant and sinful beneath Illumin.

"If my parents were around..." Tempris felt a shiver run down her spine. The words forced a cold memory to bump up in her thoughts. "I don't need parents... I been fine on my own Mr. Morningstar." She clenched her arms and looked away. "I'm Tempris Ashflare, and I'm not some God or guildmaster. I'm just a lowly servant, servant of Illumin who will... I suppose now's not the time to be more rude." Tempris took another sip of her drink.

"So. Mr. Morningstar. I use to be a Rune Knight. Why would a Ne'er-do-well come to an event with other Rune Knight."

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Odin couldn't help but laugh. Whoever's kid this was, she was a riot, even if he still couldn't work out why she was at the ball. He assumed it was just because her parents couldn't find a babysitter for the evening, but after hearing her speak about being alone he figured she probably just snuck in and stole a dress. Although she described the Lich as being someone who thought he was above his sins, she then introduced herself as a devout follower of Illumin, confirming what the wizard lord had already presumed. It seemed he was going to spend part of his evening discussing theology with a... 12? 13? A child regardless. He was talking about gods with a child. How do I end up in these situations? I bet this shit never happens to Alisa or Kazimir.

Then came something more interesting, as Odin bowed lightly after hearing Tempris' introduction. The Lich was asked why he was here, why he would come to an event full of rune knights and many others who would, on paper at least, want Odin's head. "I suppose you're too young to get this part, but most of the people here don't actually hate me. Kazimir and Alisa, two powerhouse guildmasters, are actually pretty friendly." He pointed over to the group of guildmasters, before his finger moved towards wherever Kurisa was located, "And our host for this evening... well we aren't enemies at the very least. You could say she's the reason I'm here. I'm one of her guests of honour, along with Venus. She's the stunning redhead I arrived with, most beautiful person in Fiore." Realising he was rambling, Odin would pause for a moment before answering the question properly, "As for why I actually showed up, because it is fun. Imagine being a rune knight right now. You're enjoying yourself at a ball, loads of your fellow knights around you. And then you see public enemy number one walk into the room, completely surrounded, and yet there's nothing you can do about it. It's hilarious, and that is why I'm here. Also the champagne I guess."


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"I'm not too young. Its not hard to see why people who have things in common like each other. I actually hope they group up." Tempris was going to add more to her statement, but she remembered the rules she was given. She cannot cause problems. She let out a sigh. When the skeleton pointed out Karisa and mention that he was a guest of honor. Tempris could only smirk. Inside she was exploding in laughter. There was no way this man was sane. First he was a god. Then he was a destroyer. Now he was a guest of honor.

"Oh my apologizes oh great one." Tempris did a little curtsy pretending to respect this great figure. "How disrespectful of me to treat someone of such caliber so poorly. In fact, my actions have inhibited your fun of messing with those stupid rune knights from doing there job, not that they were able to do their job or recognize greatness of certain people while only sending them on stupid jobs that involve stupid heretical fashion designers. But You know. Who cares." Tempris stood up grinning her fake grin with her child like innocents. The game was fun but she would quickly go back to frowning and take another sip of her drink.

"How does champagne even taste." Tempris looked up at the drink. The bartender would not give her any. They only gave her a sparkling juice cocktail. It was not that bad of a drink. Without ice, it was very sweet and the carbonation just made it interesting. Her normal choice of milk was normally smooth so it was a nice change of feeling. Still, she preferred drinking something warm than a cool juice pretend alcohol. "They would not give me any. I don't know why. Doesn't look like anything any special. And it smells worst than what they gave me."

Tempris felt herself letting her guard down around the lich. The sheer fact that he knew she worship Illumin and was still talking to her with all his sin on the table. It actually nice. She was a different person standing next to a different person, though this different person was friends with different people unlike her. It made her want to smile but like she was not going to smile next to some wanna be god heretic. Though only time would tell if he continued to be a interesting person to be around.

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Odin was very quickly realising what kind of person Tempris Ashflare was, and she wasn't the kind of person that you could argue with. The Lich had seen many people just like her, followers of Illumin that were so set in their ways they would never change. It was sad to see it happen to one so young, since she'd never get to experience most of life without the narrow view that she possessed. But hey, at least she didn't seem to be as racist as the rest of her faith. That was at least something.

The sarcastic reverence from the girl was annoying, and honestly for a brief second Odin considered just slapping her and knocking her unconscious. It would be so easy, and honestly the wizard lord didn't expect anything serious to come of it. Outside of Kurisa, Empyrean Divine didn't seem to have much strength. If they declared war on Eternal Nightmare, provided they didn't beg the Rune Knights for help, it would probably be a pretty even fight. "You can believe it or not, but the all the big criminals are here because Kurisa invited us. This event was off limits to big criminals without having her explicit invitation." It was quite funny having one of the most powerful light mage be responsible for the rune knights not being able to capture a criminal.

At hearing she had never had champagne, Odin was briefly stunned before forgetting he was talking to a child. Finishing his own glass to keep up appearances, he gestured to a passing waiter and collected two glasses of champagne from his tray, one of which he offered to Tempris once the waiter was out of sight. "It's not really the easiest to describe, and I'm more a wine man than champagne so I'm definitely no expert." Chuckling slightly and taking a drink from his own glass, Odin noticed a couple of people watching him give alcohol to a twelve year old, to which he glared at them and shrugged. He was a bad guy, he was allowed to break the rules.


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"I believe you Lord Morningstar," the girl said in a more serious tone, "I have no reason to not believe at least that much." The girl looked around the room lazily. "There are a bunch of strong sinners here, but I am but without my blade. So I guess that just makes me a normal girl..." She gave a big grin, though it was completely forced. Without her weapon and gear, along with her lack of developed spells, even she knew she was pushing her luck with the man, skeleton, thing. So this innocence was to hopefully edge out the abrasive behavior she share earlier. It was well deserved from her view point, but that was not going to pass the time with company, at least if she did not want to be cold and alone. "Hopefully, your just a normal skeleton criminal person guild master haha."

Tempris watched as the man got her a glass of the adult drink. She was curious enough to try it. "Oh... thank you. I always imagined having a tea party with a lich one day but this is fine too." She lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip. It was very obvious it wasn't juice. Her lips scrunched up and she clenched her eyes to get over the flavor.

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Tempris clearly wasn't a huge fan of the number of criminals allowed access to Empyrean Divine's fancy ball, a sentiment likely echoed by every rune knight also in attendance. There actually weren't that many current criminals there: Odin and Venus were the big two names obviously, but Zane himself wasn't viewed as a criminal, and neither were most of the other attendees. It was very much a situation of quality over quantity, but that didn't mean everyone was entirely innocent. Kenzo and Noel, two powerhouse mages from Blue Pegasus, had once been vigilantes within Advent World and had broken many laws during their tenure. Even Kurisa wasn't entirely good. While it was true she had only personally done good in her life, she had been a member of Daeva Eye: a guild where many of its members broke laws and were rather evil. Refusing to stop her guild mates from committing murder and other atrocities definitely didn't make her innocent.

"There is very little normal about anyone here, but I have no current plans to make a mess if that's what you mean." Odin took another drink from his glass of champagne, before laughing and almost spitting the drink back out as he witnessed Tempris' very obvious first attempt at the drink, "It definitely isn't the tastiest beverage, but for some reason it's fancy so we get to 'enjoy' it here." Hearing the wish of the young child, Odin saw an opportunity.

"Well if you're ever in the West of Fiore, there's a venue in Oak City called the Swineherd Pub. I own it, and you're welcome to have some tea there. We do all sorts of food a drink."


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The drink was not sweet. After drinking her sparking grape cider, It just tasted like funny water that was punching the inside of her stomach and mouth. It was completely different than that other drink she was forced to drink in the inn with the heretical vampire, actual king, weird vampire assistant, werewolf, and criminal. She remembered the effects of the previous drink and worked to fortify her own will. She would not devolve to such a mess. She couldn't.

"Thats good. I would be in trouble, if this dress got ruined after all..." She did her best to smile while swirling the liquid inside of the glass in her hand. She did not like it. She was not going to say it, but it was the truth. However, the skeleton's next comment just forced her to smile. It was not a I'm happy smile. No, it was something empty that hid her dread. If this was what the adults were suppose to be enjoying, then that meant she was suppose to enjoy it as well. She would not let the skeleton trick her into revealing otherwise.

"What you mean. This is way better than that juice they gave me." Tempris forced a laugh and then tried to take a bigger swallow of the drink. Only the strength of the smell inside her mouth forced her to flinch. Then it took every ounce of strength to just swallow the darn thing. The next thing she noticed though was the skeleton talking about a pub and tea.

"Oh oh um. Most definitely. Yes. Umm if I'm allowed. cause... people. Uh. Don't like what. I believe. I stand for. They think, no tell me. I'm wrong. But I know what I saw. So... thank you. For not pushing me. Sometimes its nice and stuff." Tempris blinked and the next thing she remembered was the glass kissing her lips. She did not even catch that her face was becoming flushed and her stout frown and self created boldness had faded away.
"You know... if you ignore... desire... Its not the worst... At least its not cold. I hate cold."

The girl removed the glass from her lips and only avoid spilling the drink due to having drank so much already. "I bet people are scared of you too Mr. Morningstar. Even though they can see what is inside of you. They Only look at your outside stuff. Even though your outside isn't what you are. Sinners all of them. Are they not?"


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What an interesting child, Odin thought as he heard her exclaim how she enjoyed the drink, something many adults didn't even do. Maybe there were just some people that enjoyed the strange bitterness, Odin wasn't really the one to judge people being different from the norm after all. But then the conversation shifted. Tempris seemed eager at the idea of coming to the Swineherd Pub, even thanking Odin for not judging her based on her beliefs or something to that extent. Her words were strange, like she was half talking to Odin and half talking to herself, trying to convince herself of something. The Lich still decided to reply, even if one wasn't wholly expected, "I mean, everyone I've met who followed Illumin has tried to kill me at some point, so I'm still half expecting it from you. But you never know, maybe there are some faithful who aren't assholes."

Then back to the drink, which Tempris was just glad wasn't cold. Odin had to agree with her, but probably not for the same reasons. A cold drink made being cold its entire flavour, which wasn't ideal when the Lich only got an instance of taste before it evaporated into the void. He wanted to drink something that he could actually enjoy, even if only for the briefest of moments. "I can't fault anyone for being scared of me, but at the same time I really don't care. As long as they stay out of my way it works out fine. I've spent the past five years watching people scream or run at the sight of me, that doesn't make them any more of a sinner than the ones who stay. After all", he said with a slight chuckle, "we know I'm probably the biggest sinner."

At that moment, a cultist appeared from the crowd, whispering something into Odin's skull. It seemed it was time, meaning the pleasantries had to come to an end. All of the cultists were now in position: there were around twenty of them that Odin had given orders to join the party. Not that it had been difficult, they were all unknown and without bounties, allowing them to just walk in, especially when all eyes were on Odin. Nodding to his cultist to return to their position, the Wizard Lord turned to the little girl and bowed slightly.

"It has been a pleasure Tempris. I hope to see you again some day so be sure to stop by if you're ever in Oak."

Odin then turned from the child, his expression darkening despite his static features. The fun part had come to an end.


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