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'Stealing Konyo's Blood Rune' in Baska

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'Stealing Konyo's Blood Rune' in Baska Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 6:51 am

The air was warm, the air was fierce, the motion of it all still new to her, but so so enjoyable, so... freeing. Jikan sat on her mighty stead, wind blew past their ears, strong and continuous as if a plane's turbine was blowing right by their bodies. The clouds stayed painted in the air around them, in the sky the clouds looking like white buffy puffballs of cotton candy to Jikan. Her hands stayed on her pet, her auburn black hair flowing wild, partially in the way of her sight because it was in her face, she would need to find a way to solve this issue for the future, but it was the present and Jikan was just going to enjoy herself. The wobbling while riding too.

Maxx, Jikan's Dhuilin, flapped their brown wings as their slowly descended onto the open field. Their hooves bounced on the ground before sliding into a trout and their wings disappearing, turning their appearance into a normal brown horse.

Jikan's left hand went her head, pressing on top of the leather huntsman cap before taking it out with a smile, her right hand coming up to her face to slide her long hair out of her face before escorting her friend to a nearby stream. Soft sips were heard as the animal happily went and drank to refresh themselves.

As Jikan took a step forward, she felt a solid structure under her foot at first she thought it was a rock. However, as she removed her foot and looked down, she saw that it was not a rock, at least not a normal one. A curved red stone was pressed into the ground partially, dirt covering pieces of that appeared to be ingrained with a symbol. Curious, Jikan picked the symbol up and dusted the small clumps of dirt off of it. The luscious stone was mysterious and piqued the witches interest. "Oh what have I found?".

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