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Sheep among Wolves | Sugma (Open)

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Sheep among Wolves | Sugma (Open) Empty Thu Aug 05, 2021 4:20 pm


During the night of the Sugma Ball, Noel observed multiple strange guests attending the ball - making him question the morality of dancing with one's enemies. It caused a reflex to kick in, one attained by facing various threats over the years. Some of which appeared out of thin air. As a result, he fled into the bathrooms. Taking along one mystery man with him, which he had intentionally spilled a drink on during the ball. Noel was under the impression this man was a law enforcement agent. The guest list of this party truly was all over the place.

The male bathroom of the ball was quite tidy. Maybe even worthy of being called 'feng-shui' by his more traditional parents. The decor didn't matter though, after strong-arming the mystery man into the bathrooms Noel came prepared with a plan.

Though before he was inclined on explaining why he had dragged him all the way here, Noel first inspected the small gaps under the doors of the stalls - nobody else seemed to be present. As he was peeking under the last door, he begun to talk to the mystery man, Jove.

"A wise man once said, to think is to argue with the soul."

Just as he said such, he heard the entrance door open - another man had come in. Nobody he knew. Noel guessed it was the mystery man's friend, another law enforcement officer (not realizing that it was Zane). That wasn't to say he dropped his guard, knowing evil lurked at a moments notice.

"I'm guessing you two also feel like sheep amidst wolves?"

He wasn't exactly talking about the hot cougars who were unquestionably also on the prowl tonight.

The rather tall Blue Pegasi magi got back on his feet after inspecting the stalls and washed his hands at the sink to then slick his hair back using his fingers.

An emergency escape presented itself at the end of the mens room, a large square window looking out towards the range of a mountain.

"I have a proposition, one that may need to be sent to the king."


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"I TOLD you that shrimp was a bad idea! 10 times in a row! But noooo, SOMEONE just had to be curious!" Zane rushed to the bathrooms of the Sugma Ball, arguing with the voice of a demon in his head. "Yes, and you are not nearly curious enough! A pillar of greed must always seek to acquire everything, Zane. To taste everything. Even if that everything causes intense pain." The pain sure was intense, that was for sure. Who the hell laid that shrimp out? Was it really due to a chef's blunder? Or was it some deeper plot to poison the ball? Zane knew it was almost definitely the former but chose to believe in the latter anyways. Things were much, much more entertaining that way. Fumbling his way through the busy dancing hall, Zane finally found his way to the men's bathroom. Freedom at last...

That freedom did not last for long. Zane discovered two men in the stalls, his own presence immediately noted. That was odd. Weren't people supposed to be doing their business here? Why did this two men look as though they were on precipice of something intense? "Zane, you don't suppose..." Zane shared Beelzebub's suspicion. These two men were on the verge of something very special indeed. To interrupt their tender moment would be truly rude, even for someone as vile and greedy as Za-

"I'm guessing you two also feel like sheep amidst wolves?"

Oh. Perhaps there was something else to this meeting. Immediately suspecting the mystery man meant someone behind Zane he quickly checked over his shoulder, only to find the closed door staring at him. Who in the hell did he mean by two? Unless...? "How the hell does he know about you?!" Zane asked Beelzebub in his mind, clearly a bit panicked about the situation. Not a single person so far had just guessed that Zane was a man made of two souls. "I've no idea, but you must stay on guard. If this man truly has the ability to detect me this could mean trouble." And so it was that Zane decided to lean on the wall directly next to the door, crossing his arms for now. He'd be able to make a run for it should the need arise... probably, anyways. "Quite so."

Now that Zane thought about it, he recognized the other man in the room. He had seen him briefly at the ball earlier, though for only a moment. He and Beezlebub got a bad feeling from him. What was the relationship between these two men? "Our earlier hypothesis regarding that point was certainly off the mark. Perhaps we'd do best to listen for now." Zane agreed, letting the man with the silver hair speak for now. He talked of a message meant for a king. What king? Wait a moment... "If he knows about you, he must know about the demon king! The message is clearly meant for him." Zane's genius deduction brought a quick smile to his face, his ego having been boosted further thanks to his Sherlock Holmes-esque deductive abilities.  "Zane, you do notice that demons don't have a ki-"

"I'll hear it out and deliver the message should it be of interest. Just don't waste my time. We're a very busy man." He also had to go to the bathroom really badly, but that didn't quite sound as good.

#3Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Jove had originally worked his way in separation of Noel immediately after their collision on the ballroom floor. The silver haired man had made his desire to meet apparent, though the secrecy of his movements had brought forth the assumption that walking together in close proximity to an undisclosed location might be a bit obvious. Due to that, while still arriving second, Jove was a bit late to the bathroom. Late enough to be extremely confused when he walked into what appeared to be a bathroom. Taking a couple steps from the door, he froze and slowly turned his direction downward.

What greeted him was the older gentleman on his hands and knees, arching his back to get the perfect glance under the bathroom stalls. Their interaction on the ballroom floor replayed in his head once more, and as the man stood up, a realization struck Jove.

This man is batshit.

Blinking twice, as if begging the nonexistent sleep to leave from his eyes, Noel began to speak in a riddle. At this point, Jove stared at the man who brought him here with a blank expression. "What...?"

The words had hardly left his lips when another individual entered behind him. Walking into the bathroom, this man immediately seemed peculiar as well. His forehead was glistening with sweat, as if something were wrong. He looked around the bathroom, seeming to have entered in a panic, before noticing the two who were already here. At this point, his eyes began going over the both of them.

Inspecting strangers who seemed out of place was a completely normal thing to do. What was not normal, however, was the amount that the mans facial expressions cycled. Eyebrows furrowing and relaxing, face gaining smiles and frowns, it seemed as though he were having a conversation with himself.

As Noel spoke again and the rune knight turned his attention, he took a conscious step backwards. Behind him was the corner of the bathroom. It seemed like a blunder to put yourself into a corner in an unknown situation, but that wasn't entirely true. When outnumbered it was a viable strategy by those who had confidence in their ability to throw a solid blow.

Yet Jove hadn't yet finished processing the situation before Noel spoke once more, speaking of an audience with the king. The strange man who entered immediately answered, and his way of talking confirmed that he was indeed insane.

Jove couldn't take it anymore. A deep sigh escaped his lips, and his non-dominant hand raised up to pinch the bridge of his nose. His eyes closed, and he froze for a second in attempt to process what was going on.

"Speak succinctly and clearly. What is going on, and why did you want so desperately for me to follow you here." Looking from the insane third arrival to the insane originator of this meeting, the knight simply looked tired. "Why did you call me here. Who are the two of you. What does any of this have to do with the King; King of Fiore? Of Stella?" After only a slight pause, he'd shift slightly. "Are you perhaps lost, or confused?"


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A common sense of confusion hung in the air split between the two. Noel felt his thought process was very straightforward, although the connections between what he was saying didn't quite land. There had been moments in the past where nice seeming events escalated out of nowhere - leaving barely anyone with enough time to coordinate something before something bad unfolds. Sweat had begin building up on Noels forehead a little, recognizing a pattern in the chaos presented in front of him.

The other man who had entered the bathroom last seemed in agreement with his sheep among wolves statement. The one Noel had dragged in though, he didn't seem very impressed. Perhaps he was one of these bad guys? Instinctively Noel reached for his dagger at his right pocket, forgetting that he had replaced it with a sword that now hung on his left hip - he fumbled and pretended to adjust his pants should a quick glance be thrown.

"I have it on good authority that several of the guests tonight are ..."

Noel stopped his sentence for a second and felt a light bulb flashing above his head. If they were of any help, they are to know about Venus and Odins bounties, if not reputation. Noels eyes squinted at the thought. Before he could wrap up this idea to estimate their usefulness depending on the amount of information they had access to, a flurry of questions arose.

Zane was fine with delivering the message to the king, whereupon Jove wondered what king Noel even meant. Obviously the Fiorian one, as these were Fiorian threats - he himself was Fiorian, and by no doubt most of the attending guests too. While it was being held in Stella, it seemed only the local folk had attended. Noel began feeling wrong about having him dragged here - the other man who had entered seemed to be much more up to speed, despite hinting that there were multiple of him. The chaos of the conversation made this slip beyond Noels conversational radar.

"The king in Fiore. My name is Noel Raion, I am a Blue Peg-- oi konoyaro, if you know nothing about this then maybe it'd be better if you step away."

Noel doubled down, if he was still persistent with this line of questioning he had to be cut loose. An unknown buff guy had caught the glimpse of Noel tonight, possibly presenting an opportunity to smithen a temporary alliance to get through the hardships of this ball exploding into smithereens (should it happen).

He then pointed at the other man, signaling him to come closer.

"Hey, you. You were trying to enjoy the ball right? Walked right into that ambush, same as me."

He then shook his head.

"Actually, nevermind, come by this window real quick while I lay out my plan to you."

At this point it was completely unknown to Noel who Zane really was. If anything, he trusted him slightly. Enough to think he might have his back should this man go on another go at it. Without caring particularly if he joined him or not, Noel began to lay it out. "This is my keikaku. We send a message to the king, requesting assistance at this ball. It is unlikely he will respond." While talking, he begun opening the window wide open. And without allowing either of them to interrupt he continued. "This will highlight the issue of these villains going on and about, not a single care in the world." He cracked his knuckles and looked out the window, peeking from left to right. "An opportunity will present itself. To catch these villains with their guard down." Ironic. "We do the right thing, clean up the streets and claim our share of glory." Noel then crossed his arms and looked into the rest of the mens room to measure the response - if there was any.


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The silver haired man seemed particularly on edge to while the other one just looked confused. In truth Zane was just as confused and full of questions as the other guy. The only difference between the two of them was that Zane chose to make trouble by pretending to understand instead of just asking what in the world was going on.

"Ah yes, the king of Fiore..." A dissapointed look crept upon Zane's face. The king in Fiore was so bland, so boring! He was probably just some old ass dude with a shiny golden crown. Zane was sure the demon king was a much more interesting individual. "As I tried to tell you, there's no such thing as a demon k-" Beelzebub's explanation was cut short however, Zane responding to the man's strange insistence that Zane should come towards the window. "Nah, I like this wall." This was in in no lie some kind of lie brought about by Zane being cautious - he legitimately did think this wall was highly comfortable. The man even went and opened the window up. Was he intending to sneak out or something of the like? "With how much you've been eating lately, well... I doubt you'd be able to follow him if he did."

Now that Zane thought about it, the situation still made little sense even after the man explained. Zane figured he was going to need more info. His curiosity was piqued enough to put in the extra bit of work needed to wrangle that info out of this man. Zane stood up from the wall and stepped a single pace forward. He forced a more stern look onto his face. "Whatever you're planning seems like something that'll have a lot of risks. I can't take those kind of risks without knowing exactly why, now can I?" Zane figured it was about time to start acting a little bit more important than he actually was. That always seemed to get someone talking... most of the time. "My superior has advised me to only act if I can judge a situation to its full extent. So..." Zane figured someone in this scenario would probably request for specifics, right? "These villains you mentioned earlier... who are they? I won't be getting myself into any fight before I know exactly who it is that'll be on the other side of the ring." Zane was a bit worried about just who these 'villains' were supposed to be. While he had no way to be sure, he had a strong feeling two names in particular would spring up. Sometimes he could forget about just how popular his guildmates could be. "If I may make a guess... are those two names Odin and Venus?"

#6Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Jove had been doing his best to follow the circus that was unfolding before him, but he quickly zoned it out when that proved to be impossible. These two were clearly off their rockers. One of them spoke absolute lunacy, as if they were some vigilante that believed themselves to be essential to the protection of the country. The other seemed to just go along with whatever was last said, tripping through this encounter and somehow hitting every buzzword that the elder gentleman needed to hear.

Glancing at the door, Jove acknowledged the fact that the redhead stood between himself and salvation. It was then that the man beside him spoke two names, both of which familiar. Odin and Venus were members of the same guild, both with monstrous bounties on their heads. Unlike Venus, whom he had met a built a rapport with, Odin was shrouded in mystery. He knew that the Lich had been arrested recently by one of his superior officers, a man he had met in Bosco a few months prior, and that he had since escaped from jail. So this is where he is, huh? The ball had strict regulations against attacking others in attendance. Even if Jove wanted to bring him back in, this was neither the time nor the place.

"Look," Jove finally began with a heavy sigh, just a moment after Zane had asked his question and before a proper response could be fully formulated, had it even been begun. "As a Captain of the Rune Knights, I appreciate what you're doing. You're clearly acting in the best interest of the general public." Jove had a way of speaking that remained unchanging regardless of if he sprinkled lies into his words. There was no indication, consciously or subconsciously, that what he spoke was not absolute truth. The two who were listening would have no way of suspecting anything out of the norm, especially considering the fact that they had no baseline of him.

"However, not only is it out of the jurisdiction of either of you, but even if it were not, this event is operating with the sanctioning of the Rune Knights. We are here to keep the peace should anything arise, but under no circumstance should someone who claims to want to help people and protect Fiore escalate the situation." Pulling his pendent from his pocket, he flashed it so that both of the other men could see it. "Now I'm going to need you both to calm down."


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There was disappointment on Zane's face. Noel thought because he too didn't really trust the king to do a damn thing in this situation. He didn't seem to want to join him at the window. Fine, it didn't matter, Noel raised his voice so he could be heard. It seemed he wasn't quite intent on taking a risk for no purpose. Maybe he lived a boring, yet stable life.

He did guess correctly as to the names of the individuals that Noel had noticed tonight. Albeit Venus was a special case. If it was just her, his sense of justice wouldn't be as strong as it currently was. Proving that he was biased in his own ways.

Though when the other man began explaining how he was a Captain of the Rune Knights a vein began to appear on Noels forehead. The Blue Pegasi mage was not a fan of them, maybe even the opposite. Captains had a fair share of power within their organization. He initially expected this man to be a simple beat-cop, who wasn't into the politics and intricacies.

Noel should have known by the basis of the condescending tone. Not his jurisdiction? His eyebrow began to twitch. It was quite unusual for Noel to be up in his emotions this much, though the words of the Captain managed to trigger him beyond existence. The vein on his forehead quickly grew to the size of Crocus. He described this as a sanctioned event. A sanctioned event!? With the most infamous guild in all of Fiore!? He felt his fingers balm up in his hand, forming a very tight fist.

With his other hand, Noel began to commence a series of very aggressive finger pointing. "Not my jurisdiction... !? Tell me this, captain. Where were the Rune Knights when Era was being invaded by Phantom Lord? Where were the Rune Knights when Lamia Scale got its door kicked into!? Where were the Rune Knights when..." He felt his heart beat rising in a rapid pace. This was an outrage. The aforementioned events all involved Noel, having him save the ass of the so called mighty Empire. Despite being decorated with awards for those heroic actions, nothing had changed since those events in his eyes. Fiore was still dependent on its inhabitants to step up and go beyond the call of duty to resolve issues that they didn't create in the first place.

Noel had a plan to leave the building by using his ring to become a crow and simply fly off - get changed, send a letter to the Fiorian Royalty and come back armed to the teeth.

His conviction at an all time high, he begun to anticipate a brawl breaking out at the mens room instead. "Jurisdiction my ass. What are the knights doing today huh? Sitting on the sideline once more, as dictated by history." One could tell that Noels eyes contained fire and fury. Noel slightly lost control over his magic, and several random items began floating in the room. A sigh brought those same items down. "I've had enough of this." Noel said in a calm voice with a tint of fury, he'd close the window shut and walk towards the exit of the stall in a very Jojo-like style. It made it seem like Noel was about to 'solve' the issues himself. It was most likely in the best interest of the Captain to stop him from leaving. Though in doing that, said brawl was very likely to break out.

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