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From Astera to Era

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

From Astera to Era Empty Tue Aug 03, 2021 3:49 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
Akuma was just finished with his quest in Astera, he helped a merchant named Gallard to eliminate a beast that terrorized an area in Astera. He just killed that beast and brought back a trophy for Gallard the merchant to be claimed. Not just that, Akuma helped take care of a creature that scared the fishes away from that area. Akuma explores most areas in Astera and he feels like he gets enough experience from being in Astera for a few days, so after his last quest he decided to go to the central area of Fiore, in this case he chose to go straight to Era. Akuma take a train from Astera to Era and keep a room for himself by getting on the train earlier, before everyone else. On his way to Era, Akuma enjoy the view and decided to just enjoy the trip instead of sleeping or meditating since it’s only a short time trip. Akuma also order some food, snacks and drinks for him to enjoy during the trip, until he arrive at Era and get down from the train, then a journey for him in central Fiore is starting and will be an amazing journey.


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