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The Information Broker [MB SQ #1]

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The Information Broker [MB SQ #1] Empty Mon Aug 02, 2021 11:22 am

Odin received the letter days before his arrival in Astera. It was intentionally vague, yet left more than enough information for the Lich to interpret its true meaning. It was a letter he had spent many years wishing to receive, and finally it had happened. Perhaps a lot later than he would have liked, but time had never been a concern of Odin's. He wished this task to be completed as soon as possible, despite having an eternity. When someone has been locked up for centuries, it becomes harder for them to think of time in days and hours. But for one so powerful, for HER, Odin was not willing to be patient.

The Broker has gone rogue, look to the sea.

The letter had indeed been concise but, with so many eyes watching the Lich, he preferred it this way. He had asked the members of his newly reformed Midnight Cult to act with such secrecy due to the numerous people, both friend and foe, who would do anything for the information. After all, Odin was looking to dismantle an organisation that had stood strong, albeit in the shadows, for generations. Crusades had been waged with the aim to destroy the Midnight Cult, all to no avail. But it was the Lich Odin, Wizard Lord of Fiore and Guildmaster of Eternal Nightmare who would succeed. He was HER champion and a former member of the cult. he knew their ways, knew their layouts and, most importantly, now knew where to find the Information Broker.



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Odin had never met the man personally, so he wasn't entirely sure what he was looking for. Everyone from Midnight Cult had known of the man of course: he could be called the 'speaker' for the Bishops. One of the only people who had contact with the mysterious and elusive heads of the organisation, all that Odin had worked out is that he was male and likely in his thirties. He would know where to find the Bishops, Odin just had to meet with him.

He was accessing old channels that hadn't heard from him in many years. Some of the former cultists had defected with Odin, seeing him as the true champion of HER, but many others had stayed with the original cult, out of fear of the Bishop's powers. It wasn't known what they could do, only that they were each terrifying in their own right. The Lich had no doubts that this would be one of the most challenging tasks SHE would ever give him, but he would complete it nonetheless.

His attempts to make contact had placed him in a seemingly empty warehouse next to the docks of Astera. Clearly it hadn't been used by actual people in some time, as the few boxes scattered around were empty and the dampness could be felt even by the undead Lich. He was content in waiting, preparing for an ambush just in case. While he trusted his information regarding the Information Broker, he knew better than to trust a stranger. Everyone had their own agendas, and this would be no different.



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A shady looking character emerged from the darkness. Then again, anyone could've appeared and Odin would've considered them shady given where they were. He was waiting for someone who worked with cultists that were hunted by effectively every legal organisation around, while being himself one of those evil cultists and a dark mage, wizard lord, guildmaster, and basically possessing every evil title that someone could possess. Odin was the prize, the final boss for anyone to deal with should they wish to become someone of renown, and he loved the drama that brought to his life. After all, he heard that Shichiro Uchida, the Rune Knight who had defeated the Lich and imprisoned him for all of about three days, had been promoted to the extremely rare and coveted rank of Kingsguard, all because he had managed to capture the Lich. That was impressive enough in its own right for the werewolf to be promoted to the highest rank. Odin had a reputation.

And so did this man, except his was far less high profile. He was gaunt in his appearance: tall, slim and looking like he hadn't eaten well for the past few weeks as he approached, eyes darting all over the room as he scanned for a potential ambush. As much as the Information Broker had heard tales of the renegade Lich, who was hunting the former Bishops and taking command of the Midnight Cult, words were hard to trust, and a lot of the time it came down to that initial meeting as to whether to not Odin would gain any information.



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Of course, as the broker began to speak about the information he was willing to part with, there was bound to be a catch. He was on the verge of parting with vital information to Odin's cause, and the pale man knew it well. He knew how valuable the information he carried was, but it wasn't money he wished for. That annoyed the Lich, even if he had been expecting: he had recently come into a great deal of money thanks to his assistance with Hildegard's claim to the throne of Bosco. It seemed being on good terms with a literal queen meant you wouldn't be going hungry for at least a few months, and it was unlikely that it even put a dent in the royal treasury.

But, as was the case with such intel, money would not be enough. The broker was no different, and he had a very different idea for payment: escape. He knew that the bishops would be hunting him the moment they discovered that he was betraying their identities, that wasn't something that could be avoided just by having a lot of money, and the Wizard Lord knew it well. He was expecting their to be some kind of task required of him, something tricky. What he was given was actually pretty straightforward.

Passage to Iceberg, one of the fringe countries that very few people lived in other than the natives. Odin didn't know it as well as he should've, especially since it was where he hailed from. There was a boat leaving later that day, one that the broker wanted entry on. However the captain knew the broker. Not by anything other than reputation, as acting as speaker for the Midnight Cult bishops was not his only job, apparently he also dabbled at being a fence on the side. So the Lich had to convince the captain to let a criminal on his ship. It wouldn't be too difficult, especially as Odin had a great deal of influence in Astera after claiming the entire region under the banner of Eternal Nightmare. He had the city on his side, as well as his reputation. Odin wasn't the kind of person someone would say no to, especially not if they valued their life.



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Now, the question wasn't about whether or not Odin actually thought the Information Broker would be safe in Iceberg. He just had to make sure the man actually got there. The Bishops of Midnight Cult had influence everywhere, and the Lich didn't expect even the remotest location in Iceberg to be safe. And that was assuming the inhabitants of the country even allowed him in. The people of Iceberg were proud warriors, who were just as likely to try and kill the thief the moment they discovered his profession. And, if he was even able to survive all of that, there was the year round blizzards that, looking at his scrawny figure, he likely wouldn't make it through the year.

But that was his problem, not Odin's, who began to approach the captain that he knew was passing towards the brutal country. It made sense that it was his ancestral home then, given the barbarity Odin was becoming more known for in the recent months. His name was becoming more known, and it was becoming more feared. That, coupled with the fact that Eternal Nightmare owned the entire Western region of Fiore, gave him more than enough influence to have a polite, if threatening, conversation with the captain. While he was originally reluctant to let the thief onboard his ship, which Odin had to admit was kept in pristine condition, the Lich's presence, fear and general demeanour quickly changed his mind. The passage was booked, with Odin even giving the captain some money for the trouble. After all, he wished to stay on good terms with all the people of Astera.

As the Information Broker got on the ship, relieved to finally be leaving Fiore for relative safety, he handed the Lich a note. It was a small and folded up piece of paper which, when unravelled, only had one name on it. One name, no locations, and the name wasn't even one of the Bishops. Odin had heard the name only in whispers before.

The Many-Faced Queen.



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