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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 7:26 am

The man's face was still hidden under their cloack, but their voice was enough for Jikan. It was soft but eerie, one that seemed pleased at her straightforwardness but also wanted to play a game. The lightness of his words painted an image that he was smirking under the cloak as he spoke this time. "Well, you are not wrong there young woman. I am here to offer you a word of adive and wisdom, and well, inform you of the predicament you have found yourself in".

"Well, go on, I am giving you my time and the chance to speak even though you are a creep". Jikan was begigning to get tired of the man or whatever group or organization he was a part of. He needed to get on with it, was he here to kill her, was her here to just threaten her? or was he here to declare some information to her, about what?

The man gave a pause, before talking again, he moved at the same time towards Jikan. The sound of sandals bouncing against the ground as he approached her. The wind's intensity was beginning to pick up.

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 10:35 am

The wind was blowing furiously in the area, a cold chill with it as if it was trying to be an extension of the man's aura. His cloak flowed around him, but strangely enough, still looked attached to him. Hiding his features keeping his body and legs fully concealed. The silhouette of the man's eyes would now be visible to Jikan. They were in an upward position, curved like a C like that of a demonic ill minded clown. Jikan could not open her mouth even if she tried, the wind around her felt stiff, heavy. The mana in the air stitching out as if they were ghastly arms waiting to reach out and grasp anyone and anything. Words oozed out of the man, a conundrum in that it felt like he was whispering but at the same time, clean and audible as if he was talking normally.

"You see...that lady that you disgraced in defeat has, well, had friends. People who liked the status quo of the situation here in our 'lovely' city. People love the fighting you know. People like to watch, people like the distraction, and people love to wager. And get their money back".

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 11:36 am

"yea yea, that does not sound like anything new. People need and want entertainment and one of the things this town has are the tournament matches and physical competitions. So a few rich people have a favored fighter that gives them a little bit of the prize money. So what? Why do I care? What does this have to deal with me??".

"My fair lady, it has everything to do with you. You have stirred up a bit of ruckus in their system. Favored fighters have been beaten and are now needed to be replaced. People tend to be bored with a champion after they lose, especially when it is so one-sided and un-enjoyable, such as a few have had at your hands. Do you know how often specific tournaments happen? Normally once a year. I mean sure, there are a lot of different ones under different names that happen throughout the months and year, but still normally one. So there is a lot of money used to prep, maintain, and win fighters and then spread influence. Anyway, because, of, you. A lot of that money has just gone to waste and a few people do not like it

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 12:13 pm

At all. And they want to get their money and time back. But more importantly, security back. They had a nice simple order of things going on around here, it is like a machine. And you have been a clog in that machine's running. And you know how the saying goes, if there's a broken piece in the machine it is best to just...remove it from the situation and fill it in with a workable, acceptable replacement that does the job. But there is one person in this little group right now that wants to extend a business hand to you. It is simple really. Replace the woman you just defeated", the man reached out a hand, the palm open to the sky facing towards Jikan as if it was offering something to be picked up, "and all will be well. Simple.".

"Ah...no no I am fine. I prefer to operate, not, under someone's grubby hands. Although, I guess I can work with them at least if they are willing to negotiate. It will not be much different for me anyway, just fight in these tournaments that I have already been doing and win".

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 1:17 pm

Another chuckle came from the man, their hand retreating once again to withdraw within their cloak. "That is too bad. For you see, these people do not negotiate. They have determined the rules already in the place you have found yourself in. And they will not change them, for you or anyone else. So you have one choice, confirm or die. And from the sound of it....death is what you have chosen and will be what is awaiting you". The hidden man would then turn his back towards Jikan. Giving her the opportunity to strike him if she decided to but it was as if he knew that she would not do so. With the soft clicking sound of sandals touching the solid ground of earth once again, the man began walking towards the larger association of trees towards the edge of the outskirts. "Well, good luck with dealing with us, well more so them. I only do what I am paid for, and I was only paid to deliver a message to you for now. But, you should expect to see some company really really soon. Given how 'popular' you are. Oh...and the name is Mr. D, see you around, hehehehehe".

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 1:33 pm



Some time had passed since that encounter. A few days. All of which were relatively peaceful. No death threats, no physical attacks, besides the ones that occurred inside of the tournament fights, none of Jikan's food or water poisoned, and her sleep had not been disturbed. The only thing that had changed since then was Jikan's intensity. She was more focused, more rigid, and more paranoid of her surroundings. Everyone that got too close from comfort got a watchful eye, even the people who she had found herself knowing for some time now. When it came to money in the underworld, after all, anything had a price. And a stab attempt probably would be done by anyone that needed it enough. So she could not rule anyone out. But one thing Jikan would make sure she would do, is not succumb to this fool's threats and any antics they planned for her. Given that, when the next tournament became announced, she was the first one to sign up. If they saw her as a piece in the machine that needed to be replaced, she figured she might as well have fun and fuck up their system before it came down to that confronting.

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 1:39 pm

And unfortunately, the first person that faced her had to take the first level of the pent-up emotion and sense of annoyance that was building up inside of Jikan over the past few days. The poor unknown fighter simply charged forward ready to show the crowd a good fight before taking a left hook from Jikan right on the nose that sent them flying out of the ring. Landing head first with their legs switching in the air. Jikan held the wrist that she punched with, rotating it and stretching it. A few popping sounds occurring as she moved it to the right, then the left, and then rotated it in a circle clockwise. I....may have gotten too much of my emotions out on that one. I need to chill a bit...maybe. Her match was done, rather quickly. A fact that a section of the crowd appeared to be displeased with while others seemed neutral, not joyful or annoyed at it, as if they had grown accustomed to Jikan swiftly ending matches sometimes. At this point, it was just a signal that some fighters were just too weak to even be in the tournament.

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JIKAN B-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #9 Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 1:54 pm

The next few matches moved in a blur, Jikan avoiding staff strikes, magic blasts out of spears, and sword slashes. The matches went by so far, not even just JIkan's but all of the fights in the tournament matches, that Jikan could not remember what type of magic she even saw that was used. In no time it was the finals, Jikan, and another wizard naturally. As she stepped forward into the ring for the last round, the person in front of her was a large man who reeked. It was not a bad spell but it was a strong smell. A smell...a smelly smell that, felt like it was not sensed by her nose. It was...energy. The same type of energy that she felt the last time when she...when she met Mr. D.

So...he is one of them eh? It was time to see what these guys that Jikan got warn about could do. She lowered herself into her stance, for once in the tournament, she slipped the glove she bought onto her right hand. She may actually need it for once here. Oh the thought was exciting her so much.

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