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Lee's NPC list

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Lee's NPC list Empty Mon Aug 02, 2021 10:19 pm

Lee Nakamura

NPC Characters

NAME: Ragtime
ASSOCIATION: Lee's Conciousness/Mentor
BIO: A choatic being that only Lee and her daughter, Hikari, are capable of seeing. He is rather random, but reasonable with only Lee's best interest in mind, most of the time.  

NAME: Hikari Nakamura
ASSOCIATION: Adopted Daughter
BIO: An demi-human orphan that Lee and her eldest brother, Ryu, had found. Lee had adopted her and renamed her after her grandmother. Hikari is extremely bright and pure by nature. She only want whats best for her mother. Sometimes she gets overly excited about everything that can drive her mother crazy, but means well. She is very well mannered for a five year-old, but doesn't tend to have a filter.

NAME: Liam Overby
ASSOCIATION: Family Friend/Escort
BIO: The son of Nicolas's best friend, Adrian Overby. Liam is Lee's persona guard, hired by her cousin, Miles, to protect her after the incident. Liam is fiercely loyal to the Nakamura family after helping him through a crisis with the Rune Knights several years ago. Liam is a ex-Rune Knight Page that takes pride serving the as a mercenary.  

NAME: Alexander Overby
ETHNICITY: Fiorian/Icebergian
BIO: A human who grew up in the elements of magic and fighting. He upholds the code of a knight. He is the oldest son of Connor Overby, best friend of Nicolas Nakamura.

NAME: Connor Overby
ASSOCIATION: Family Friend/Father of Alex and Liam
ETHNICITY: Icebergian
BIO: Connor is Nicolas Nakamura's closest friend and practically apart of the family. He is a jolly fellow that enjoys telling storys of the past and thoughts of the future. He holds the same ideals about his friend: Family, a good fight, and justice. He and Nicolas were Captains together in the Rune Knights. Now, he is retired and enjoys the occasional mercenary work and magic tutor.

NAME: Alice Overby
ASSOCIATION: Family Friend
BIO: Alice is the wife of Connor Overby and the mother of her two boys, Alexander and Liam. She is very reserved person that really doesn't like talking very much. She never was skilled in combat or fighting, but she is a rather skilled healer. As a profession, she does work at a nurse in the hospitals all over Fiore.  

NAME: Nicolas Nakamura
BIO: The father is Ryu, LeeAnn, and Hikaru Nakamura. He was formerly a Rune Knight's Captain until he married Elizabeth. Nicolas tries not to play his favorites, but LeeAnn tends to be favored amongst his boys since she is his only girl. He is a little overprotective of his daughter, like any father should. Though, he is protective of his family, even Hikari.

NAME: Elizabeth Nakamura
BIO: The adopted mother of LeeAnn Nakamura and married to Nicolas Nakamura. She was formally in the Sokolov family, but left a long time ago, not agreeing with the family's ways. A former Rune Knight that met her current husband through their previous faction. Now she is retired fire mage that helps out with Blue Pegasus organizing events.

NAME: Simon Nakamura
BIO: The young brother of Nicolas Nakamura. He has four children, Solomon, Miles, Astrid, and Tadashi. He was a Knightguard until recently the past two years he was 'retired'.

NAME: Ryu Nakamura
BIO: The eldest son of Nicolas, whom is ashamed of him. Ryu is not apart of the Nakamura family despite carrying the name. He doesn't associate himself with the family much. His main occupation is being a doctor at a local hospital right outside of Hargeon. He does have a son about Hikari's age.

NAME: Eldjon Nakamura
ETHNICITY: Fiorian-Joyan
ASSOCIATION: Full-blooded Brother/Twin
BIO: Seperated at birth, Eldjon and Lee were blood twins of a kitsune. Being sold and given away, Eldjon ended up in an orphanage and being adopted out by a young couple traveling through Joya. They brought him back to Bosco to live as their son. He is a skilled fire mage that looks for his twin sister. Eldjon is a down to earth guy that does have a short-fuse, but is more of a calming temper rather than a rampaging.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura

Infury Wolves Arc

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The circumstances for Lee has grown dire. Now that she has lost her grandfather and best friend, Judina, now she is alone in the world with her only daughter, Hikari, and her faithful spirit, Ragtime, and her exceed, Lector. Alone, cold, and scared, she hides per order from her family until the storm blows over. Her parents and most of her family is deemed to be in hot water with the recent tragedy from almost a mass slaughter. If it weren't for Judina and LeeAnn, they would not be alive. Astrid, being the only one capable of leading the family, ordered Lee to go into hiding until she gives the okay. Not liking this, Lee agreed for the safety of her family. Now, she is suffering immense guilt of being helpless and leading her family and even her friend to her possible death.

At the very moment, she is staying under the protection of Kurisa, the guildmaster of Emphyrean Divine. Her cousin, Solomon, is still out there on the hunt for her while she hold the key to his gate to the spirit world. Caspien, a corrupted spirit, is sealed away inside an amulet that only she is capable of using. Now, she lives with calls of pain from Caspien every night in her dreams calling out to her for help. According to Ragtime, he advises not to answer these calls because it's a trap to lure Lee into trouble or worse. Everywhere she looks is Caspien calling her. Ragtime is running out of options to keep the spirit from corrupting Lee any further than she already is.

Meanwhile, a strange letter comes to Lee through a courier. It's not from her cousin, but her grandfather. The letters was his will and personal words to her. Inside the letter reads:

To my dearest granddaughter,

This letter will come to you after I have passed away. At this time, I do not have long to live according to the doctors only giving me a few more months to live. I cannot bare to telling the news to the rest of the family yet. Though, this is my personal will and wishes for you when I pass.

Lee, I have seen you grow into an incredible young lady full of life. You are definitely your father's daughter, blood or not. There is no doubt in my mind you were fit for this role. I leave everything I have to you. Money, prized possessions, everything. Of course, I know you too well. You will give a lot of it to the rest of the family. Though, there is one thing I personally left in your name only.

Lately, I have heard of your talking to Tadashi about finding a place to belong to. There is a certain look in your eyes that your father gets thats all too familar. You both get it when you're thinking about something serious. I overheard your conversation with Tadashi about opening up your own guild or more so being Tadashi's idea. Either way, I know you have been considering it for quite sometime. You wander about it, you dream about it, hell you even talk to your grandmother about leaving Blue Pegasus asking her permission. It's not hard to miss.

I am leaving you a piece of property that's a secret. I bought it years and years ago as a little getaway place in the woods for your grandmother and I. It's a very rooming place and actually is rather large for the price we got it at. What I am saying is, this is yours now. It's not much, but fix it up and make it your own.

I love you and remember, what ever happens. It's not your fault. Make this guild and change the world, sweetheart. I know you are capable of doing this.

~Your grandfather

The letter gives the instructions and words Lee needs to survive. The wishes he gives to change the world and provide a safe place for those who cannot find it themselves makes me more determined. Slowly, Lee has to build this guild to something of it's own. It's where to begin that's the hardest issue.

Personal To-Do list:
  • Make new friends through Emphyrean Divine slowly regaining trust with others
  • Learn all about the backgrounds of your future guildmates and try to understand the underlying problem.
  • Train as hard as you can to be seen as a fit leader not only in strength, but mental and emotional health as well. Take care of yourself.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura

Infury Wolves Arc: The Arrangement

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History: Lee requests her parents to find her a suitor or play 'love doctor' for her. Upon request, they outright refused believing this is something she has to do herself. They believed this was for the best. Nicolas, Lee's blood father, was talkign to his best friend, Connor Overby. The subject of his daughter's odd request came up in conversation. Connor mentioned about his eldest son, Alexander, needing to find someone. Nicolas 'interviewed' Alexander. Of course, Alexander was a little put off at the idea and what he was doing.


History: Alexander is a quite reserved and stays to himself a lot of the time. There are times where he does burst out in anger when pushed enough like most people. He likes his quiet time and perfers to be alone while training. He comes across serious and devoted to his craft of combat and magic. Alexander follows a code his father taught him: Loyalty, honesty, morality, bravery, and kindness. He follows this code to the end and back. The most important quality is his kindness. Alex is naturally a very kind man. He is the type to give you the shirt off his back and more. Though, this quality is very much taken advantage of by many people.

Thanks to his natural looks, he ends up being popular amongst the ladies. Alex is not too fond of the attention as he feels its overwhelming. He is not the best with women since he sometimes says the wrong thing or nothing at all. He is usually too focused on training or reading his novels. Though, he is a cautious person. He is not good at commincating his problems or relying information to others. This does cause problems in the future. T


History: Alexander grew up with LeeAnn and her family since their father's were close friends. His parents, Connor and Elise Overby, had two sons. Alexander bieng the oldest and Liam the youngest. Alexander had the smarts and love for learning. Liam had the strength and raw talent for fighting. Over the years, Lee had dotted on Alexander for years. Though, he never returned the interest. At a young age, he took interest in combat and magic. He found his skills could be put to use to protect his country just like his father had done before him. The need to learn grew even further. Connor would join Lee in many lessons from Nicolas and Connor about magic. He was be too focused to pay any attention to Lee.

He had a natural talent to catching onto how magic worked, but he was not a strong fighter. Alexander had to have special one-on-one time with LeeAnn's mother about fighting and stances. This made LeeAnn get jealous, thinking he was stealing her mother. She would often have a few screws loose and go on him during training, but was quickly reprimanded by her parents. When Alexander was ten, he left home to join an academy that was in Era. Lee had not see him since until recently. Through his years away, he undergo special training and lessons in magic and the arts of combat. He had other interest such as history and literature. Underneath the knightly exterior, he was most definately a bookworm, but never liked to express it.

His time as a Rune Knight up to becoming a Captain until he was deployed to Bosco. During the crisis there, he experience the true art of war. What he had been preparing all his life up to now. He had to kill people for the first time and takes lives for the sake of a false cause. After the war was over, he quit the Rune Knights to go back home. Now, he resides in his parent's home trying to figure out what to do with himself.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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